5 Best Free AI Apps for Android: AI Assistant, Photo Editor, and More

Mobile applications have been around for almost as long as our devices. They can help you with your daily tasks, professional or personal. So it comes as no surprise when AI was finally introduced to these applications to help automate processes. Here’s a list of the 5 best free AI apps available for Android.

5 Best Free AI Apps for Android

Short for Artificial Intelligence, AI takes in data and, over time, analyzes it. Then, it uses its algorithms to build up a library on the user’s habits and usage patterns. Using this, it adapts applications to deliver a more personalized user experience.

To make your AI experience even better, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best artificial intelligence apps currently available for Android on Google Play Store. Let’s have a look.

If you’re using an Android device, chances are you’ve heard of Google Assistant. One of the most popular AI apps, Google Assitant lets you schedule events, start timers, look up information, and more, all with the help of simple voice or written commands. Over time, it uses your inputs and, using AI, adapts the app to respond to them accordingly.

Using Google Assistant, you can set up custom routines that can help you trigger tasks with your commands or use the different modes already available, like driving mode, to get things done. When enabled, you can use the ‘Ok Google’ command to wake up Google Assistant. You can also get buying recommendations when looking up products.

While Google Assitant is a great tool to help increase productivity, there have been times when the app suddenly started, even without the ‘Ok Google’ prompt. Additionally, there have been privacy concerns over Google’s not-so-transparent views regarding the collection of user data.


  • Easy to use
  • Integration with other Google apps
  • Can set up custom task commands
  • Pre-set routines and modes


  • The app may collect data
  • It may open unprompted

Price: Free

2. Bing – Best AI Search Engine App

Bing has been slowly becoming the go-to app for a variety of reasons. Using the voice feature, you can look for things to purchase, dining recommendations, and even ask Bing to recite a poem. Once the command is given, Bing’s ChatGPT-powered AI engine then combs through the search results to give the best and most accurate answers to your queries.

You can choose what style of response you want from Bing. While the conversation style gives you detailed answers, it becomes a little too detailed when Bing starts reciting the lyrics to the song you searched for.

A precise style will get you more to-the-point answers with surprisingly good accuracy. You can also tap on the answer sources for more detailed information. However, you will need to be logged in to your Microsoft account to use Bing’s AI engine.

When using voice commands, we found that Bing wasn’t always accurate in picking up responses. Additionally, when using the conversation style, Bing sometimes kept speaking despite tapping on the stop button. The app also had issues with executing commands like ‘set up a timer’ even when all the permissions were enabled.


  • Simple app interface
  • Different response modes
  • Answer sources
  • Integration with other Microsoft services


  • The app may share data with third-party services
  • Not always accurate when using voice commands
  • Some commands may not be available

Price: Free

3. ELSA Speak – Best AI App to Learn English

ELSA Speak is one of the best apps to learn, improve, or brush up on your English speaking skills. The app comes with comprehensive lesson plans that can help you practice and prepare for different situations.

It makes use of AI to analyze your speech and pronunciation patterns to give you real-time results. Lessons use a conversational tone to help users get a more practical learning experience.

The ELSA Speak app also helps in judging your overall progress with your current lesson plan. It makes use of learning graphs and gives you an overall score out of 100% for every completed lesson.

While testing, we found the app to be pretty accurate in understanding speech feedback. And even with the free plan, you can access certain customized lesson plans. However, the free plan is more suited for the beginner level due to the limited number of courses available, with a cap on the number of lessons you can access per day.

Additionally, certain topics like real-life conversations and video lessons are only available if you’re a paid user. And while you can use the app without creating an account, you will require one to save your progress.


  • Easy-to-follow courses
  • Practice courses for certification tests in the paid version
  • Lessons on topics for different situations in the free version
  • Comprehensive lesson plans


  • Per day lesson limit for free account
  • Limited course plans available with the free plan

Price: Free plan; Subscription: 7-day free trial then $11.99/month onwards

4. FaceApp – Best AI Photo Editor App

FaceApp has become a viral sensation with its ability to alter photos using AI. It has different filters available that can help you flip the gender, add age, and completely change the look of a picture, among other things. The results are hyper-realistic pictures that can sometimes pass off as originals.

The app uses its AI-powered engine to study the uploaded picture. Then, once the filter is applied, it molds it according to the characteristics of the picture. This allows users to completely change hairstyles, add age, alter eye color, change skin texture, etc., all by applying a filter.

While FaceApp is a brilliant editing tool, it has been constantly surrounded by data privacy concerns, mostly due to its complicated privacy policy. Additionally, you will need to go for the paid pro version to access its entire library of filters and get the option to remove watermarks from the image edited using the app.


  • Filters for easy editing
  • Realistic pictures
  • Social media sharing options
  • Clean and simple app interface


  • User information shared with third-party services
  • Limited filters for free users
  • Watermarks added to images in the free version

Price: Free plan; Subscription: $7.49/month onwards

5. Youper – Best AI-Powered App for Therapy

Youper makes use of a combination of AI and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to gauge your mood patterns and suggest activities. You can check in to the app multiple times a day, depending on your mood progression. Youper will then use this data to compile an insight report that can give you a closer look into your mood patterns over time.

Once you click on a new activity, it will enquire if you have any previous experience to better understand your needs. Additionally, if you try leaving any activity halfway through, it will suggest alternative options to try and elevate your mood levels. It is one of the best apps for mental health.

The app is also powered by an AI chatbot that gives accurate responses to your queries and input. The Youper interface, however, is not very user-friendly with the app constantly redirecting you to different pages within the app, even when you click on a menu option.

Further, progress reports and several therapy activities are only available if you’re a paid user. Additionally, once you’ve started a check-in task, you will not be able to go back or exit the window without completing it.


  • Uses AI to analyze and track moods
  • Comprehensive insight report for free users
  • Uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to recommend therapies
  • Paid users can access full screening reports


  • The app interface is not user friendly
  • Limited free features

Price: Free plan; Subscription: 7-day free trial then $69.99/year onwards

FAQs for Best AI Apps Available for Android

1. Are there any other free AI apps available for Android?

Yes, there are several other free Artificial Intelligence based apps available for Android. A few examples include Replika, Socratic, and the Data Bot app. You can use them for their unique approach to communication, education, and personalized support, respectively.

2. Can I pair these apps with other services?

Certain apps, like Google Assistant and Bing, can be paired with other services, like other Google and Microsoft apps.

Power Your Device With AI

With the latest advancement in AI technology, it seems the time is near when almost all our devices will be AI-powered. Until then, we hope that our list of the 5 best free AI apps for Android helped you turn your device into an AI powerhouse. Additionally, you can also use these free online AI tools to help automate your personal and professional tasks.

Last updated on 27 March, 2023

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