7 Best Free Android Apps to Try in May 2023

It’s that time of the month again when we put out our recommendations for some of the best free Android apps. In this month’s list, we’re focusing on ways to efficiently use your phone. Further, some apps will help you improve your productivity in new ways. All in all, we’re sure to add a lot more ways to interestingly use your Android phone.

Hundreds of apps are uploaded to Play Store every week, but the ones that are featured are the ones that are already popular. Therefore, finding a few hidden gems is a task.

That’s exactly why we plan to write this list of the best free Android apps every month so that you stay updated with the latest apps for Android. Besides, all of these apps are free to use. Read on to check out our list of the best free Android apps for this month!

1. Tooly – Tiny Tools Collection: All-In-One Toolbox For Android

Have you ever been stuck on a document at work or an assignment in school because you’re unable to format text in the right order or sort details in a table? Or have you been stuck calculating an equation that is preventing you from submitting your homework on time? We’ve all been in similar scenarios but now there seems to be a savior for it all – here’s an app called Tooly.

Tooly is a free app that has a plethora of tools. You can call it your all-in-one toolbox or a Swiss Army knife. It has text tools that help you format and edit text, it has image tools to resize and crop images and it has a few mathematical calculation/conversion tools as well.

Further, it also has a few color picker tools and color blender tools to handle and use colors. A more fun aspect of this app is that it has a few randomizer tools that’ll help you toss a coin, spin a wheel, generate random numbers, or even play rock paper scissors. The app is free and does not have any advertisements. This is one of the best free Android apps that will certainly remain on our phones for a long period.

Price: Free

2. SD Maid 2: Keep Your Android Phone Clean

If you’ve been an Android enthusiast, you’d be familiar with SD Maid. It was a popular app that legitimately helped users clean their phones. Recently, they launched the second version of it called SD Maid 2, and here’s everything you need to know about the app as this can help you improve your phone’s performance!

Whenever you uninstall an app on your Android device, there are some leftover elements and the app isn’t truly out of your phone. Therefore, SD Maid helps you detect such leftover files and delete them. Further, your phone generates bug reports and logs whenever you run into an issue. However, after a while, you won’t need them and they would take up the storage. SD Maid 2 helps you delete the same as well.

Apart from that, you can also clear cache, junk files, and all the other unnecessary files that do nothing good for your phone. The app has an easy-to-use interface that explains what each feature does and how it can clean your phone.

However, the setup process might take some time since it asks you to grant a lot of permissions. Otherwise, the app is free and does not have any ads. There is also a pro version that provides a few scheduling tools and a few more additional ways to clean your phone.

Price: Free; Pro Version: $2.5/year onwards

3. Permission Pilot: Take Control of Your Privacy

In today’s world, privacy is the need of the hour, especially on your smartphone. We say that because we use our smartphones in every aspect of our lives possible – for exercise, food delivery, navigation, and heck, to even remind us to drink water and track how we do it. But what’s the trust factor here – do you trust apps made by developers to use your camera, location, storage, and files? If you are a skeptic, Permission Pilot is the app for you.

Permission Pilot lets you control what installed apps on your phone are permitted to you. It is a simple, lightweight app that gets the job done. You get to see a list of all the installed apps on your phone along with the permissions you have granted them. Further, it also displays a list of permissions and all the apps that have been granted access to it – like calendar, call logs, camera, etc.

Once you open an app or permission, configuring and modifying them is quite an easy task. If you are like us and felt lazy to go to the settings app and go to the app settings to modify permissions, you will certainly love this app. However, the app has ads but they do not interfere with your usage. Besides, buying the pro version removes the ads as well.

Price: Free, Pro Version: $3.5

4. Batch Uninstaller: Get Rid of Apps in One Go

Uninstalling applications from your phone plays a huge role in clearing the storage on your Android device. However, uninstalling one app at a time can consume a lot of time, and if you are using an older device it may also cause your phone to freeze.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to select all the apps you want to uninstall, and just wait for some time so that all of them are removed from your phone? It is indeed an efficient idea and Batch Uninstaller is an app that lets you do exactly that.

The app just has one feature – which enables you to select multiple apps and uninstall them in one go. Once you select the apps, you get to see how much storage space will be freed up after you get rid of them. Apart from that, you get to toggle between dark mode and light mode for the user interface.

Further, you get to create a profile to uninstall specific apps at once if you have the habit of reinstalling apps regularly when needed. The app is ad-free, open-source, and fully free to use.

Price: Free

5. Note to Self: Keep Track of What You Want to Remember

You are in a lecture and you listen to an important point that is being made – and then you are about to take a note of it, but then you tell yourself that it’s easy enough to remember and you won’t forget it. Well, that always goes down as the greatest lie we tell ourselves as human beings, and when you do forget it later, you not only lose the information but you’re also shaking your head in disappointment.

Bid adieu to all of that and download Note to Self.

At just around 5MB, Note to Self is a minimal and lightweight app. What caught our attention the moment we installed it was the neat user interface. You get a few sample notes that act as a demo to make notes and use the app in the best way possible.

Once you start taking a new note, you get to name it and even add a picture for it. You can add text, attach files, and videos, and even add a voice memo so that you add as much context as possible for each note. Further, the app makers also claim that the notes are fully private and also let you lock and back them all up.

Moreover, the app does not have any ads and is fully free to use. Thus, making it to the list of the best free Android apps for the month.

Price: Free

6. Keeplink Bookmarks Manager: Never Lose a Link Again

Looks like this list will be your favorite if you forget things often. That is because this app is also along the lines of the previous app. We all come across great content online that we want to save so that we can read it later, or even share it with friends. However, storing these links on a WhatsApp chat or a note-taking app isn’t the best idea as they could get lost. So, here’s an app dedicated to this task, Keeplinks.

Keeplink lets you easily store and save copied links and bookmarks. Once you save the links, you can easily open them in your web browser with a single tap. Further, you also get to categorize these links. You can name the category, add an icon, and even add a background. Once you create a list of links, you also get a handy search bar to go through them all.

The app has a smooth and colorful user interface that was fun to navigate around. The app is free to use, however, a few features like extra icons, a feature to sync data across devices, etc. come in the paid version. However, there are no ads in the free version of the app and we appreciate it.

Price: Free, Pro Version: $1

7. Volv: A New Way to Read Short News

We’re stuck between keeping ourselves informed and staying away from long, clickbaity news articles that provide the main point after making you read over a thousand words. Later, we’re all out there cursing the publisher for wasting our time. While we can’t change that trend all by ourselves, what we can do is change the way we read news with Volv.

Volv presents short news from across the world in the form of cards that you can scroll down as a feed. You can also set all the categories from which you want to receive news. You get a summarized version of the news along with the option to view the entire article. In case you want to bookmark the card, you can do it and it’ll reflect under the saved menu.

While we appreciate the idea of how quickly we get to read news, we feel the app needs further UI optimizations and the transitions felt choppy at times. That apart, the app is fully free to use. Given its efficacy, it comes as a little surprise why we included this in our list of the best free Android apps for this month.

Price: Free

That was the list for May. Missed out on our best free Android apps for April? Don’t worry! Scroll down to see the list.

7 Best Free Android Apps to Try in April 2023

1. Rewind Music Time Travel: Redisover the History of Music

Music is an essential part of our lives. We’ve been listening to music right from the time when we were kids. Not just that, we’ve also grown up listening to music from our parent’s era whenever they played music loudly in the living room. Safe to say, there’s always a nostalgia rush when we come across music from the past. Now, what if we said there’s an app to amplify this nostalgia? Enter Rewind.

Rewind is labeled as a concept app that lets you time travel across different eras of music. Starting from 2010, you can go back to the 1960s. Our first impression of the app is that it has a beautiful user interface. You can go back in time by tapping on the year, and access the top albums, top weekly charts, artist interviews, and all the songs that rocked the world in that year.

Our favorite part has to be the most influential moment section – which showcases the craziest thing that happened in the world of music that particular year.

There’s firstly the Weekly Discovery tab that shows you album anniversaries in the current week, all the way from the 60s. Next, you have a little game called Music Quest, where you need to guess the name of an Album by listening to a sample track and with a few hints. There’s a new quest every week.

The only disadvantage is that you need to have a Tidal subscription to listen to full songs, and there’s no support to use Spotify or any other app to listen to music you find on the app. However, you can bookmark music within the app.

In conclusion, this is every rock music fan’s dream come true. We needed a catalog for rock music, and this app provides that in quite an interesting way. This is perhaps the best app we’ve added to this list, so do check it out!

Price: Free

2. Data Monitor: Track and Use Your Internet Efficiently

With the advent of 5G, mobile data consumption is on the rise. The first reaction for most of us on 5G was not how fast it felt, but how it blew our data consumption. While there are already a lot of apps to help monitor your data usage, we’ve found a new one that helps make a difference and deserved a spot on this best free Android apps list, Data Monitor.

The moment we downloaded the app, we saw that it has the Material You interface. We have a clear bias for any app that has the Material You interface, and deservedly so – since it looks coherent with the other elements of Android 12.

The app does what it says – it helps you measure your data usage and shows a weekly chart on the home page. Further, it also shows your today’s data usage in both Mobile Networks and Wi-Fi in bold.

You can also set up a widget for the data monitor, and even set notifications when you cross the set limit. Further, there’s also a feature to let you track the live internet speed. You can also check the internet consumption on a per-app basis, and run diagnostics if you find any problems with your internet connection.

Overall, we quite like this app and the best part is that it is fully free and does not come with any ads.

Price: Free

3. Artifact: A News App From the Instagram Founders

In the last few months, the creators of Instagram Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger were in the news, flaunting their new news app called Artifact. At launch, this app was available to users on an invite-only basis but now is available to the public for free without any signup. The goal at Artifact is to help readers get better control of the news they read and a more personalized reading experience. Let’s see what the app is all about.

Interestingly, ‘Artifact’ the name is a combination of articles, facts, and artificial intelligence. Well, is any product even valid in 2023 if it doesn’t scream using artificial intelligence? Artifact does it too, and it does a good job too. It uses AI and ML to understand your reading habits and provide you with a personalized news feed on the app.

The app at startup lets you select ten favorite topics, and paid subscriptions if any. Then, you get a sleek user interface that showcases articles from your interests. An interesting feature is that it allows you to maintain a streak every day you use the app.

There are also different reading levels, and you start with beginner, and then move to other levels like a learner. You can also invite friends to Artifact and see what’s trending in their reading space. You can also view your reading stats after a while, and not only do you understand your reading habits, but also help Artifact understand the same and recommend better articles.

We like this app, and it seems like they’re trying to gamify news reading. With Twitter going haywire with all of its problems and criticism, Artifact has a great shot at success. Staying informed with the world seems fun with Artifact, and we hope you check out and like the app as well!

Price: Free

4. Dina Weather: Personalized AI Weather App

Don’t blame us – it is indeed the AI season and we’re seeing a flurry of AI apps and products on our way. Make way for another AI app and the fifth app on our list of best free Android apps – Dina Weather. Dina Weather claims to use artificial intelligence. Wasn’t meteorology enough to get you a reliable weather result? Well, let us take a look at what the app has to offer.

Weather apps are indeed helpful to stay prepared before you head out. But Dina Weather takes a step ahead and tells you what you need to wear or carry top brace against the weather. Based on the details that you enter while setting up the app, you are suggested a few tips before you go out. Some of these include carrying essentials like sunscreen, an umbrella, a padded jacket, etc.

You need to enter details like your skin type, genre, height, weight, and even birth year – since this app says that a few studies suggest that age plays a good role in how you feel in different conditions. There’s a neat interface to view the weather, and it is as good as any reliable weather app. You get a tab that suggests a recommended outfit for the weather.

However, there might be a few concerns regarding the data usage although the app claims that it anonymously shares data to understand usage patterns. The app is free from ads and fully free to use.

Price: Free

5. Just Expenses Money Manager: Free Expense Manager App

What’s faster than the speed of light, you may ask? It’s the time between getting the salary to spending it. Every month, most of us are left scratching our heads as to how and where we spent our money. And of course, a solution in this day and age is to turn to an app to help us solve all our problems – so don’t worry, here’s an app called Just Expenses to your rescue.

The moment you open the app, you find a list of areas where you spend money on. On most money manager apps, you need to manually enter a category where you’ve spent money on. Therefore, this app was a refreshing change. Once you tap on a category, it is quite easy to log in as an expense as well.

You also get a tab for an overview of all your monthly expenses. Further, you also get to see statistics for the same. There are also features to set reminders for log-in expenses.

While most of the features are free, some features are behind a paywall. These include tracking expenses, generating reports, and advanced expense filtering. However, there are no ads in the free version too. So, that’s something we appreciate.

Price: Free; Pro Version: $1 onwards

6. Compress Image MB to KB: Reduce Image Size With Ease

It is frustrating when an online documentation form rejects your application because the picture you uploaded is large. We then start searching for tools that help us reduce the size of an image. But having an app to do that, ready on our phones is convenient. And Compress Image does just that.

The app does what it says – it simply compresses images. However, it also gives you a good amount of control over the compression. You can either opt for a quick compress or choose among the options of Low, Medium, and High. Further, you can manually enter the file size for the image or manually enter the resolution for the same.

The app does work well, and the good news is that all the features are free to use. However, there are ads on the app but there is an option to disable them by purchasing the premium version.

Price: Free; Pro Version: $5.49 onwards

7. WebApp Light Fast Web Browser: Create Lite Version of Apps

Running out of device storage is a common problem if you use your smartphone long enough. This means you may not be able to download any more apps and services to enjoy the same. Unless, you download the last, but not the least app in this list, WebApp. Let’s see what this app does.

Most apps that you use are also available on the web browser. So then why not use the product within the web browser? Well, it might save you some storage, but get rid of the convenience as you can’t access the services with a tap. But what if we could use apps on a web browser and also access them with a single tap like an app on your home screen? WebApp does exactly that.

Using WebApp, you can create icons of the web versions of apps on your home screen. This saves you from downloading large apps on your phone, hence helping you save some storage space.

This technology is called a Progressive Web App – or PWA that lets web pages behave as an app. All you need to do is tap on the create button and enter the URL for the webpage you want to use like an app.

Price: Free

Time to Enhance Your Android Experience

These were our recommendations for the best free Android apps for May 2023. We hope you give all of these a try. We’re certainly sure some apps will stick to your phone for a while.

Meanwhile, if you found a new app that you like, leave it in the comment section below and we will test and recommend it if it’s a great find. That is it for this month. See you soon!

Last updated on 01 May, 2023

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