7 Best Free Android Apps for October 2022

We are back with our new app suggestions for October. If you want to make the most of the remaining three months of 2022 with a few new apps, you are in the right place. This list features apps that will help you improve your mindfulness, customize your device, and find interesting ways to use social media. To know more, here are our choices for the best free Android apps for October 2022.

Best Apps of the Month October 2022

Hundreds of apps are uploaded to Play Store every week, but the ones that are featured are the ones that are already popular. Therefore, finding a few hidden gems is quite a task. That’s exactly why we plan to write this list of the best free Android apps every month so that you stay updated with the latest apps for Android. Besides, all of these apps are free to use. Let us begin.

1. Infinity for Reddit: Best Android App for Reddit

Reddit is a very interesting and unique social media platform. However, the official app for Android does not do justice to this cool platform. It is filled with ads, is ever so sluggish, ends up sucking a lot of RAM and Data, and refuses to work at times.

However, Reddit allows developing third-party apps to use the platform. Consequently, we have a few apps that fix the problems with the original app. But the best third-party Reddit app for Android that we have come across, is Infinity.

Infinity Reddit app for Android

Infinity enhances your Reddit experience to another level. It is ad-free and provides a very snappy, and smooth user interface. This is mostly because Inifinity is quite a lightweight app.

It also gives you a lot of options to customize the user interface the way you like, with both pre-installed and custom themes. We also like the lazy mode feature to automatically scroll posts, as you sit back and relax.

However, we feel the video viewing experience could be better and other apps like Sync for Reddit do a better job. But given how it fares well in most areas, it is our favorite app for Reddit and deserves a big applause. Hence, it makes its way onto our list of best free android apps for October.

Price: Free

2. Otternal Life: A New Habit Tracking App

In 2022, there are so many activities that we do daily. It gets difficult to keep a track of your health, and other healthy habits that help you create a sustainable lifestyle. And just like how every other problem is solved by a smartphone, we have a few apps to help you take care of yourself too. One such app we are focusing on today is Otternal Life.

Otternal Life

Otternal Life is an all-new and simple habit/mood tracker for Android. It helps you track habits across different areas like health, finance, mindfulness, and relationships.

Once you pick an area, the app will suggest a preset of habits. You can either pick and track a few of those or create some of your own. To help you maintain consistency, the app provides you with timely reminders. To visualize the same, you can maintain streaks of your habits, so that you are motivated to keep them alive.

Further, you are also allowed to track your moods along with your habits. This way, the app provides you useful insights and an overall outlook of your mood over a period. It comes with a neat, snappy user interface and we liked it in our usage, hence it has made its way onto this list.

Price: Free

3. Destiny Lights: A Calmer Social Media App Built For Relaxation

Social media apps tend to get overwhelming for all of us, after an extended period of usage. There’s so much to read, watch and listen to. But what if there was an app to simply express your thoughts, and read what others have put out, one message at a time? Oh no, we are not talking about Twitter. We are talking about something calm, relaxing, and free from rants and arguments – Destiny Lights.

Destiny lights let you express all your thoughts, ideas, and anything you want to vent in the form of ‘lanterns’. These lanterns fly around the world, and fellow users can catch them and read your message. You can read other lanterns too, and like, save or leave a comment on them.

Destiny Lights

The more likes it gets, the faster it flies around and reaches different locations. If a lantern reaches around 370 cities, it will be included in the top 50 lanterns in the app.

It also lets you anonymously post lanterns. And if you find a lantern in a foreign language, it has a built-in translator too.

However, we feel the archaic UI needs a revamp. The content also needs filtration at times, as we did come across some spam. We like this idea overall, and with a little bit of reach, and marketing by the developers, it might just be the next popular social media app on the internet.

Price: Free

4. Screen Master : Powerful App to Take Screenshots

Screenshots are a great way to capture and share content on the screen. However, on most Android devices, you do not get many options to tweak your screenshot. And eventually, the search for a third-party app begins, but we are here to put an end to it by suggesting Screen Master.

Screen Master is a great app to capture screenshots, as it provides plenty of additional options. A major issue we face in standard screenshots is the compressed quality. But using Screen Master, you can capture lossless screenshots. This is a feature that deserves huge praise.

Screen Master

At times, it might get difficult to reach the buttons of your phone to capture a screenshot, hence this app provides you with a floating button, that is visible at all times. We also like the feature to stitch two screenshots and reduce the image count in your gallery.

Once you capture a screenshot, you can easily edit and annotate them using a lot of different tools. If you wish to crop the navigation bar or the status bar on the screenshot, you can easily do it within a click. Lastly, a very underrated feature of this app is that it lets you take screenshots of web pages by pasting the URL within the app. We love this app, and we’re more than glad to include it in our list of best free Android apps for the month.

Price: Free; In-app purchases: $0.99 onwards

5. Extra Volume Booster Equalizer: Increase Volume Beyond 100%

Your device might boast of best-in-class stereo speakers, but some content always plays with very feeble sound, despite increasing the volume to 100%. Our fifth suggestion today, Extra Volume Booster Equalizer lets you fix this issue.

Volume Booster Equalizer

It is a simple app that lets you increase the volume beyond 100%. It has four levels – 100, 130, 160, and a maximum level. It also has an equalizer with a surround sound option, but that is limited to the paid version of the app.

You can also add music to the application, and test how it pays with an extended range of volume. However, keep in mind that increasing the volume beyond a level will damage your speakers. The app is free, but a pro version unlocks extra features and removes advertisements too. However, the free version should suffice for many.

Price: Free; Pro Version: $3.99 onwards

6. Wattz: A Simple Battery Stats App

With the advent of high power charging speeds, the charging time for smartphones is barely an issue anymore. Few smartphones even support charging speeds of more than 100 watts and charge from 0-100 in 45 minutes.

While this is insane, some of you might want to track the exact rate of charging and discharging of the battery. This is so that one can keep a track of the battery’s health, and understand more on a deeper level, provided you are familiar with battery science. This is exactly why we have Wattz on this list of the best Android app for October.


Wattz does nothing but provides you with a few battery-related stats. You can access it on the main screen of the app, or on the status bar on your phone. It does what it says, but we wish it gave us more controls, like at least enabling or disabling the status bar icon.

However, we don’t seem to have any other complaints as we are indeed happy to see an app that sticks to what it is supposed to do. Note that this app is not available on the Play Store, and you need to install it as an ‘apk’ package from a third party, albeit a reliable source. So, go download this one of the most efficient Android apps.

Price: Free

7. Photoleap AI Art: Generate AI-Driven Graphics on the Go

If there is anything that has worried visual designers the most in the recent few weeks, it is Dall-E 2. It does an unbelievably good job of creating visuals from text-based prompts within minutes. At first, there were rarely any alternatives to it. But now, we have so many more, including an app called Photoleap AI Art, which is our last choice for this month’s edition of the best free Android apps.


Photoleap AI Art lets you generate AI-driven images using text-based prompts. All you need to do is to add the text for which you want to generate an image and wait for the AI to work its magic.

However, if you are not happy with the result you always get to try it out another time. This app also lets you add a base style to the visual you want to generate so that your ideas are in sync with the output. If you do have trouble writing prompts, the app provides you with tons of examples to help you get better at it.

In our experience, it did a decent job at generating images and it gets an easy recommendation from us.

Price: Free

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7 Best Free Android Apps for September 2022

These days, app developers strive to enhance your user experience. And once you read this Android app list, we hope you discover new ways to do so. The list packs everything from a cool launcher to a super-helpful productivity app. Besides, all of them are free to install on your Android device. Let’s begin.

1. Stario Launcher – Minimal Launcher App for Android

There are several minimal launchers available on the Play Store. However, this one has a tonne of functions while maintaining a simple appearance. The app is straightforward and designed to be used with one hand. You can choose between bright and dark modes, and there is a quick swipe-up action to start a quick app search.

We like the 3 widgets that it adds to the home screen – clock and date widget, battery percentage widget, and media player widget which appears whenever you’re playing music. The app drawer too is unique, with a uniform app icon layout. You also get to opt for a greyscale scheme on the launcher, if you’ve had a stressful day and decide to give your eyes a rest.

All in all, we are big fans of this launcher and you should try it out too. However, if you’re big on customization, you should avoid this launcher as it focuses on minimalism and helps you declutter the screen.

Price: Free

2. My Brain – Best Productivity App for Android

My Brain is an open-source productivity app that combines tasks, notes, calendars, diaries, and bookmarks into a single interface. Consider it similar to Notion, but with a different style and, of course, My Brain is open source. This implies that all your data is private and secure, and it does not even require internet access.

Notes on My Brain include support for headers, markdowns, and much more. You also get a To-Do list with different characteristics like priority, sub-tasks, and so on. There’s also the bookmarks tool, allowing you to save links for later use.

We also like the journal feature, wherein you can track activity, and how you felt during that period. And then, there is a calendar tool as well so that you can save and remain up to date on all of the latest events in your life.

Price: Free

3. Microsoft Outlook Lite – Lighter Version of Microsoft Outlook

While we all love using a good email client, at times they might get sluggish and slow down the experience. We did experience this with the Microsoft Outlook app, and as a fix, we now seem to have a toned-down, lighter version of the app called Microsoft Outlook Lite for Android, released in July. We have been using it ever since and can safely say that it’s a good option, especially for those with low-end devices.

Outlook lite is only 5 MB in size and takes up very little storage space on your device. Moreover, it consumes extremely little power. The good news is that, despite this, you can use all of Outlook’s functions from within this app. It includes email, calendar, and contact management, as well as virus and spam protection.

However, there is a limitation. The Lite version only supports the following email providers as of now – Outlook, Hotmail, Live, MSN, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Exchange Online. Hence, if you use Gmail, Yahoo, or iCloud mail, it is best to avoid this app.

Price: Free

4. Volumee – Skip Songs With Volume Buttons

While the volume rockers on our phones do a good job at increasing or decreasing volume levels, wouldn’t it be great if they could change songs while you listen to music? This is exactly what the Volumee app can do. The best part is that Volumee is compatible with every media player available, including Spotify, Apple Music, and your default music player.

Holding down the volume button allows you to easily skip tracks while listening to music. It also works in the background, requiring little of your resources. If you are concerned about your data privacy, the app does not gather any data. It just uses the Accessibility service to function.

Further, you can also set the duration of the long press using the slider provided within the settings. There is also a pro version of the app, where you can add more controls to your volume buttons. But I believe, its free version should suffice.

However, if you’re using Xiaomi devices, you must disable MIUI battery optimizations for the app to ensure it runs smoothly. Besides, the app might have compatibility issues with Android 12 and the developers are working toward fixing it. In the meantime, you can enable Always On Display to use the app.

Price: Free; Pro Version: $1/month

5. MicCheck – Feature-Rich Voice Recorder for Android

If there is one thing that we have observed on built-in voice recorder apps, it is that they seldom pack in any features. All they let you do is just record audio, and probably rename and share them. This definitely won’t cut it for someone using their phone to record regularly. If you are one of those expecting more from voice recording apps, the MicCheck app is for you.

MicCheck is a gallery for your audio tracks, as the developer describes it. Aside from automatically recording high-quality audio and clean UI, the app allows you to arrange your recordings in the best way possible. You can add timestamps to your recordings, add notes for a specific time, and even attach files or links to them. You can also clip out sections, tag them, and use an advanced search to discover the audio you’re looking for. Pretty impressive, right?

This app is absolutely worth it if you regularly record, whether to showcase your singing skills or keep track of lectures without having to sort them every time.

Price: Free

6. Neon Browser – Great Chrome Alternative for Android

While Google Chrome is the most popular web browser choice for Android, it is known to get sluggish after a period. Hence, a good alternative is to switch to a lightweight browser. And what struck our attention was Neon Browser. After using it for a while, we can say this can actually replace Chrome, at least for the basics.

Neon is an extremely light web browser app that packs in all important of functions despite being only 2 MB in size. The app includes a free VPN proxy that allows you to access geo-restricted websites, which is a godsent feature. For faster web browsing and data downloads, there’s also an ad blocker and multi-threaded downloader.

The app’s interface is also extremely configurable – given the fact that you have a custom theme picker. Our favorite feature of the Neon Browser is the multi-user profile capability, with each profile acting as a separate browser. This is useful if you wish to log in to the same website using multiple user identities. However, the browser still lacks some well-known features like using external download managers and tab groups. I hope the developers add them soon.

Price: Free

7. WallStack – Great Collection of Wallpapers

All of us love a good wallpaper on our phone screens. They always seem to set a vibe as you use your phone. While the default set of wallpapers can get boring, a good collection of wallpapers from a third-party app is always appreciated. WallStack does exactly that, and the collection of wallpapers is actually quite impressive. They are quite clean and refined too.

WallStack is ideal if you have an Android with an AMOLED display. It provides a variety of dark wallpapers that would be appealing to use on an AMOLED display. There are also categories like Anime, Minimal, Abstract, Space, Gaming, Architecture, Quotes, and many more to pick from.

New wallpapers are released daily, so you’ll always have something new to look at every time you open the app. You also get to like wallpapers and have them bookmarked on the favorites tab. The best part is that WallStack is ad-free, leaving its clean user interface undisturbed.

Price: Free

Time to Enhance Your Android Experience With Some New Apps

These were our recommendations for the best free android apps for October. We hope you do give all of these a try. We’re certainly sure some apps will stick onto your phone for a while. Meanwhile, if any of you found a new app that you like, leave it in the comment section below. That is it for this month, and we can’t wait to compile a new list for November. Stay tuned!

Last updated on 01 October, 2022

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