5 Free VPN Android Apps to Bypass Country Restrictions

When it comes to online privacy and security, one of the topics that we always emphasize on is using a VPN service. Using a VPN, you can make sure that your online privacy is secured as you can browse the web anonymously. In case  you are looking for a VPN service for a similar reason, you should not really be looking for the free stuff. A paid VPN service is what would be ideal in such a situation. You might have to compromise on speed and privacy breach might also be an issue. Read our piece on the dark side of free VPN for the risk attached that comes with these free VPNs.


However, at times, you just want to bypass the country restriction while trying out a new service on Android, or you just wish to install an app not yet available in your country. In these scenarios buying a VPN service doesn’t really makes sense. A free VPN app would be ideal to bypass these restrictions. But here also you should be choosing a service which is comparatively secure and trustworthy.

So here are 5 free VPN services that can help you bypass country restriction on Android and at the same time protect privacy.

1. Betternet for Android

Betternet for Android is one of the best free VPN services for Android. The app has some ads to support its free services, but the ads are not at all irritating. From the homepage, you press the Connect button and wait for the connection to establish.

Betternet Vpn 1
Betternet Vpn 2

One thing to note here is that you cannot select the server/country you wish to connect to  manually. The app will auto-connect you to the best server using a load balancer. Most of the times, it’s US or Canada, but at times, you might also connect to servers at Singapore, Netherlands, and the UK. We have already covered all the details about the app in one of our previous posts which you can have a look at for more details.

2. FinchVPN

FinchVPN is another free VPN service for Android that you can try. You need to create a free account and after successful activation, you will get a monthly bandwidth of 3 GB. FlinchVPN allows you to select the server/location from US, Canada, and France.

Finch Vpn 2
Finch Vpn 1

There are no ads in the app and as long as you are using the free servers and don’t need more than 3 GB of free data in a month, FinchVPN will work like a charm. However, for just $1 per month, you can get access to many fast servers and extend monthly data limit to 25 GB. For those who would like unlimited data, it would just be $3 per month.

3. Hideman VPN

Hideman VPN gives you a long list of countries to choose from even in the free mode and you don’t need to create an account to start the VPN service. Also, if you are looking for a VPN to download torrents, Hideman can help you with that. There are a few free servers which support torrents and there will be an icon next to the server which will denote the support for them.

Hideman 2
Hideman 1

You get a few free hours on the app and you can share links for the apps and do a few other things to get the time extended. For paid membership, there are hourly packages available for users who would like to have a reliable VPN service for just a few hours.

4. Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy

Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy, unlike the other apps, give you the power to start the VPN service automatically when a specific app is launched on your Android. This is apart from the usual overall VPN service that it provides. The advantage of using Hotspot Shield on just a few apps will provide more security and privacy.

Hotspot Shield 2
Hotspot Shield 1

In the free plan, you can change different countries/servers, but there is some time limit and also the app has ads. However, there is an option to upgrade to monthly and yearly elite plans to get better speed and an ad-free experience.

5. Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear is one of the most trusted names when it comes to VPN and if your monthly usage is anywhere less than 1.5 GB, you can trust this service even on blindfolds. There is a long list of servers/countries to choose from even in a free account and there are no ads in the app.

Tunnel Beer 1
Tunnel Beer 2 1

You get 500 MB of free usage every month on the limited account and a tweet asking Tunnel Bear for free data will give you another 1 GB of free data every month. The interface is one of the best when compared to other VPN apps available for Android. If you are looking for a premium VPN plan, I would definitely recommend this one because of its speed and security. Furthermore, if you’re looking for Android only plans, they have it at cheaper rates.

Paid VPNs like Express VPN and NordVPN rank above free VPNs when it comes to privacy and data security. You can check out VPN services like ExpressVPN for their 30-day money back guarantee.


So those were some of the top free VPN services you can install on Android to bypass country restrictions. I would again suggest you to use these free services on a limited basis and look for a secure, paid service if you want to round the clock security and privacy.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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