11 Best Cable Management Solutions for a Clutter-Free Setup

If you work from home or have a home office with several peripherals, you must know that managing all the cables and wires is not a mean feat. Cable management requires precise planning and lots of patience. Thankfully, there are ample accessories out there to ease the process. If you want a clutter-free desk, we’ve curated the best cable management solutions and accessories.

Best cable management solutions

As noted earlier, cable management is no easy feat, and you will need to tackle it with several accessories at once. Thankfully, these wiring solutions are affordable.

Here are the best desk cable management ideas and solutions. But first,

1. Under Desk Cable Organizer Tray – REFLYING Store’s Cable Management Tray

REFLYING Under Desk Cable Management Tray

REFLYING Store’s Under Desk Cable Management Tray addresses one of the major questions — where to place power strips and surge protectors. This one does just that and can easily house power strips and cables. It has several vertical slits, which allow you to route the cables and wires to your desk.

The slits also ensure that the heat is easily dissipated. This metal cord organizer is suitable for tiled, wooden, and glass tables. The company ships mounting accessories like adhesive pads and screws for proper installation.

2. J Channel Raceway – SimpleCord’s J Channel Raceway

J-channel Reaceway

If you are dealing with a bunch of messy cords, be it your printer’s or your monitor’s power cable, SimpelCord’s J Channel Raceway will be an ideal solution. This one hides ugly cable mess and has an easy installation process. With this one, you have to stick it to the side of your office desk via adhesive tape.

Interestingly, you can also paste two J-channel raceways one after the other, if you have a long desk. After that, you can drop the needed cables on the raceway to solve (some of) your cable woes. Do note to tie a few cables with zip ties to ensure a clean installation.

3. Chouky Cable Management Box

Chouky Cable Management Box

Another important element of cable management is a Cable Management Box like the one by Chouky. It comes in a set of two and can easily hold power strips, surge protectors, and power adapters. The box has slits on either side to route cables. And lastly, the lid does the job of hiding the unsightly power accessories.

It’s worth noting that the Chouky cable management boxes have different dimensions, and you can use them as per the situation at hand. One of the boxes measures approximately 12.6 inches in length, while the other one measure 16 inches. As such, these can easily hold medium-sized power strips. After everything is in place, put them on the table’s edge, plug in the required adapters, cover them, and forget all about them.

4. Headphone Stand – New bee Headphone Stand

New bee Headphone Stand

A headphone stand helps in managing cords better and uplift the looks of your desk. The one listed here has a simple and minimalistic look. However, don’t let it deter you from trying it out. It’s easy to assemble, and the metal construction can hold the weight of most headphones.

Once assembled, you will need to route the charging cables to attain a clean look. Interestingly, this headphone stand is popular on Amazon and has received its share of love. At the time of writing, it had over 25,000 user ratings, with people appreciating its value-for-money proposition and easy-to-use design.

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5. Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount – The Anchor Pro

The Anchor Pro Under-Desk Headphone Mount

Another simple cable management idea for your office desk is an under-desk headphone stand like the Anchor Pro. It is shaped like a ship’s anchor, and the cleaver design helps hold your headphones and conceals them. At the same time, the built-in cable management helps take care of the trailing charging cable.

It mounts via adhesive tape. The company ships custom 3M VHB adhesive tapes with this one. Alternatively, you can drill in the headphone stand, if you are looking for a permanent placement.

6. Cable Management for Standing Deska: VIVO Clamp-On Vertebrae

VIVO Clamp-On Vertebrae Cable Management Kit

It’s the age of standing desks, and managing cables on such desks is not easy, particularly if you frequently switch between the two heights. The long trailing cables can be risky, if not handled well and products like the VIVO Clamp-On Vertebrae Cable are the perfect solution. It’s a simple cable management accessory that clamps to your desk at the top, and you can route a bunch of cables through the hollow in the middle.

The vertebrae-like flexible design ensures that the cables are safe during the operation. It works like a charm. At the same time, this modern device also adds a futuristic appeal to your desk. It comes assembled, and you will have to adjust the height as per your desk. After that, it’s ready use as has been reported by several users.

7. Wired Earphone Holders – TOPHOME Cord Organizer

TOPHOME Cord Organizer

If you use a pair of wired earphones, a cable management accessory like the TOPHOME Cord Organizer can help you manage the cables of your earphones. It is a simple leather tag with a strap. All you need to do is wrap the winding cables around it.

The leather gives it a unique touch. And the simple design means you can pick it up from your desk and drop it into your laptop bag. It’s popular on Amazon and has more than 6,000 user ratings to its credit. And yes, you can pick from different colors.

8. Cable Ties – OneLeaf Reusable Cable Ties

OneLeaf Reusable Fastening Cable Ties

Cable ties are one of the major building blocks of cable management. The OneLeaf Cable Ties comes in different colors and length. And since we know that no two cables have the same material or width, these cable ties are a godsend.

These are reusable to some extent and hence don’t contribute to landfills compared to regular zip ties. You can loop the cable through the slit at the back and adjust the cable length accordingly. Again, the OneLeaf cable ties are well-liked on Amazon, and users love their versatility and that they get the job done.

9. Magnetic Cord Organizers – SUNFICON Magnetic Cord Organizers

SUNFICON Magnetic Cord Organizers Cable Clips

If you do not want to go through the velcro route and yet want to give an organized look to messy cables, say Hi to the Sunficon magnetic cord organizer. They wrap around any cable. As such, you simply have to loop them up and wrap the magnetic cord organizers around them.

These organizers are long enough to wrap around both long and short cords. However, they might not work as advertised on longer cords. On the bright side, the silicone is stretchable.

10. Power Cable Organizer: Anker Magnetic Cable Holder

Anker Magnetic Cable Holder

The Anker Magnetic Cable Holder is one of the coolest cable management solutions for office desks. It has a magnetic base and clips and comes in two parts. The base stays attached to your desk, while you can wound the clips around essential cable heads like your phone or laptop’s charging cable.

Whenever you need them, all you need to do is pull the cable towards you. Apart from making your work easier (and cleaning up your desk of messy cables), the Anker magnetic cable holder ups the look of your desk. If you do not use a wireless charging pad, this is a good pick.

Alternatively, you can check out the 3M Cable Clips Adhesive Organizer and the Toysdone Cord Holder.

Buy 3M Cable Clips Adhesive Organizer

Buy Toysdone Cord Holder

11. In-Wall Cable Management Kit: ECHOGEAR Wall Kit

ECHOGEAR in-Wall Cable Management Kit for Speakers & TVs

Last but not least, we have the ECHOGEAR Wall Kit. These come into the picture when you want to manage cables for wall-mounted TVs and monitors. As you may have guessed, they hide TV cables behind drywalls (or wooden walls) and, as such, keep unsightly cables away from sight.

The kits are roomy enough to route your TV’s HDMI cables and power cables with ease. The company claims that it can fit 4 large braided HDMI cables. Again, the ECHOGEAR wall kit has been admired for its product quality and easy installation. And yes, the material quality is top-notch.

Clean Desks Are Cool

These are some of the best cable management solutions you can implement on your work desk, giving it a clutter-free look. At the same time, the double-sided 3M mounting tapes can come in handy to stick the power strips or a USB Hub under your desk.

Note that cable management requires planning along with the products we recommend. So you need to check for space under your desk to get that clean and minimalistic look. So, the next time you see cable and wires mounting up at the bottom of the desk, you know which products will help you out.

Last updated on 31 May, 2023

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