7 Best Cable Management for TV Accessories

The cables coming from the TV have multiplied with the DVD players, soundbars, and gaming consoles. Managing the cables for TV accessories is not an easy task. Thankfully, there are specific cable management accessories that you can use.

6 Best Cable Management for TV Accessories

These cable management accessories give your TV unit a neat and clean look, but they also make managing the cables an easy job. So even if you need to unplug the DVD player or the console, you can do so without disturbing the rest of the setup.

So here we are with the best cable management products for TV accessories. But before that,

1. Pasow Cable Ties

Cables ties are the building blocks of cable management, and the Pasow Cable Ties are no exception. These are simple velcro-based cable ties and can be used to corral the cables behind a TV.

These velcro ties are easy to fasten and loosen, and they are strong enough to hold a decent weight. Each tie is around 3/4 of an inch wide and can hold 2-3 cables of standard width.

The Pasow Cable Ties are available in several colors, and you can choose from different colors to color-code your arrangement. For instance, all the cables from the DVD player can be tied up with a yellow tie, while the ones from your Xbox can be color-coded blue.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can try out the Soulwit self-adhesive cable management clips. These are wide enough to allow you to put multiple cables at once.

Another solution for a clutter-free TV arrangement is the wire tubing from Alex Tech. This simple tube takes care of ugly cables and wires behind TVs. You need to gather the cables and slip this loop through it. The setup process is easy, and it barely takes a minute. Furthermore, you can pull out cables at different points.

Trimming the loop is no rocket science. You need to measure it and snip off the excess. At the same time, the texture on the tubing prevents cats and dogs from biting on it, and several users have pointed this in their reviews.

The Alex Tech wire loom tubing is a popular product on Amazon for managing TV cables, and users love it for its easy-to-use nature and durability.

Alternatively, you can look at the Blue Key world cable management sleeve. This is similar to the one above. However, it has a zip running down the middle of the tubing.

Does your TV have a long power or HDMI cable? If yes, you can’t go wrong with the cord organizer by Eswmc. This is a simple extender with a metal grommet at one end. Once you have reeled in the cable, all you need to do is hang the ring against a wall hook behind the TV.

The ends are held together by velcro and can be adjusted as per the requirement.

The Eswmc cord organizer has a solid design and can hold weight up to 50 lbs. A pack contains six hooks, and you can utilize the rest of the hook to organize cables and wires in your garage or storage shed.

4. D-Line Cord Cover

If you want a simple yet elegant solution on your wall, the D-Line cord cover is your best option. The hero of this cord cover is the curved surface which blends easily with most walls. Secondly, you can simply lift the lid and slide the cables inside.

It has an adhesive back which makes it easy to stick on walls.

The width is respectable and can hold a couple of wires easily. So far, it has amassed several positive reviews from its user base for its easy installation process and easy-to-use nature.

So if you do not have an elaborate TV arrangement, you can use the D-Line cord cover to cover all the wire clutter.

5. Echogear In-Wall Cable Management Kit

The Echogear in-wall cable management is an efficient accessory for hiding wires and cords. This accessory comes with two wall receptacles and an outlet. So, all you need to do is plug the main power cable into the outlet, and pass the cables & wires through both the receptacles.

This setup is best for a simple TV and soundbar/DVD combo. However, you can always get creative and use it for other setups.

Each pass-through has a width of around 1.75-inches and is wide enough to accommodate a power cable and an HDMI cable.

Alternatively, you can also check out the Echogear in-wall cable management kit. These are simple grommets that are designed to hide and manage low-voltage cords.

6. PowerBridge Two-Pro-6 In-Wall Cable Management System

If you have an extended setup, you may want to check out the PowerBridge Two-Pro-6. It comes with two receptacles and a power cable. The receptacles give you enough space to add a bunch of cables at once.

Again, the installation is ideal for drywalls. Setting them up is effortless, especially if you have prior DIY experience.

The power outlets at the top have a universal design and can easily fit most TV and soundbar power adapters.

So far, it has earned a pretty decent number of positive reviews on Amazon. Users have appreciated the easy installation process and the clutter-free look it brings to the table.

However, the PowerBridge Two-Pro-6 is expensive, especially compared to the ones above.

7. TotalMount Television Cable Managers

The TotalMount TV cable managers take care of hanging wires and cables at the back of wall-mounted TVs. These are simple adhesive-backed products that you can fix to the back of the TV. Once done, you need to insert all the cables inside the tab. These cable managers give a clutter-free look, but they also have you manage your cables better.

Each cable manager is around 1.6-inches in width and can hold 3-4 cables. While each manager can hold HDMI cables or gaming console cables effortlessly, they struggle to hold thick TV power cables.

On the upside, these cable managers are thin enough to let you mount your TV flush against the wall.

Tie Them Up

Managing all the different HDMI and Power cables behind the TV can be tough to pull off. However, if you strategize well, you can manage them easily.

Last updated on 04 February, 2022

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