6 Best Apple TV Accessories

The new Apple TV 4K is one of the best streaming devices. You get excellent picture quality along with the polished tvOS software from Apple. While the experience of using the Apple TV as a standalone device is great, you can take it up a notch by getting dedicated accessories for it.

best Apple TV accessories

From docking mounts to game controllers, we’ve compiled the best Apple TV accessories you can buy. They will help you get the best out of your Apple TV, and improve its overall functionality.

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Let’s now get to the accessories.

1. Amazon Basics High-Speed 4K HDMI Cable

An HDMI cable is one of the most basic requirements to interface the Apple TV 4K with your TV. Since Apple doesn’t provide in the box, you have to purchase a third-party one, and this option from Amazon Basics provides good value for money.

Since an HDMI cable is what you would use to connect the Apple TV 4K to your TV, you would assume that Apple ships one in the box, right? Well, you’re wrong. You have to buy your cable, and since the Apple TV supports output in 4K, you need to get a good-quality cable that can handle the output.

This HDMI cable from Amazon Basics is a high-speed cable that can handle 4K output with ease. The supported bandwidth is up to 18Gbps, which is plenty. You can pick a cable from three different lengths – 3 feet, 10 feet, and 15 feet. You can get one depending on the position of your Apple TV for your TV.

2. TotalMount Apple TV Mount

The Apple TV 4K is a streaming box that takes up quite a bit of space, unlike a streaming stick that attaches straight into the port on your TV. So, if you don’t have enough space or you don’t have a table of sorts to rest the box on, you can get a mount like this that helps you save space.

Wall mounting a TV is a common practice both for aesthetics as well as to save space. Wall mounting is the best option if you don’t have a table or a surface to keep the TV on. Now, if your TV is wall-mounted, chances are that you don’t have space below to keep the Apple TV device.

That’s where a mount like this comes into the picture. This mount attaches to the back of your TV and gives you a slot to rest the Apple TV 4K inside it. This way, there are no dangling cables or wires, and the box is always out of sight. You can either clip it onto the back of your TV or use an adhesive to secure it.

3. Elago Remote Charging Stand

The Apple TV comes with a remote that you use to control the device. Unlike most other TV remotes, this remote does not use replaceable alkaline batteries. Instead, you need to charge it just like your phone. To make that easier, you can get a charging stand like this.

There are several docks and stands that you may have seen for smartphones. Some allow you to rest the phone on them, while others come with a charging port that slots into the phone and charges it. This product is something similar, except it’s not for your iPhone but for the Apple TV remote.

The Apple TV remote charges via a lightning port at the bottom. Apple provides a lighting cable in the box to charge the remote. What this stand does is that it gives you a groove to insert the cable and then wind the rest of it inside. This way, the lightning end of the cable protrudes out at the top. You have to rest your remote on the top, and it will start charging.

4. Macally Bluetooth Keyboard With Trackpad

The only input device that you get by default with the Apple TV is the remote. Since the remote has a limited set of buttons, you can’t do much with it. So, a wireless keyboard like this enables you to type on certain apps, and the trackpad allows you to navigate around easily.

You can use Apple TV for more than just watching TV shows and movies. You can play games, browse web, check your e-mail, etc. All of this, though, is difficult to do using just the included remote. This is where an additional accessory like this keyboard comes into the picture.

It connects to the Apple TV via Bluetooth and gives you a proper keyboard to type on. This is useful while typing your passwords while logging in to services on the Apple TV and searching shows or websites on the internet. The trackpad lets you make precise cursor movements, which is impossible just the remote.

5. PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller

As mentioned in the previous point, the Apple TV allows you to play games along with watching content on it. This calls for a good input device to be able to play those games. What’s better than the latest DualSense controller from Sony?

The Sony DualSense controller launched alongside the PlayStation 5 remains one of the best game controllers in the business. Apple has added support for this controller to tvOS, which means you can pair it via Bluetooth to your Apple TV device and enjoy playing games.

You get excellent haptic feedback and granular controls while playing games using the DualSense controller. It’s a remarkable improvement compared to the experience that one would have while playing a game using the included Apple TV remote.

6. Apple AirPods Pro

The final accessory on the list is for those who want to watch shows or movies on the Apple TV without disturbing others. Connecting the AirPods to the Appel TV would mean that only the person wearing them can hear the audio.

Generally, audio from the Apple TV is output via your TV’s internal speakers or any set of external speakers that you may have connected. Everyone at home or wherever you’re watching the content can hear the audio. This may not be ideal in all scenarios. If someone is working or resting, the loud audio can disturb them.

The best solution is to connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones like the AirPods Pro to the Apple TV. This way, only you can hear the audio from the TV. The AirPods Pro have Active Noise Cancellation and Spatial Audio support, so you will have a great experience using them to watch shows or movies on your Apple TV.

Extend the Functionality of Your Apple TV

Using additional accessories can help you get more out of your Apple TV. Several accessories are made for different use-cases and purposes, so you can pick up one or even all of them depending on your requirements.

Last updated on 13 July, 2022

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