Root­ed Android Phones Can’t Down­load the Net­flix App: Here is How to Evade the Block


Anyone with a rooted Android phone will not be able to access or install Netflix app as the company has pulled support for devices which aren’t supported by Google-certified OS.


The company has confirmed that with the latest update in their app which uses Google-made Widevine Digital Rights Managment (DRM) tech to fight piracy.

Any devices which aren’t Google-certified won’t be able to install Netflix app from the Play Store.

This has been done by the video streaming platform to protect its copyright material, but the block on rooted phones has also affected devices which have an unlocked bootloader.

In an official statement to Android Police, the company stated, “Devices that are not Google-certified or have been altered will no longer work with our latest app.”

The Compatibility Issue Can be Circumvented

Rooted devices grant users increased control over their devices, which can potentially lead to piracy of video content on the platform as the DRM tech can be overridden with greater ease.

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Since quite a few devices these days come with an unlocked bootloader from the factory — to give users greater control over their phones — this move by Netflix won’t be appreciated by users affected due to bootloader issues.

There, however, seems to be a discrepancy with this block. If you’ve got the app installed already or sideloaded it on your rooted device via an APK file, it will work just fine.

This move might not go down well with a lot of users who prefer having root access to their device since it makes customising the device easier and isn’t at all interested in pirating the downloaded Netflix series.

We’re sure there is going to be another way around of keeping root access as well as accessing the Netflix app on rooted Android devices, but for now, users will have to choose between watching popular shows on the app and losing their root access or vice-versa.

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