FIFA 17: FUT Birth­day Squad, SBCs Announced


It’s FUT Birthday week and as GT reported earlier, EA Sports has already launched the Birthday Squad, daily birthday SBC’s and new premium SBC’s as well which will available until April 8, 2017.

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The FUT Birthday week which started on March 31, brings loads of free stuff for FUT fans on the 8th birthday of one of the most popular game modes on FIFA.

The FUT birthday squad includes players like Fernando Torres, David Villa, Andy Cole, David Luiz and more at their peaks in the past FIFA Ultimate Team versions.

“Turn back time and celebrate the history of FUT with the FUT Birthday Squad! Each FUT Birthday Squad member has upgraded rating reminiscent of their past FUT item and a brand-new item type,” EA Sports stated.

The 23-Man Birthday Squad

The Birthday Squad features 23 active players who were one of the most popular picks among Ultimate Team fans in the past versions of FIFA.

  • Sirigu (85 OVR) — GK
  • Abate (84 OVR) — RB
  • David Luiz (87 OVR) — CB
  • Ogbonna (83 OVR) — CB
  • Blaszcykowski (83 OVR) — RM
  • El Sharaawy (84 OVR) — CAM
  • Nani (87 OVR) — LM
  • David Villa (89 OVR) — ST
  • Doumbia (84 OVR) — ST
  • Fernando Torres (88 OVR) — ST
  • Daniel Sturridge (86 OVR) — ST
  • Muriel (84 OVR) — ST
  • Agbonlahor (81 OVR) — ST
  • Bent (83 OVR) — ST
  • Ramos (82 OVR) — ST
  • Emenike (84 OVR) — ST
  • Esswein (81 OVR) — ST
  • Cole (86 OVR) — LB
  • Candreva (85 OVR) — RW
  • Ibarbo (81 OVR) — ST
  • Eto’O (90 OVR) — ST
  • Taiwo (83 OVR) — LB
  • Welliton (84 OVR) — ST

Fut Birthday Squad

Premium SBCs

The SBC Premium items are making their way into FUT for the very first time with the mode’s 8th birthday celebrations. Three FUT players have received a special Premium SBC version.

“Released as individual SBCs and available for the duration of the event, these unique items will be upgraded even more than their FUT Birthday squad version,” EA Sports stated.

The three premium birthday SBCs include:

  • Fernando Torres (ST) at 91 OVR — from FIFA FUT 10.
  • David Luiz (CDM) at 90 OVR — from FIFA FUT 13.
  • Stephan El Sharaawy (CAM) at 88 OVR — from FIFA FUT 12.

Daily Birthday SBCs

Daily Birthday packs are up for grabs this week and the first one that went live required players to exchange one of their squad players in exchange for a Premium Silver Jumbo pack.

“In addition to the regular rewards you get for completing the SBC, you will become eligible for additional tiered rewards if you complete 3 or more Daily Birthday SBCs. The more you complete, the higher your reward,” EA Sports stated.

Players will receive the extra reward after the event ends on April 8 but no later than April 14.

  • Exactly 3 Daily Birthday SBCs completed — Mega Pack
  • Exactly 4 Daily Birthday SBCs completed — Prime Player Pack
  • Exactly 5 Daily Birthday SBCs completed — Rare Players Pack
  • Exactly 6 Daily Birthday SBCs completed — Rare Mega Pack
  • Exactly 7 Daily Birthday SBCs completed — Jumbo Rare Players Pack
  • Exactly 8 Daily Birthday SBCs completed — Ultimate Pack

EA Sports also mentioned that the extra Daily Birthday rewards are ‘untradeable and do not stack’. Players who complete three or more of these SBCs will also be rewarded with a unique SBC kit.

FIFA 17 FUT Team of the Week 28 is Out. Check it out here.

Logging into your Web and Companion apps will enable you to receive some more rewards during the FUT Birthday week.

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