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Amazon India has expanded its service into another domain, which was earlier dominated by likes of Quickr and Olx, as now users of the e-seller will also be able to sell their used stuff on the website in their own city.

Hadrian / Shutterstock
Hadrian / Shutterstock

Amazon also has the upper hand even though they have just launched this service — their logistics which the other two services lack.

Selling as an individual is currently only available in Bangalore.

Amazon went one step ahead and have facilitated a doorstep pickup, packaging and delivery of the product from the seller to the buyer.

Although Quickr has a similar pickup and drop service, it is relatively expensive to Amazon’s convenience rate charged on pickup and delivery of the product.

How Much Does Amazon Charge?

Amazon’s charges are quite nominal, especially when compared to that of Quickr — which will seem rather exorbitant.

The company charges the seller Rs.10 for each item which is sold below Rs.1000, Rs.50 for each item sold between Rs.1000 and Rs.5000, and Rs.100 for each item sold above Rs.5000.

These charges are nothing when compared to Quickr, which charges both from the buyer and seller in the tune of Rs.194 for a product below Rs.1999 from the seller and Rs.243 from the buyer (for a light product).

The charges also differ according to the weight of the product for a buyer — for a product that’s heavy and sold below Rs.1999, the buyer will have to pay Rs.593. Click here to view Quickr’s charges.

How Does Amazon’s Sell as Individual Work?

Yeamake / Shutterstock
Yeamake / Shutterstock

Amazon’s Sell as Individual works in five simple steps enlisted below:

  • You list your product on Amazon, upload a picture and add details.
  • Prospective buyers will be able to see your products on Amazon’s website and order directly from there. You won’t be receiving any unsolicited calls or SMS from buyers.
  • As and when your product is purchased by someone, Amazon will send you an email to schedule the pickup of the product from your doorstep.
  • Amazon will pick the product, pack it and ship it to the buyer. Any product that is returned by the buyer is shipped back to you without any charge.
  • If your product is successfully delivered, then Amazon will process the payment in a period of 3-5 days and will also notify you via email whenever the payment has been made.

If you wish to register as an individual seller on Amazon, click here.

Please note that this service is currently only available in Bangalore, India, as a pilot project by Amazon. The company might or might not expand this into other cities depending on the success of the project in Bangalore.

Amazon’s Sell as Individual service is a reasonably good option for an individual seller who has been trying to sell their old/used mobile phones, laptops, tablets, watches, books, video/movie titles and fashion jewellery too.

The service doesn’t allow you to sell big products such as cars, bikes and other stuff. The company might expand to these sectors later, but it seems highly unlikely at this point or in the near future.

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