How to Transfer Files Between Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive Online

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With so many cloud storage solutions (Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive), I am sure, most of us maintain accounts on multiple services to take advantage of the additional free storage. Now, there are times when one may need to transfer some files from one service to another.


Of course, one can download files from one service and then re-upload it again to another service. Not only is this process is time taking, but you also end up consuming twice the amount of bandwidth of the files. Even if you do a drag-and-drop between the corresponding service folders on your computer, the bandwidth loss is still there. Not optimal, right?

Today we will show you how you could conduct such file transfers using an online tool called SMEStorage. SMEStorage is a basically an online service that lets you access and manage multiple cloud storage accounts under a single roof. So let’s see how to use it to easily transfer files between Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive.

Adding an Account to SMEStorage

Step 1: Visit SMEStorage and create a free account with them. As a free user, you get 5 GB Amazon S3 hosted by SMEStorage plus any 3 supported cloud storage account management. For the task we have in mind, a free account would be enough.

accounts offfered

Step 2: Once you create and confirm your account, log in to your home admin panel. Here select the option, Manage cloud provider to get started.

add a cloud provider

Step 3: Now, under the section, Providers currently in use press the button Add new provider to add Dropbox, Google Docs (will work for Google Drive too as both are now merged together) and SkyDrive.

add new provider

Step 4: You will have to authenticate your accounts and provide SMEStorage access to them by granting it some permissions over your account. Having done that, SMEStorage will synchronize all your files so that you can access them all through SMEStorage.

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hoose provider


Finally, once you have added all the accounts, it’s time to see how to transfer files from one account to another without downloading them to your computer. So let’s begin…

Transferring File from One Cloud Storage to Another Online

Step 1: Open SMEStorage file manager (not the one in beta) and open the cloud storage account you want to copy your files from.

file manager

Step 2: Now the idea is to generate a download link for a file from one cloud storage service and then use the remote upload feature on the same link to upload it to another. So navigate to the file you want to move to another cloud account, click on it and select the option, Generate direct link. Copy the link to your clipboard.

generate download link

Step 3: Open the destination account now and navigate to the folder where you want to copy your files. Click the download button and paste the direct download link you generated above. Click the button Download by URL to start the process.

file mamger generate download link

The file will be queued to your cloud sync task and will be done quite quickly.


As a free user there are some limitations on the file transfers, such as the file size cannot exceed 20 MB, and you can only transfer 1024 MB of files in a month. There are premium services supported, and you can pay a sum of money to remove the restriction.

So next time you have to transfer files from one cloud service to another without losing your bandwidth, SMEStorage is really an effective way to do so.

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  1. Hec Res Per says:

    wow SMEStorage rocks! It’s just what I needed plus I got another 5GB free. So now I have a total of 12GB of cloud storage of combined services: Dropbox, Google Drive and AmazonS3. Thank you for your post about SMEStorage.

  2. Dedi Eko says:

    Good tips! Living in a country where bandwidth speed is not that great, downloading and then uploading the same file is definitely such a waste of resources. Thanks for discovering this feature :)

  3. Szymon Nankiewicz says:

    Not a good solution – can’t do the same with whole folders – just files one by one ;/

  4. peyman says:

    there is a way for doropbox and google drive that you can upload from any direct link online
    send your direct link to and they upload it to dropbox or email it anywhere (also there is a add-on for google chrome that you can save file directly from gmail to google drive)

  5. Arsh says:

    I think CloudHQ is much better.

    Please sign up using this url :

    • arty says:

      with your refer ?? NO THANK YOU :)

      • Caveman says:

        I don’t understand why does it bother people that other people make a few bucks… if you’re going to sign up anyway, people being mean to each other and then clicking a stupid like on facebook to save whales… morons

  6. John Li says:

    There is a free online app for moving files from one to another cloud drive, DropInOne, get detailed info:

  7. Jasca says:

    Move files among cloud storage providers using a free app: Multcloud.

  8. Indoorsy says:

    There’s a great service called “Cloudsfer”. You can transfer files and content between cloud storage providers and accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, GDrive, OneDrive and so on. Probably the best way to manage your cloud data.

  9. Carlos Diaz says:

    Has anyone tried this out on a Chromebook? Seams like the perfect solution for someone who has multiple cloud accounts.

  10. StevetotheH says:

    This is more of an advertisement for a service than a solution to migrating files from Dropbox to Drive. I just waste 2-minutes of my life.