Why Can’t I Follow Someone on Instagram

Instagram remains a vital tool in the social media space. With over a billion users worldwide, Instagram has strict guidelines to prevent abuse, harassment, and any misuse of the platform. Sometimes, the Instagram app may limit your account to a few functions. You may not like posts, share comments, or even follow someone on Instagram. You might want to know why it’s happening and how to put an end to it.

There are several factors leading to such issues in your Instagram account. It can be a network connectivity glitch, excessive usage of Instagram in a short time, authentication error, and more. Let’s check them out.

1. You Have Exceeded Limit

To stop spam and bots from taking over the platform, Instagram has set a limit on the number of accounts you can follow in an hour or a day. The hourly limit is 200, and you can follow up to 7500 accounts daily. If you have exceeded the set limit, you can’t follow more accounts on Instagram. Wait for a day or two and start following more accounts without any issue.

While you wait for Instagram to lift the limit, you should unfollow accounts you least interact with.

2. Instagram Has Action Blocked Your Account

Your Instagram account effectively turns into a read-only mode when the company action blocks it. Following several accounts in a minute, like and share comments on posts in a short time, or connect too many third-party services to your Instagram account – all such activities may raise a red flag to Instagram algorithms. That’s how some functions on your account are limited. In extreme cases, Instagram might also shadowban or ban your account completely. That means, you can’t follow someone, like or share a post, or share a comment on Instagram.

To know more about that, read our guide on troubleshooting the Instagram action blocked issue.

3. Check Network Connection

When you deal with a sketchy network connection on your phone, you will continue to run into issues with refreshing the feed, sending messages, or following another account on the social platform. You can temporarily enable Airplane mode on your phone and disable it after a few seconds to reset the network connection.

If you still face issues with internet connectivity on your phone, try resetting network settings. Check our guide to know what happens when you reset network settings on your phone.

4. Disable VPN

Did you try using Instagram on a VPN connection? Instagram may detect different IP addresses for your account and mark it as suspicious activity. The company will restrict your account from following others. You should disable the VPN connection on your phone and try using it after some time.

5. The User Has Blocked You

Did someone block you on Instagram? Unfortunately, you can’t follow such accounts. When things go south with your friend or family member, the person might block you on Instagram. Also, Instagram doesn’t notify when someone blocks you. You’ll need to sort out issues on a call or other social media apps and ask the person to unblock you on Instagram.

6. Authenticate Your Account Again

Due to an account authentication error on Instagram, you might face issues following someone on Instagram. It’s time to log out from the app and log in again using the same account credentials.

Step 1: Open Instagram on Android or iPhone (both apps use an identical UI).

Step 2: Go to your account and tap on the hamburger menu in the top right corner.

Step 3: Open Instagram Settings.

Step 4: Scroll down to log out from your account and confirm your decision.

Step 5: Sign back in using Instagram account details and follow accounts without an issue.

7. Check Instagram Servers

If Instagram servers are having a rough day, you will continue to run into issues with certain functions in the app. Head to Downdetector and search for Instagram to confirm the issue. You may notice huge outage spikes and several user comments confirming the issue. Wait until Instagram resolves the issue from their end and try using the app again.

8. You Have Used Bots or Third-Party Apps

When you use bots or third-party apps to automate certain functions in the app, the act violates Instagram’s policy, and the company might ban you from following more accounts.

Increase Your Engagement on Instagram

Instagram not letting you follow someone can frustrate you. Before you head to the Instagram help center to register a complaint, try the tricks above and troubleshoot the issue for your account. You’ll need to be careful when using bots, VPNs, or third-party apps to run your account.

Last updated on 01 March, 2023

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