How to Use YouTube’s Multi Audio Track Feature

Gone are the days when you needed to switch to different YouTube dubbed videos to listen to a specific language. With the latest addition of YouTube’s multi-audio track feature, you can switch to a different language track within the same video. Here’s how to use this feature on mobile and desktop.

How to Use YouTube Multi Audio Track Feature on Desktop and Mobile

YouTube’s multi-audio track feature can also help increase the video’s views as they’re not divided among the different dubbed versions. But how to use this feature? And what if you’re unable to use it? Let’s find out.

How to Change Audio Language on YouTube Using Web Browser

Step 1: Open YouTube on any web browser.

Step 2: Here, either use the search bar to find the relevant video or click on it from the homepage.

Use YouTube Search

Step 3: Once the video opens, go to the video player and click on the cogwheel icon.

Step 4: Here, click on Audio track.

Open Video Settings

Step 5: From this list of different audio tracks, select your preferred one.

Select Audio Track

This will change the audio language on the YouTube video from the original to the selected language dub.

Change Audio Language for Movies and Videos Using the YouTube App

Step 1: Open the YouTube mobile app.

Step 2: Then, tap on the search icon.

Step 3: Type the name of the video you wish to open and tap on it from the search results.

Find Video on YouTube

Step 4: Now, tap on the relevant video.

Step 5: Once the video opens, tap on the screen to see options.

Step 6: Tap on the cogwheel icon to open Settings.

Open Video Settings

Step 7: Here, tap on Audio track.

Step 8: Now, select the preferred audio track.

Select Audio Track

This will instantly change the audio language for the selected YouTube movies and videos.

What to Do if You Can’t Access Multi-Language Audio Tracks on YouTube

Because the option to add multi-language audio tracks and change them on YouTube is relatively new, some users might experience issues when using it. If this is the case with you, look at 7 ways to get this feature up and running.

1. Double-Check Audio Track Options Are Available

Since the option to add multi-language audio tracks to YouTube videos is recent, several videos, old and new, might not have the option available. So, double-check to ensure the option is available for the selected video.

2. Update the YouTube App

App updates are crucial for ensuring you get access to the latest features. So, if you’ve been putting off updating the YouTube app, it might be time to bite the bullet and check for app updates on your Android and iOS devices.

Once the updates are installed, open the YouTube app again and see if the option to change the audio language is visible for the selected video.

3. Reload the Web Page

If you still can’t see the option to switch the audio language on YouTube, reloading the page might help. This will help your load a fresh copy of the page, eliminating any issues that might have occurred previously. Here’s how.

Step 1: On your web browser, go to the menu bar.

Step 2: Here, click on the reload icon.

Reload Page

Once the page finishes reloading, go to the relevant video and check again if the option to change the audio language on YouTube is available.

4. Check Your Internet Connection

YouTube needs a stable internet connection to load app features and videos in general. So, if you’ve seen frequent buffering when playing YouTube videos, run a speed test and check your current internet speeds. If the speeds are below expected, consider switching to 5G or connecting to a stable Wi-Fi network if you’re using a laptop. Then, open YouTube and check again.

5. Force Close and Reload App

If you’ve recently updated the YouTube app or have it open in the background for too long, it might cause issues when loading certain app features. So, if you’re unable to see the change audio language option on YouTube, force close and reopen the app. Then, check again. Follow the below steps to do it.

On Android

Step 1: Open YouTube and tap on Recent or swipe up from the bottom to see the currently open background apps.

Step 2: Now, hold and swipe up to clear the YouTube app from the screen.

Force Close YouTube on Android

Step 3: Now, tap on the YouTube app icon to open the app again. Then, play the relevant video and see if you’re getting the option of changing the audio track.

On iPhone

Step 1: Either double-press the Home button or swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Once the YouTube app appears, swipe up and clear it from your screen.

Force Close YouTube on iPhone

Step 3: Then, tap on the app icon to reopen the YouTube app. Once opened, check if you’re able to change the audio language for the selected video.

6. Switch to a Different Web Browser

Certain web browsers might have in-built features that can prevent YouTube from working as expected. This might also be one of the reasons why you’re unable to see the option to change the audio language on the selected YouTube videos.

To confirm if this is indeed the case, switch to a different browser. Then, open YouTube and check again.

7. Disable VPN

Certain videos have region-restricted features. This means that even if the selected video has options to change the audio track, they might be unavailable in the country you’re connected to via your VPN. To fix this, disconnect your VPN or select another country.

Disable VPN on Mobile

If you’re using a mobile, open the VPN app and tap on the Disconnect option. Or, if you’re using your web browser, open the VPN application and click on Disconnect. Once this is done, open YouTube again and see if you can change the audio language.

FAQs for Changing Audio Language on YouTube

1. Are audio track options available on all YouTube videos?

Because this feature has been recently added, the option to change the audio track may only be available for selected videos on YouTube.

2. Can you change the audio track language mid-playback on YouTube?

Yes, you can change the audio language for YouTube movies and videos whenever you want.

Enjoy YouTube Videos in Your Language

We hope this article helped you understand how YouTube’s multi-audio track feature works and how you can use it to change the audio language on YouTube. Additionally, some videos might not have additional languages available. In this case, you can turn on the subtitles on YouTube.

Last updated on 03 August, 2023

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