6 Best Multi-Device Keyboards With Bluetooth Connectivity

We live in a world where most of us use more than one screen. You may have a laptop, tablet, and TV and could be using all of them for different purposes. No matter the purpose, you will need an input device like a keyboard to type or even play games. Instead of getting multiple keyboards for all of them, we’ve listed some of the best multi-device keyboards you can use across all devices.

best multi-device keyboards

A multi-device wireless keyboard has multiple input options. So, if you have a PC, an iPad, and a smart TV, you can connect to all of them simultaneously and switch between the devices seamlessly. If that’s the kind of input solution you want, here are some of the best keyboards with multi-device connectivity. But before we get to them –

1. Arteck HB192

Supported devices: 3

arteck wireless keyboard

Ateck’s HB192 is a full-sized keyboard with a numpad. If you’re involved in a lot of number-crunching on Excel sheets, you will appreciate those extra number keys. Speaking of keys, the Arteck HB192 has three keys that let you quickly switch between three connected devices.

Whether you have a Windows laptop, a Mac, an Android phone, or an iPhone/iPad, the Arteck HB192 supports them all. However, the key layout and labels are customized for Windows only. The keyboard is designed quite well and has a minimalistic black finish. In fact, the rear section of the HB192 is slightly raised for better ergonomics.

The biggest highlight of the Arteck HB192 keyboard is its long battery life. As per the brand, the keyboard lasts for up to six months on a single charge which is excellent. Moreover, the battery is rechargeable so you won’t have to swap it out. A few reviews confirm the claim about the battery life while also mentioning the pairing process is quite simple.

For those wondering, the typing experience is average so we wouldn’t ideally recommend it for long typing sessions. It’s a good keyboard for occasional typing, browsing on your TV, or if you want to jot down a quick document when traveling.

What We Like

  • Includes a numpad
  • Long battery life

What We Don’t Like

  • Not ideal for long tying

2. Logitech K480

Supported devices: 3

logitech k480

Logitech is known for high-quality input devices like keyboards and mice. The K480 is one such offering from the brand that is quite affordable yet provides a good deal of functionality. You can pair up to three devices with the K480 keyboard.

The best aspect of the Logitech K480 is how easy it is to switch between the connected devices. There’s a small knob that you can turn to quickly go from your tablet to your computer. Moreover, the K480 has a pleasing design with poppy colors that are nice to look at. On the top, there’s a small slit where you can place your smartphone or tablet when typing. So, the keyboard also acts as a device holder on your desk.

Furthermore, Logitech even provides a quick switch button to toggle between Android/Windows and Mac/iOS. The keys also have legends for both operating systems so you don’t have to keep guessing the macOS alternative for a Windows key. While the keys aren’t particularly tactile, the feedback is decent for a membrane keyboard. One gripe though is that the Logitech K480 is rather flat when kept on a desk so it’s not too comfortable to type on. A small stand on the back to raise the keyboard would have made a world of difference.

Unlike the Arteck keyboard, the Logitech K480 does not have rechargeable batteries. The keyboard uses two AAA batteries that last up to two years. Ideally, the K480 is an excellent travel companion that can help you get work done on a flight or even on your couch with the tablet holder.

What We Like

  • Easily switches between devices
  • Includes a phone/tablet holder

What We Don’t Like

  • Too flat making it hard to type on

3. NIXIUKOL Multi-Device Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Supported devices: 2

Multi device keyboard and mouse combo

If only a keyboard doesn’t suffice your needs and you want a full-fledged setup, consider getting a combo like this NIXIUKOL keyboard and mouse set. The included keyboard is similar to the Arteck one so it’s slim and works well when combined with the mouse.

The keyboard included by NIXIUKOL is slim and looks appealing when kept on a desk. The mouse also has matching accents so if you’re going to use both of them on your desk, the aesthetics match that of a Mac. Despite being thin, the keyboard lasts for about a month on a single charge which is nice.

Unlike the two keyboards mentioned above, the NIXIUKOL keyboard and mouse combo can’t connect to three Bluetooth devices. Instead, it can connect to two of them while the third device needs to be connected via a USB dongle. According to reviews, the quality of the keyboard and mouse but the connectivity is a bit spotty when using the dingle.

So, we would suggest connecting two devices via Bluetooth and limiting it to that. For the asking price, the NIXIUKOL combo is quite a worthy option considering you’re getting two devices.

What We Like

  • Includes both keyboard and mouse
  • Premium design

What We Don’t Like

  • Spotty connectivity

4. Trueque Foldable Keyboard

Supported devices: 3

foldable keyboard

We mentioned the Logitech K480 was a good fit for traveling due to its form factor. However, the Trueque foldable keyboard takes it to another level with its folding design. It’s so compact that it can fit into a tiny compartment in your backpack.

The Trueque keyboard folds at two different areas resulting in a form factor that’s as compact as a modern-day smartphone. It’s accompanied by a folding smartphone stand as well so you can rest your phone/tablet and get to work wherever you are. The external chassis is metallic so the build quality is solid too as per users.

Another trick the Trueque keyboard has up its sleeve is the integrated trackpad. The right section of the keyboard can essentially act as a trackpad or display an overlay of numbers to replicate a numpad. For a keyboard that’s quite affordable, this is a fantastic inclusion. Most reviews say the keyboard is extremely functional and works as expected.

However, it’s not as comfortable to type on as a conventional keyboard. This is primarily because the keys are crammed due to the folding form factor. Despite this, if you want a keyboard to type on in circumstances where you can’t carry a full-sized keyboard, the Trueque foldable keyboard is an excellent pick.

What We Like

  • The folding design makes it compact
  • Integrated touchpad

What We Don’t Like

  • Not too comfortable to type on

5. Logitech MX Keys Mini

Supported devices: 3

logitech mx keys mini

Logitech’s MX series of mice are hugely popular for being ergonomic and functional. So, the brand introduced the MX Keys keyboard to go along with the mouse — while maintaining the same aesthetic and focus on features. Now, the brand even has a smaller version of the keyboard called the MX Keys Mini.

The MX Keys Mini is made using premium materials with a special focus on how the keycaps feel when typing. There’s a slight depression on each key for your fingers to rest on when typing. In fact, the keys are also backlit which makes them easy to see and use when working during the night.

One advantage of Logitech keyboards like the MX Keys Mini is the accompanying software. You can use it to set custom key combinations in specific apps so if you’re a creator, you can map certain keys to enable a shortcut only within a specific app. Now that’s a feature that can optimize your workflow.

Moreover, the Logitech Flow feature lets you not only switch between three devices but even stay connected to all of them simultaneously. So if you’re constantly switching between devices, all you have to do is click your cursor on the relevant screen and start typing away.

Undoubtedly, the MX Keys Mini is an expensive product. It’s worth the price tag if you’re going to make use of all the additional features. But, if you’re willing to splurge and want the best typing experience, take a look at the final product mentioned below.

What We Like

  • Excellent suite of features
  • Backlighting for typing in the dark

What We Don’t Like

  • The key travel could have been better

6. Keychron K2 V2

Supported devices: 3

keychron k2 v2

If you’re only focused on getting the best typing experience and you’re ready to enter the rabbit hole of mechanical keyboards, the Keychron K2 V2 is your best entry point. The keyboard has brown switches that in simple terms are best-suited for typing.

Mechanical keyboards provide a better tactile feel when typing compared to traditional membrane keyboards. They’re also arguably more comfortable to type on. The K2 V2 has a 75% layout so while you’re missing out on the number keys, the board occupies less space on your desk without compromising much.

Each individual key is backlit with RGB lighting. Since it’s a mechanical keyboard, you can swap out the keycaps for custom ones as per your liking. In fact, this particular version of the Keychron K2 V2 is hot-swappable which means you can even change the type of switch if you don’t like how the brown ones feel.

As for battery life, the Keychron K2 V2 lasts for a week on a single charge. Now that’s considerably lower compared to all the other options in this list. But, these are pretty normal figures for mechanical keyboards. If you’re a gamer, you should consider the option with Red switches as they’re smoother to press.

What We Like

  • Excellent typing experience
  • Hot-swappable

What We Don’t Like

  • Mediocre battery life

Multiple Devices One Solution

If you keep switching between all your gadgets, you no longer need to have individual keyboards for all of them. Simply pick up any of the best multi-device keyboards mentioned above and easily switch between your devices with the press of a button.

Last updated on 06 November, 2023

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