Top 8 Resident Evil: Village Wallpapers in 4K and HD

Talk about Resident Evil, and the first thing that comes to mind is zombies. Resident Evil Village, the newest installment to the popular game, is back again in action. Now, this multi-platform game is more than just running and surviving from a band of zombies. Instead, Resident Evil Village is a slow burner that will get your heart rate climbing as you make your way through the titular village.

Best Top Resident Evil Village Wallpapers in 4 K and HD

Resident Evil Village is the perfect concoction of slow horror and action. And on top of it, you have the ominous atmosphere of the abandoned village.

So based on the immense love and respect for this game, we have assembled a list of HD and 4K wallpapers of Resident Evil Village to grace your laptop or PC’s screen.

Let’s check them out, shall we?

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1. The Smirk

Top Resident Evil Village Wallpapers in 4 K and HD 1

RE Village is all about minute details—be it the smirk of your enemy or the slow and edge character of the main protagonist. It will slowly creep up to you, and the moment you let down your guard, the game will hit you with a weird twist.

2. Cold and Broody

Top Resident Evil Village Wallpapers in 4 K and HD 7

If you thought that you have to be in and out of village houses, then Resident Evil Village has plenty of surprises for you. As you make your way around the castle and house, you will soon find the labyrinth of never-ending doors and windows.

3. Two Ways

Top Resident Evil Village Wallpapers in 4 K and HD 6

Did you know that Todd Soley is the voice behind the main protagonist, Ethan Winters? Well, now you know. He is also known for voicing Winters in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard.

Speaking of Winters, the folks at The Washington Post felt that the Ethan Winters’ dialogues felt a bit dated. Did you also feel the same?

4. The Village

Top Resident Evil Village Wallpapers in 4 K and HD 5

Do you want an eerie misty image as your PC wallpaper? If yes, this Village wallpaper is the perfect fit. If you have played the game, you must know that this village is the perfect setting for the game with its sinister air, gothic mansions with tall spires shooting out to the sky, rotting wooden structures, and whatnot. And hey, don’t forget the spooky mist.

The makers have not specified the location of the village. Where do you think it’s located? Somewhere in eastern Europe, perhaps?

5. The Mistress of the Castle

Top Resident Evil Village Wallpapers in 4 K and HD 4

Did you know that there is a collectible to be found after defeating Lady Dimitrescu, the lady of the castle? Quite obviously, you’ll have to poke under the stairs to find the Goat of Warding.

The best part? The Goat of Warding is found in many places, including roofs and walls of the village houses. If we talk of numbers, there are around 20 goats to be collected. So, how many goats did you collect?

6. Unleash the Undead

Top Resident Evil Village Wallpapers in 4 K and HD 3

Over the years, Resident Evil has featured many zombies and the undead. But Marguerite Baker is perhaps one of the most sickening bosses. Or is it Mother Miranda?

Did you know that Mother Miranda was a biologist from eastern Europe? She lost her only daughter to the Spanish flu, and since that time, she has been looking for a cure to revive her dead daughter. Winter’s daughter Rosemary was one of her resorts to do so, and hence she was abducted. And so begins the story of Village.

7. Beyond the Mountains

Top Resident Evil Village Wallpapers in 4 K and HD 2

Resident Evil Village has the perfect setting against the misty and abandoned village. If you have already played this game, you must know that it proceeds in several sections. So which section was your favorite?

This wallpaper gives off Transylvania vibes if you ask us.

8. The Genius Engineer

Top Resident Evil Village Wallpapers in 4 K and HD 1

Did you know that Lord Karl Heisenberg, the genius engineer, and owner of the Heisenberg Factory, is a human mutant? He was kidnapped by Mother Miranda when he was a child, and now he serves several lords in the village.

His ingeniousness can be seen in his handy work throughout the game.

The Evil Lies Within

So, which one of these wallpapers will you get for your PC? If you ask us, we’d say that you get them all, add them to an album, and display them as a slideshow.

Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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