Top 7 Privacy Screens for Computer Monitors

If you work in a crowded space or a high-traffic office space, a privacy screen is one of the best ways to keep your data private. These screens attach to the top of your monitor and prevent others from peering in your screen. Whether you are reviewing a classified document or working on a spreadsheet, you can rest assured that others won’t be able to click pictures of your screen or take a note of your screen content from the sides.

Top Best Privacy Screens for Computer Monitors

The advantage of privacy screens is not only limited to well, privacy. For instance, they also prevent unnecessary glare, thus reducing the stress on your eyes. Most filters also come with a matte finish, which reduces the glare from outside objects such as bright overhead lights or side table lamps, making it easy for you to read your screen’s contents. Naturally, this minor change aids you to work distraction-free.

If you stay glued to your computer screen at a stretch and are worried about your privacy, here are the best privacy screens for your computer monitor or PC.

Note: Before purchasing this filter, double-check the dimensions of both your monitor and the privacy filter.

1. Kensington FS240 Snap2 Privacy Screen

Available Sizes: 19-inch to 24-inch widescreen monitor, 17-inch Standard

The Kensington Snap2 is a little expensive than the other screen protectors, but the good news is that it works like a charm. Unlike most screens, this one mounts on top of your screen, and there are small spring-loaded clips along the side edges to keep it in place. It hangs down from the top of the monitor and doesn’t need any kind of double-tape or adhesive to keep it in place. The viewing angle is quite decent, and unless someone is sitting in front of the monitor, they won’t be able to view the contents of your screen.

The best part about this screen is that it’s easily removable. If you plan to watch any movies or scroll through some photos, you can take it off if you do not want to compromise on the colors and the picture quality.

The screen renders a darkish look and prevents eye-fatigue. The company claims that the screen reduces blue light by up to 30%.

It’s available in many sizes and variants, and all you need to do is measure the width of your monitor and get going.

2. VINTEZ Privacy Screen Filter for Widescreen Computer Monitor

Available Sizes: 18-inch Square monitor to 34-inch widescreen

The Vintez privacy filter costs much less than the product above and provides a viewing angle between 30-degree and 60-degree. This one claims to limit blue light by around 65%. The best thing about it is that it provides two mounting options. While you can mount it via the conventional method by applying clear double-sided tape, you can also use the slide-mount tabs for a better fit. Like its other cousins, this one also makes the displays of the monitor a tad darker.

Furthermore, you can use both sides of the filter as per your preference. The matte side renders a glare-free display, while the glossy side will act as your regular screen protector.

The Vintez Privacy Screen Filter is quite popular on Amazon and has received around six hundred reviews on Amazon. Fakespot estimates around 68.9% of the reviews can be trusted.

As it occurs with most privacy filters, you will see a slightly darker tint. While you will be able to read text and numbers quite easily, colors may appear a bit different in videos and photos.

3. Ovimir Computer Privacy Screen Filter

Available Sizes: 19-inch widescreen to 27-inch widescreen, 13-inch to 15.4-inch for MacBook Pro

Another versatile screen protector that does a good job of shielding your screen’s content from prying eyes is the privacy filter by Ovimir. This one works as advertised and also blocks blue light by around 70%. The fit is usually great and this has been backed by several users on Amazon.

A remarkable thing about this one is that it works great even when the brightness of the display is raked up. You will still see a dark tint from the sides.

Aside from providing the needed privacy, the Ovimir screen filter also protects the screen from dust and scratches.

4. TomDetm Privacy Screen Filter

Available Sizes: 18-inch widescreen to 34-inch widescreen

The TomDetm Privacy Screen provides adequate protection. Made mostly for widescreen monitors, it fits well and prevents prying eyes from knowing what’s on your screen. The viewing angles are standard, and the adhesion is pretty decent and is likely to stay long on your screen.

If you are not happy with the adhesion of the double-sided tapes that comes in the box, you can also opt for the side-mounted clips that hold the screen to the monitor. The latter has a few advantages. Firstly, you can easily slide it off when not in use. Secondly, they promise a better fit and fix.

There’s a matte side to this filter as well. If lights are reflecting off the monitor screen, then this filter will dim it.

5. 3M Privacy Filter for Widescreen Monitor

Available Sizes: 12.5-inch widescreen to 43-inch widescreen

3M is a well-known for making accessories, thanks to its quality, and its privacy filter is no different. The one mentioned here comes with the usual fare like 60-degree viewing angle and attachment clips/adhesion strips. 3M claims this filter comes with Microlouver tech, which ensures maximum privacy when viewed from odd angles. At the same time, your eyes will thank you for the glare reduction.

The best thing about these filters is the black effect it creates when viewing from the side angles, making it ideal for both home and office monitors.

What’s more, the adhesive strips (3M after all) work as expected and you won’t have the screen falling off in the middle of your work.

6. Skylarking Computer Privacy Screen Filter

Available Sizes: 20-inch widescreen to 27-inch widescreen

The Skylarking is quite popular on Amazon and is high-up on our recommendation list, primarily for its privacy. Again, these filters are designed for widescreen monitors with a 16:9 aspect ratio and do the job as expected with narrow viewing angles and likes. And well, there are quite a few user reviews to back up this claim. At the same time, the screen is easy to install and to take off.

Out of the hundred-odd reviews on Amazon, the Skylarking filter has managed to collect decent reviews. That high number exists primarily because of the quality and the privacy protection it brings to the table.

Do note that it’s not compatible with touch screen monitors.

7. AmazonBasics Privacy Screen Filter

Available Sizes: Versatile range, including widescreen monitors, 4:3 monitors, and 5:4 monitors

If you do not wish to spend much on privacy filters, you should check out the filter by AmazonBasics. This filter is made for widescreen monitors as well as standard monitors. It promises a viewing angle of 60 degrees and comes with reversible sides like its counterparts above. It’s easy to install, and once installed, it stays put. The best thing is that the side angles are completely blocked and not just darkened.

So unless you have to swivel your monitor a lot, this is the screen you can go for. At the same time, it safeguards your eyes from the harmful blue light and retains the monitor’s visual quality. The only thing is that the brightness of the display is reduced by around two notches.

The screen is clear and you shouldn’t have any issues with air bubbles and dust if you install it properly.

Shut Down the Prying Eyes

Before you stick a privacy filter on your monitor, make sure to wipe the monitor’s display clean before sticking the adhesive strips. If you are looking for a temporary solution, the ideal option would be to stick a couple of mounts on the sides (if the monitor allows it) and get going.

With privacy filters, you should expect the brightness going down a notch or two. And well, it helps you in the long run as colleagues and office-mates won’t be able to read the information on your monitor.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that privacy filters seldom work at a straight angle. So if you have a nosey colleague sitting directly behind you, they will still be able to see your screen’s content to an extent.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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