Top 9 Fresh and New Android Apps for February 2019

Using the same old regular apps on a daily basis can be a boring affair and can squeeze out the zeal of using an Android phone. That’s one of the reasons we love trying out new apps and games. So we bring you yet another set of the best new and free Android apps.

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These apps surfaced on the Play Store in the last couple of months. Each of them on this list is unique in its own ways. Need we say more? Let’s jump straight in.

1. Gbox — Toolkit for Instagram

I am an avid Instagram user and have about 4-5 different apps to help me with captions, fonts, repost, image-editing, etc. At times, it becomes frustrating to juggle between different apps. Gbox attempts to solve this issue through its Instagram toolbox.

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This app has a ton of features like Swipeable Panoramas, No Crop Post, Grids, Repost, among others. In short, it’s an all-rounder. Thanks to all the self-explanatory features, using the app is a no-brainer. Simply choose the option that you need, and the app will walk you through the rest.

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In past six months, the app developer has added several features and that’s why it deserves a spot in this list.

2. ActionDash

When Google announced Android 9.0 Pie, Digital Wellbeing created much hullabaloo. Six months later, this feature is only limited to Google Pixel and Android One line of phones. So, if you want to get the same features on your Android, ActionDash is your best bet.

Made by the same developers who gave us Action Launcher, this app gives you a clear insight into your phone usage statistics.

For now, Digital Wellbeing is available only on Google Pixel and Android One line of phones

From the time you spend on apps to the number of notifications you receive daily, you can find everything under a single roof. ActionDash is a must-have app if you are dealing with cellphone addiction and want to bring down your usage.

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Top 9 Fresh Android Apps For February 2019 15

The best thing about this app is it provides an easy-to-understand visual representation. Plus, it is simple to operate. Just swipe left/right to jump between screens.

3. Remote Fingerprint Unlock

Imagine unlocking your Windows PC by tapping on your phone’s fingerprint sensor. Sound cool, right? With Remote Fingerprint Unlock, you can have a taste of this cool tech.

Remote Fingerprint Unlock works when both the phone and the PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Also, you’d need to install the corresponding Windows program on your PC for it to run.

After installing the app and the program, open the Android app and swipe left to open the menu. Now, tap on Scan (you guessed it right) to start the scan. Once the scan is complete, select the PC, and the app will add it to your account.

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The Scan feature will throw results, listing the locked PCs on the network. Having done that, tap on Add account to enter your Windows credentials.

Best New Android Apps For February 2019 901
Best New Android Apps For February 2019 903

Now, test this cool app and see the magic!

The app is free on the Play Store. However, it is limited to work only with one computer. On the other hand, the premium version lets you add multiple computers. Plus you can also add a widget to the home screen to ease the unlocking procedure.


4. VHS Camcorder Lite

I know, I know, VHS Camcorder Lite is an old app. The reason that it made into this list is that it was made free on the Play Store in December 2018. You guessed it right, this cool app lets you shoot 80s-style videos with quality just like one of those retro VHS cameras. Similar to The Weeknd’s I Feel It Coming music video.

Screenshot 20190123 111613

The app’s interface even bears the 80s look with large buttons. If you want to create some cool TikTok videos, this is the app that you should get. Trust me, a lot of people will ask you about the effects.

5. Clip Cloud

Have you ever wanted the clipboards of your mobile and PC to work seamlessly? If yes, say Hi to Clip Cloud. It is a simple app that works in conjunction with a Chrome extension, to make copy-pasting between both platforms as smooth as possible.

Clipboard 27405 1280

To get this app working is easy. Sign in using the same Gmail ID on both Chrome and Android. Now, copy a text snippet on your Android and hit the Paste shortcut (Ctrl+V) on your PC (or vice versa). Ta-da!

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Top 9 Fresh Android Apps For February 2019 11

Note that this app doesn’t keep a history of the text you clip. Once you copy a new text, the previous gets wiped.

Clip Cloud claims that they do not store any copied text. The texts are encrypted and then transmitted over Google Cloud Message.

Pro Tip:

6. Minus

On an average, we receive over 100 notifications on our phones that distract us often. So, how to clear a troubled and cluttered mind? Surely, meditating on the Himalayas is out of the question unless you live there.

Panda 1236875 1280

You can always take help of meditation apps. Minus is a new meditation app in the market which claims to help you relax.

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It bundles scores of music tracks like running water, frogs croaking, classical music, and soothing whispering sounds. The app interface is simple. Just plug in your earphones, select an audio track to relax.

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Minus also includes guided courses where in most require you to upgrade to a Premium account but a few of them are free.

7. OH Web Browser

Regular Android browsers like Chrome and Firefox are not ideal for single-handed use. To access the address bar, you’d need to use both the hands or revert to the phone’s one-handed mode. After all, you wouldn’t want the phone to dive, right?

Developer One Handy solves that issue by introducing a simple browser named OH.

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Top 9 Fresh Android Apps For February 2019 3

All the controls sit at the bottom. From searching and opening tabs to switching to incognito mode, you can control most of those things using your thumb. There’s also a nifty PDF converter onboard.

Top 9 Fresh Android Apps For February 2019 5

And since navigation is an issue on most phones with huge screens, you can also use the built-in gestures to cycle through the tabs. In short, OH is every bit a modern browser. If you are bored with the layout of your default browser, switch to this one.

8. S Pro Camera

If your phone’s camera lacks advanced features like manual mode, Portrait mode, AR Sticker and Beauty mode, then S Pro Camera is the one for you. All those fancy features work in the app as expected.

Photography 801891 1920

The AR stickers are spot on and so is the Beauty mode. The edge detection of the portrait mode is quite impressive. S Pro Camera also claims to have an AI mode which can detect up to 16 different scenes.

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However, we couldn’t get it to detect frames correctly when we tested it on the Honor 10 Lite.

For a camera app, the interface is clean but carries small and conspicuous icons.

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Best New Android Apps For February 2019 905

Unfortunately, this camera stamps a watermark on every photo clicked using it.

9. RedPapers

Imagine your phone’s wallpaper changing every hour automatically without any manual intervention. Intrigued? If yes, install the RedPapers app. This nifty app changes your homescreen’s background often. It takes a unique approach by sourcing all the wallpapers from a selected subreddit — that explains the name.

RedPapers automatically changes your homescreen’s background

You can also customize the timing and subreddit selection. RedPapers lets you pick the sorting order of the images. After selecting relevant options, hit the Start Service button, and the app will take care of the rest.

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Top 9 Fresh Android Apps For February 2019 17

The bad news is you can’t select the resolution of the images. Hence, if you have a QHD screen, the chances are that some photos appear stretched or weirdly aligned. Also, you’ve to start the service manually every time you reboot your phone.

That’s a Wrap!

These are some of the most interesting Android apps that were released in the last couple of months. At present, I am bowled over by GBox and Oh Browser. Wrapping multiple and functional features into a single app is what won me over. What about you?

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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