Top 9 Free and New Android Apps for June 2019

Namrata Gogoi

A new month calls for a fresh start, especially when it comes to Android apps. Just like last month, the list for June 2019 packs several interesting apps. From a cool new screenshot app to a smart gallery app, we have them all.

Top Free And New Android Apps For June 2019

If you have been looking for unique Android apps that were released in the last few months, you have come to the right place. These apps have recently surfaced on the Play Store and needless to say, each one is different in its own way.

Let’s take a look.

1. Firefox ScreenshotGo Beta

I take tons of screenshots daily. Be it related to my work or random stuff that I discover on Instagram and Pinterest. Yes, I know Pinterest lets you download images, but as they say, old habits die hard. The issue with capturing too many screenshots is that the important ones often get buried in the clutter. So, how do you fish out the important ones from the irrelevant ones? Enter Firefox ScreenshotGo.

This neat app goes through all the screenshots on your phone and indexes the text of your images, thereby making them easy to search. All you have to do is open the app and just search the text on the search bar above.

Top 9 Free And New Android Apps For June 2019 2
Top 9 Free And New Android Apps For June 2019 1

Moreover, the persistent notification at the top makes sure that you move screenshots to respective folders after you grab a screenshot.

2. Curator

The gallery app is one of the most frequently opened apps on our phone. Whether it’s searching for screenshots or your recently captured photos, the gallery app makes exploring the media content in your phone an easy-peasy affair.

However, what most stock galleries do not provide is a Tag search. So, if you have to search for a beach photo that you took two years ago, you’d either have to go to Google Photos for its super-duper search algorithm, or you’d have to scroll to the year 2017 to fish out that photo. Cumbersome? You bet!

Binoculars 1209011 1280

The makers of Curator seem to tackle this issue with its smart gallery app. Like most gallery apps, this one too arranges photos in chronological order as well as by albums. However, it also has a nifty trick up its sleeve.

Top 9 Free And New Android Apps For June 2019 5

This one tags all your pictures as per the photo’s composition. So whether it’s plants or cityscape, the third tab makes searching pictures a seamless affair.

Top 9 Free And New Android Apps For June 2019 9
Top 9 Free And New Android Apps For June 2019 8
Did You Know: Google Photos is the only gallery app that comes preloaded on most phones running stock Android.

3. Artwalls & PixWalls

Love quirky wallpaper? If yes, it’s time you got introduced to Artwalls. Built especially for phones with AMOLED displays, this one brings home a set of images with different geometric styles and patterns.

Top 9 Free And New Android Apps For June 2019 10
Top 9 Free And New Android Apps For June 2019 11

However, if you are not into AMOLED wallpapers or geometric patterns, you might want to check out PixWalls. From Thanos fading away to oblivion to a glorious vista of a sunset, it packs a lot and surely, it won’t disappoint you. All you have to do is tap on the download icon to save the wallpaper to your phone.

Top 9 Free And New Android Apps For June 2019 12
Top 9 Free And New Android Apps For June 2019 13

The good thing about this app is that the images come in high-resolution and don’t look pixelated when you set them as lock screen or home screen wallpapers.

Speaking of the lock screen, read the following post to know more about home screen customization using KWGT.

4. Lens Distortion

Want to give your photos a unique touch up? No, I am not talking about punchy colors or underexposed skies and dramatic cloud. Instead, Lens Distortion brings an array of effects like sun rays, glass effects, and fog to the mix.

Top 9 Free And New Android Apps For June 2019 16
Top 9 Free And New Android Apps For June 2019 17

All you have to do is select the picture from your gallery and choose one of the effects from the library.

5. Tor Browser

Enough has been said about the dark web and Tor Browser. While the desktop browser has been there for quite some time, it wasn’t until May 29, that the stable version of the Tor Browser made its way to the Play Store.

Top 9 Free And New Android Apps For June 2019 19

Unlike the older version, now you need not employ many workarounds (like the Orbot/Orfox app bridge) and can browse the internet privately. Since it’s based on Firefox, you get the feel of an actual browser. The Tor Browser comes with the usual bells and whistles of phone browsers such as tabbed browsing.

6. Bowvie Weather

Bowvie Weather is a simple weather app that shows you a five-day weather forecast at the tap of a button. You can add your favorite cities at startup after which you can just check the weather conditions by merely swiping through the app.

Top 9 Free And New Android Apps For June 2019 14
Top 9 Free And New Android Apps For June 2019 15

The app is frills-free and doesn’t have many fancy features. This is the app for you if you are tired of your recent weather app that comes overloaded with information and desperately looking for a change.

7. One UI Icon Pack

Fancy One UI-style icons on your phone? If yes, the One UI icon pack is the answer to your prayers. With icons straight out of Samsung’s new Android skins, this one is a welcome break from all the jazzy icons out there.

Top 9 Free And New Android Apps For June 2019 21

Typical of most icon packs, you can’t apply the pack directly. You must download a supported launcher such as Nova, Evie, OnePlus, etc., to apply the icon pack.

8. MIUI-ify Notification Shade

With phones getting taller by the day, it’s getting more and more difficult to reach the notification shade. MIUI-ify attempts to solve it with its unique notification shade.

This app brings the notification shade to the bottom of the screen from where it is easy to reach. So whether it’s turning the Wi-Fi on or switching to the Reading mode, all you need to do is pull up the shade from the bottom of the screen.

Top 9 Free And New Android Apps For June 2019 22

The only issue with it is that the shade may interfere with the default notification gestures of your phone. Thankfully, the height and the position of the handle can be tweaked. I have kept it slightly to the right of the screen from where it’s readily reachable.

Free And New Android Apps For June 2019 2
Free And New Android Apps For June 2019 1

The new notification shade does need some time to familiarize yourself. But once done, the rest is pretty much a sweet ride.

Which One Will It Be?

These were some of the few Android apps that captured our attention with their simplicity and functionality. So which of these apps will you get first? Firefox ScreenshotsGo and Curator will help you be productive in the long run.

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