Top 8 Free New Android Apps for April 2019 That You Must Get

The month of April is here, and we are back with a whole new installment of our monthly digest of new and fresh Android apps. This month’s list has apps spread across various categories. So, whether you need a safe file transfer app or you need to create a cool collection of Instagram Stories, we have everything covered.

Top 9 Free New Android Apps For April 2019 That You Must Get

As is our practice, these Android apps have been released in the last couple of months and are unique in their own way.

Since this post is going to be a bit lengthy one, let’s jump in straight away.

1. Firefox Send

After making its debut as a web application, Mozilla has released its file sharing app called Firefox Send on the Play Store. Firefox Send brings home a hassle-free way of transferring files, photos, and videos. Not just any offline document you can even access and send files from your cloud storage accounts.

Best New Android Apps For April 2019

All you have to do to upload the files is provide the expiration details, assign a password and tap Upload. Depending on your network speed, the link-generation may take a couple of seconds. Once generated, just share the link.

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Firefox Send lets you share files up to 1GB. Plus, users who have a Firefox account get plenty of other features like a bump in the sharing limit (up to 2.5GB). We tested this app for a few days, and we were mighty impressed with it.

2. Endel

Mood-boosting apps are more common now than they were a couple of years ago. With people getting distracted with the tiniest of things, apps like Endel are more important in our lives today.

Endel is one such newly launched apps on the Play Store which claims to increase your productivity and your focus. The soundscapes are powered algorithmically, but rest assured that the tracks are fairly good and should work well for you.

Best New Android Apps April 2019 002 5
Best New Android Apps April 2019 002 4

The app needs permission for location and time zone to tailor the soundscapes.

3. Daywise

Speaking of distracting notification, can’t we just ban them all and check them only when we want to? Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, the makers of Daywise seems to think otherwise. This cool app bundles all your notifications and shows them to you in batches.


Daywise segregates the phone’s apps into two categories – Instant and Batched. While the apps under Instant will notify you immediately, the latter’s apps will reserve its notifications for a later time.

Best New Android Apps April 2019 002 11

Quite obviously, apps like WhatsApp, Slack, or your default SMS app will fall under Instant, while Instagram and Facebook will fall under the latter. Of course, apps and batch timings can be changed, but I suggest that you let them be.

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Best New Android Apps April 2019 002 9

4. Serial Box

Serial Box is the newest story-telling app in town. Previously available for iOS and Desktop, it brings home a collection of stories. The stories are short, so one can easily pick them up while commuting or traveling.

The stories are divided into episodes, making them very interesting. The pilot is usually free, after which you’ll have to buy the entire season.

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Best New Android Apps April 2019 002 13

Needless to say, all the half-completed stories show up on the home page with an option for Continue Reading. Netflix for stories? Yes, Sir!

Did You Know: Serial Box is partnering with Marvel to produce new short stories. The superheroes include Black Panther (see Black Panther wallpapers

5. Insta Story

If you’re looking to jazz up your Instagram Stories, you should have a look at Insta Story app.

This one has plenty of formats to suit different moods and activities. The templates are in pastel shades, so you don’t have to worry about the template overpowering the actual photos.

Best New Android Apps April 2019 002 25
Best New Android Apps April 2019 002 26

To add to it, you can spruce up your photos further via the built-in filters. Insta Story packs both free and paid templates, and luckily for us, quite a few are free.

Best New Android Apps April 2019 002 27
Best New Android Apps April 2019 002 28

Using it is simple. Pick up the template, add photos and modify the filter. Once done, tap on the A icon to change the text. And that’s it!

6. Clockify Time Tracker

Now we have the Clockify app. Although it’s slightly older than two months, we felt that it should be on this list as it is a productivity tool. The good news is that this time tracker not only lets you log your hours but also helps you increase your overall productivity.

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The app is simple to use, free, and is available across all the major platforms, and has a Chrome extension as well. All you have to do is log in with the same credentials, and you should be sorted.

Clockify for Android is more made for quick entries. Just enter the title, select the project and tap on the Start button. There are two entry modes – manual and timer.

Clockify Best New Android Apps April 2019 002 16

You’ll come to love the syncing mechanism, which again, works flawlessly. During our test run, we didn’t have any issues in accessing the information either from the phone or the browser.

7. Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro is not a photo editor in the strictest sense. Instead, it is a collage maker and it works really well.

The app offers standard collage features like frames, filters, border, rotate, and adjust, among others. You can adjust a filter’s intensity as per your liking, a feature which I found immensely useful.

Best New Android Apps April 2019 002 17
Best New Android Apps April 2019 002 18

Agreed that there’s a horde of collage makers on the market, so what makes it different from the rest? I liked this app for its simplicity and clean interface. The feature set is not bloated, the interface is well designed and there are no banner ads, at least, for now.

8. Demon Live Wallpaper

Live wallpaper has lost the touch that they used to have before, mainly due to the impact on the phone’s battery life. But if that’s not a concern for you, you can check out the Demon Live Wallpaper by

Designed in different shades of pink and violet, this one certainly knows how to make your phone’s home screen stand out.

Top 9 Free New Android Apps For April 2019

My only gripe is that the free version has just one wallpaper after which you’d have to upgrade to the paid version. Thankfully, the images change quite often.

Samsung Galaxy S10 an S10 Plus users can try out the recently-launched Hidey Hole wallpaper app. This one brings all the wallpaper celebrating the punch-hole camera cut out, under a single roof.

Best New Android Apps April 2019 002 2

The app sources its images from the subreddit thread dedicated to Galaxy S10/S10 Plus. We loved that these images are all high-resolution images, so you don’t have to worry about images pixelating.

Get Set Go!

These were some of the recently launched Android apps that are hard-to-miss. Almost all the apps are useful in their way. I particularly liked Firefox Send for its hassle-free service.

Which one is your favorite?

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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