Top 7 Free Gallery Apps Without Ads

We need a gallery app to view photos and videos on our Android phones. While most phones come pre-installed with a gallery app, sometimes these apps do not suit our requirements and taste. In such cases, we go to Play Store and download third-party gallery apps.

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Once downloaded, we are disappointed for most of them come with ads disrupting our entire experience. While some show ad at the bottom, others go way ahead and push full-screen ads. Fortunately, some apps are still free and do not show any ads.

Here we have handpicked seven gallery apps that are free and do not show any ads. Let’s check them out.

1. Piktures

Besides being beautiful and stylish, the Piktures app will amaze you with its features. With support for folders that can be organized in many ways, the app even lets you hide and exclude specific folders. You can also protect your photos in a secret drive with a PIN. The app lets you access media files stored in cloud storage services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

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The app supports regular Android gestures for photos. You can also change the position of an album using drag and drop gesture. In terms of organization, you get multiple sorting (name/date) and filtering modes based on places, dates, tags, GIFs, and videos.

It also comes with a powerful photo editor that supports filters, doodling, text, and much more. Another amazing feature of the app is that it supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Meaning, you can easily extract text from any of your images using this app. The alpha version of the app supports Chromecast too.

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Size: 11MB

2. F-Stop Gallery

The F-Stop Gallery offers the folder view on the app’s home screen. You get several sorting and viewing modes as well. If you want to view all the media files, the option lies in the navigation drawer (swipe right from the left sidebar).

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Further, the app lets you filter your files in many ways such as tags, places, ratings, favorites, etc. While the built-in photo editor isn’t that powerful, it offers basic features such as crop, rotate, and mirror. And yes, you can exclude certain folders and set a password to them.

Size: 14MB

3. Simple Gallery

One of the gallery apps that I like is the Simple Gallery. The name is misleading for the app isn’t simple at all. It is loaded with features.

For starters, you get multiple sorting modes (name, path, size, date, random, etc.). You can also change the layout and the theme of the app. You can even exclude, include, and hide folders. The app supports both GIFs and videos. You don’t need another app to play such files.

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Simple Gallery also offers a built-in photo editor. You can rotate, crop, flip pictures, and add filters to them. Sadly, the developer has stopped pushing updates for the free app since November 2018 and instead offers a pro version. While this free app continues to work perfectly, you won’t get to experience any new features.

Size: 6MB

4. Gallery.AI

If you are looking for a simple gallery app, then you might like Gallery.AI. With a size of mere 1.9MB, the app doesn’t offer much except displaying the photos in a grid pattern on the home screen. There’s no sorting, filtering, or any other modes in the app.

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You can crop and rotate pictures in the app. The other downside is that the app was last updated in 2018. Another similar gallery app that comes without ads but hasn’t been updated since a long time is Gallery ICS.

Size: 1.9MB

5. Optic – Photo Gallery

Currently, in Beta, the Optic app seems to be a promising one. With the ability to customize the grids on the home screen, the app also offers various sorting modes. It even lets you change the theme of captions. Further, you can exclude folders from showing up in the app and add password protection.

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Size: 11MB

6. Focus Go

Unlike other apps that usually offer folder view, Focus Go shows all media on the home screen. As of now, it doesn’t support folders. You can, however, change the layout from compact to expanded view. While it does offer built-in support for videos, there is no photo editor. You need to take the help of other apps to edit photos.

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Size: 1.4MB

7. Google Photos

Lastly, you can also give a shot to Google Photos. It mostly comes pre-installed on Android phones but if your phone does not carry one, you can always download it from the Play Store. Even though it differs from a regular gallery app in several ways, it works as a nice gallery app too.

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Size: 40MB

Get Rid of Those Ads

To be fair to developers, ads help them in monetizing the app. They put in a lot of effort to develop the app and offer amazing features. It’s a good step to buy the premium version of the app in order to stop ads. You will also benefit from other pro features.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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