4 Best Sites to Test Typing Speed and Improve Accuracy

As a writer, I type a lot and been aiming type faster in the past few years. The moment I tried increasing my speed measured in Words Per Minute, I found myself making spelling mistakes. Over the years, I have realized that typing accurately is more important than typing fast. The time it takes to correct the errors and make sense of what you wanted to say takes even more time.

Test Typing Speed And Improve Accuracy

There are many sites to test typing speed, and they will also help you check your accuracy. Some of them support multiple languages, while others offer certificates that you may mention in your resume. One could always benefit from speed and accuracy. That is more important for a lot of fields that involve using a keyboard to input words and numbers.

With these thoughts in mind, let’s check out some of the best sites to test your typing speed and accuracy.

1. Typing Academy

Typing Academy has different UI for Windows and macOS and supports French and German along with English.

Test Typing Speed And Improve Accuracy 1

Typing Academy offers some valuable tips on a finger and key combination, hand position, and the importance of why you need to stop looking at your keyboard when typing. Here is a handy chart they have created.

Test Typing Speed And Improve Accuracy 2

Each key and finger is color-coded, and it pays, in the long run, to practice hitting the same key with the same finger to build up your speed and accuracy.

Typing Academy has several lessons targeted at different aspects of typing like numbers, alphabets based on rows, words, sentences, and finally, typing speed. Good for beginners. You can also create custom typing lessons to practice.

Fun Fact:

2. Typing Test

Taking typing tests all day can get boring, especially if you are not learning anything useful from experience. I enjoy typing because of the nature of my work that involves finding and talking about new tech. Typing Test wants to gamify the experience to make it easier for you to stay focused.

Test Typing Speed And Improve Accuracy 3

You can choose the duration and the test name from the drop-down menu. There are close to 100 games to choose from, a lot of them are more focused on kids, but there is something for everybody here. Don’t forget to set your difficulty level before you begin.

Test Typing Speed And Improve Accuracy 4

In the above game, you need to build a tower in the least amount of time by clicking the right key. While playing, don’t get too immersed and remember the objective. You are here to improve typing speed and accuracy, not play and pass the time.

3. Ratatype

While typing speed and accuracy tests are available on several sites, some certification might help you professionally. While most jobs that require typing have their own tests, it helps to have a certificate, especially if you are applying online.

Ratatype is an all-in-one destination for typing tests. There is a typing tutor that will teach you how to type faster and more accurately with the help of lessons. There is a Group mode which allows users to compete with friends to further boost the spirit of typing faster. And then there are the tests.

Test Typing Speed And Improve Accuracy 5

But the reason I chose Ratatype is their certification program. It’s free. Skeptic? Well, it will only improve your chances, and there is nothing to lose. Plus, more practice.

Fun Facts: According to Ratatype, highest WPM was achieved by Stella Pajunas with 216 WPM way back in 1946. The record is still unbroken. She was using an IBM Electric Typewriter. Crazy, huh?

4. 10 Fast Fingers

If typing fast is all you have on mind, go for 10 Fast Fingers. There are many typing tests available on the site that you can undertake to improve your speed and accuracy. They host several competitions that you can join to show off your typing skills. You can create game rooms for friends or join one.

Test Typing Speed And Improve Accuracy 6

I also like the fact that they support more than 50 languages on their site. I don’t think any other typing speed and accuracy site comes even close. That’s great news for those who either have translation gigs or don’t have English as their first language.

Typing Is Not Writing

These four typing sites should be more than enough to help you improve your accuracy and increase your typing speed. Work on your hand-eye coordination and always keep your eyes on the screen. Don’t hunt and peck but use all fingers and practice right from day one. And most importantly, have fun!

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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