How to Show Steps on an Apple Watch Face

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The Apple Watch doubles up as a smartwatch and a fitness tracker with utmost conviction. Not only can you set reminders, alarms, or reply to messages, but you can also track your activities and workouts. But while the Apple Watch shows all your activities in detail, it doesn't show you your step count.

How to Show Steps on an Apple Watch Face

That's a bit of a bummer, especially if you love to see all your activities at one glance by lifting your wrist. Of course, you can tap on the Rings complication, but that would be one additional step, right?

Thankfully, there's an easy way out, and in this post, we will show you how to show steps on an Apple Watch face.

How to Show Steps on an Apple Watch Face

Since there's not a native way, we will have to take the aid of a third-party app. There are quite a few pedometer apps out there that support complications. Unfortunately, a majority of them are paid. But the good news is that a couple of free apps let you easily show the steps on the Apple Watch face.

There are two broad steps to this. The first involves finding the right watch face to accommodate all your data. And the second is adding the complication to the watch face.

Now that is settled, let's see how to get that done.

Find the Right Watch Face

Step 1: Head over to the Watch app on your phone and tap on Face Gallery. Scroll down until you see the options for Activity, GMT, or Infographics.

How to Show Steps on an Apple Watch Face 3

Most watch faces give you a clear idea of all the major complications like Date, Rings, Heartbeat, etc. However, if you opt for the fancy watch faces from categories like Artist, Explorer, or Liquid Metal, you might not see many details.

So, here the idea is to choose a watch face with the most complications, such as the ones under Modular, Modular Compact, or Infographics. The idea is to capture as much information in a short while.

Step 2: After choosing one of the watch faces, tap on Add to add it to your collection.

How to Show Steps on an Apple Watch Face 4

Step 3: Head over to the My Watch tab, select the watch face, and tap on Set as current Watch Face.

How to Show Steps on an Apple Watch Face 4
How to Show Steps on an Apple Watch Face 1

Now, that's half of the river crossed. Let's cross the other half.

Finding a Pedometer App with Complication

Step 1: On your iPhone, download and install the app called Duffy.

This app lets have a quick overview of your daily steps, among other features. It pulls the necessary info from the Apple Watch and displays it accordingly.

Next, open the Duffy app to see if it's showing the right sep count.

Step 2: On your Watch, long-press on the watch face to go to the Edit mode.

How to Show Steps on an Apple Watch Face 3

Swipe left to go to the complications page. Once in, tap on one of the spots and choose Duffy from the list of supported apps.

How to Show Steps on an Apple Watch Face 2

Alternatively, you can select the complication from the Watch Face page on the Watch app, as shown below.

How to Show Steps on an Apple Watch Face 2

From now on, your watch will show you the current step count at a glance. Again, it helps if you have an activity-based watch face since it shows the step count.

In our case, we have used a custom watch face from Facer, and this one shows the steps loud and clear.

How to Show Steps on an Apple Watch Face 1

Duffy has its limitations. For one, the steps are not updated in real-time and need a little time to refresh when you are walking. It can be annoying, but on the upside, you get a rough estimate of your step count at a glance.

That said, Duffy is not just about showing your steps on your watch. For instance, it shows you your weekly overview and your past data as well.

Furthermore, you can also change the goals. Plus, when you complete your goals, this pedometer app also rewards you with adorable little trophies.

How to Show Steps on an Apple Watch Face 7
How to Show Steps on an Apple Watch Face 6

On that front, Duffy is simple and easy to use. You need to grant the permission once, and the app will take care of the rest.

Step Up

If you are not comfortable installing a third-party app, there is a native way to see the steps easily. But it has a major caveat—it won't display step count on the watch face. Tap on the Activity Rings on your watch and scroll down to see the step count.

However, the step count on the watch face makes it so convenient to check.

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