How to Hide Last Seen on Truecaller for Android

The ‘Last Seen’ status that was first introduced by WhatsApp has always been a controversial feature. And by controversy I mean, a feature that has been ridiculed, criticised as well as praised.


This feature typically shows when a person was last seen active on the concerned app. Many people found this feature to be an invasion to their privacy and there was a huge hue and cry regarding it.

Following this WhatsApp added an option where people would be able to turn this feature off on their phones. In turn, they won’t be able to see when the others have been online as well.

Since then many other apps have introduced this feature as well, like Facebook Messenger, and Instagram recently. Their reaction to this feature is akin to the one we saw for WhatsApp.

Truecaller is an app which enables people to see the profiles of other people whose number they have. Now, an app like Truecaller adding the ‘Last Seen’ feature is a whole different ball game.

Previously, Truecaller allowed users to search for numbers which has now been removed. Now people can search and request a particular person for their details. However the privacy threat remains with the ‘Last Seen’ feature.

When the feature is turned on, anybody on Truecaller with your number can see when you were active last. Since Truecaller runs in the background all the time, the last seen means the last time you were last seen on your phone.

The only case where you won’t be able to see the status is if they are not on Truecaller or if they have turned off their ‘Last Seen’ feature. So here we are going to tell you how to turn off this feature to avoid revealing your smartphone usage patterns to others.

How to Turn Off Last Seen Status on Truecaller for Android

Step 1: Begin by opening Truecaller and clicking on the top-left Menu tab. That ought to bring out the side menu bar.


Step 2: Locate the settings tab on the side menu bar and tab on it.


Step 3: When in the Settings menu, tap on the General tab to go to the general settings menu.


Step 4: Here you should see the Availability slider which is blue when active. Tap on this to deactivate it.


An interesting find is that iPhone users would be able to see the availability of an Android users when it is turned on. However, an Android users would not be able to see the status of an iPhone users. This is due to certain limitations in iOS.

Bonus Trick

In case you didn’t know, it is really easy to change the mundane colors of Truecaller. And here is how to do it.

Step 1: Follow the previously mentioned steps 1 and 2 to reach the Settings menu of the Truecaller app on you phone. Once there tap on the Appearance tab to go into the appearance settings menu.


Step 2: Once in the Appearance Settings menu, tap on the Themes tab


Step 3: Once in the Themes tab you will be greeted with a number of choices with different color combinations. Go ahead and pick any you like!


Stay Hidden

Truecaller is definitely one of the more convenient apps out there right now that helps us identify those unknown callers before we even take their calls. But the last seen feature is an invasion of privacy and it’s a good thing Truecaller has given users the option to reveal themselves.

Last updated on 01 June, 2023

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