How to Browse Facebook Without Being Seen

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Those of us who use Facebook visit it at least a couple of times a day. Mostly, we are happy to let others know that we're online, but, there are times when we feel like being the ninja, moving around Facebook, not letting anyone know of our presence there. 


If you think that signing out of the Facebook Messenger will help you by hiding your online presence, think again. Facebook's mobile app has a nasty little hidden setting that can let others know about your presence, even without the Messenger. However, as always there's a fix for that and we will talk about it here.  

There are ways in which you can protect your online presence or hide on Facebook when you want. You may want to do this for a number of reasons like you don't want your stalkers to know when you're online or you might want some me time. Therefore, we have summed up all the ways in which you can make yourself invisible on Facebook and here's how you do it. 

How to Browse Facebook Without Being Seen


Facebook has dedicated apps for both Android and iOS. While both the apps have similar features, the way you hide yourself is a bit different on both. Along with the Facebook app, the Messenger is another app on your phone that can reveal your online presence. Here's what you need to do so that you can browse Facebook without being seen. 

Hide on Facebook Using the Android App


Android has a pretty detailed Facebook app and there are more features in it than what meets the eye. To take control of your online presence on the Android app you have to disable the Chat feature. Follow these steps to do it. 

Step 1: Open the Facebook app on your phone and tap on the Menu icon located on the upper-right corner, it's denoted by the three-line or the hamburger icon. 


Step 2: On the following screen, scroll down and locate the App Settings tab and tap on it. 


Step 3: On the Settings page, scroll down to locate the Facebook Chat switch. By default, the switch in the On position. 


Step 4: To hide yourself on Facebook using the Android app, tap on the switch to turn it off.  


Hide on Facebook Using the iOS App


As i said earlier, both Android and iOS apps have similar features, but the way you access certain features on them is different. Therefore, if you want to hide on Facebook using the iOS app, follow these steps. 

Step 1: Open the Facebook app on your phone and tap on the Menu icon located on the bottom-right corner.  On the following screen, scroll down and locate the Settings tab and tap on it.


Step 2: From the pop-up, locate the Account Settings tab and tap on it. 


Step 3: On the following screen, you will see all the settings related to your Facebook account. Locate the Chat Settings tab and tap on it.


Step 4:  Now you'll see the Chat switch, turn it off and you will no longer appear online while browsing Facebook through this app.

Note: These settings are app and device specific. If you have Facebook app installed on multiple devices, you will have to turn off the Chat, individually on each device.  

Hide on Facebook Using the Messenger App


Last but not the least we have the Messenger app. This too can let your Facebook contacts know when you are online. To completely go invisible on Facebook you should also go offline on Facebook Messenger as well and this is how you should do it. 

Step 1: Open the Facebook Messenger app on your phone and tap on the Menu icon located on the top-right corner of the screen. Its icon should be your Facebook profile picture. Tap on it to proceed. 


Step 2: Now you should see your Messenger profile. There, locate the Availability tab and tap on it.


Step 3: The following screen should show you the Availability On button. By default, Facebook Messenger will always show you online when you are using it.


Step 4: To go invisible on Messenger, turn it off. Now you should appear offline to your contacts on Facebook. However, you can continue talking on any existing conversations as before. 

Don't Forget to Turn it Back On

Although, browsing Facebook without being seen is truly a bliss, it should be used occasionally. Well, that's how I personally use it. However, once you're done using Facebook like a ninja, don't forget to turn on your availability. This way you'll ensure that people who genuinely want to get in touch with you can get through.  

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