5 Best Ways to Fix Telegram Won’t Send Code Error

Telegram has seen an influx of new users over the last few weeks. While that’s happening, many users often struggle to get through the sign up process because they never receive the code on time. Some users couldn’t receive the code required to verify the account before you could use Telegram.

Fix Telegram Wont Send Code Error

The error is probably on your end, and we will help you fix it in a moment. Note that it could be a network issue. Also, there are other ways to receive the verification code. It is worth noting that you will need to enter the verification code every time you end a session, sign out, or reinstall the Telegram app. So, keep that in mind.

Let’s begin.

1. Signal Error

Telegram signup codes are sent via SMS. So if your are in a poor network area, then your phone might me struggling to get We depend on a solid internet connection for pretty much everything these days but not everything.

Fix Telegram Wont Send Code Error 8

Move to a different area to check if there are enough signal bars. You can also use an app like OpenSignal to find a better signal in your location and map nearby mobile towers, among other things.

2. Use Valid Mobile Number

There are two issues. The first is whether you have entered the correct mobile number. Rechecking never hurts anyone. The second is whether you are trying to use a fake or burner number to sign up for Telegram. Some users are trying to do so, but we don’t recommend it, and neither does Telegram. Maybe, that’s why Telegram is not sending verification code or sending it to the wrong number?

3. Receive Code In-App or Via SMS

Are you logged in to the same Telegram account you are trying to sign in to from a different device? If so, you must have received a code there. In fact, that’s the first option Telegram opts for when sending a code. It is only when you don’t receive the code on the other device that you have an option to receive a Telegram verification code via SMS or even phone call.

You can use Telegram on a Windows desktop and receive the code for completing the sign-in process.

Fix Telegram Wont Send Code Error 4

If that’s not the case with you, tap on the ‘Send the code as an SMS’ option right below to receive an SMS instead. Maybe that’s why Telegram is not sending the code because it thinks you are signed-in on another device, and instead of sending SMS, it is sending the code in-app.

Fix Telegram Wont Send Code Error 2
Fix Telegram Wont Send Code Error 3

Telegram will send the code via SMS now and read it automatically, provided you have given the necessary permissions when entering your phone number into the app. Did you interact with a pop-up like this?

Fix Telegram Wont Send Code Error 1

If not, then open your preferred text message app or the default one that came preinstalled with your phone and check for the code.

4. Receive Code Via Call

Telegram also has an option to receive the code via a call. Useful as an alternate way to receive Telegram code and verify your account if both the above options are not working for some reason.

Fix Telegram Wont Send Code Error 7

You should view the ‘Didn’t get the code’ button below after requesting the code via SMS. So, Telegram will send code in-app if it detects your Telegram on another device. Then it will send an SMS, and finally, you can get it via a phone call. Tap on the link, and you should receive a phone call in a few moments quoting the code.

5. Don’t Ask to Resend Too Much

Sometimes, it just takes time to receive the code via SMS or even call. Be patient. You may view an option to ‘Resend the Code’ after a few seconds. What happens is that users tap on the button multiple times, thinking it will send the code to their phone faster, but that’s not how it works. In fact, the exact opposite may happen, and you may view a notification that says ‘Too Fast’.

If there is a delay in receiving the code, don’t tap the ‘Resend Code’ button too many times too quickly. Tap once if required and then wait.

Fix Telegram Wont Send Code Error 6

We were trying to verify our number repeatedly while testing Telegram for this guide, and I got another message saying, ‘Too many attempts, please try again later’. That’s another thing you need to keep in mind.

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Telegram continues to make waves in the messaging world. Telegram is different than WhatsApp in many ways and even better in some ways. You cannot use Telegram without verifying your phone number, and you need the code to do that. Telegram works really well, and the onboarding process is really smooth for most users. Try a couple of times and be patient is what we would recommend.

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Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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