Top 7 Ways to Fix Unable to Log in to Snapchat on Android and iPhone

Logging into your Snapchat account may be necessary if you have reinstalled the app or removed your account from it. Although entering your Snapchat login details takes a few seconds, there can be times when you are met with cryptic errors and cannot log into your account.

Top Ways to Fix Unable to Log in to Snapchat on Android and iPhone

Such issues with the Snapchat app can hinder your ability to verify your Snapchat web logins. However, the good news is that resolving this issue should be a relatively swift process if you follow the troubleshooting tips provided below. So, let’s take a look.

1. Double-Check Your Credentials

This may seem obvious, but it is crucial to double-check and confirm that you have entered the correct username and password. Snapchat may display the ‘user not found’ error if you accidentally misspell your username. Conversely, if you receive an error stating that your password is incorrect, you might need to reset it.

2. Reset Your Password

Resetting the password of your Snapchat account is another way to resolve this issue. For that, you will need to use the email address or phone number associated with your account.

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app on your phone. On the login screen, tap the ‘Forgot your password’ link and select your preferred method to reset the password.

Reset Snapchat Password

Step 2: Enter your phone number or email ID and tap the Submit button. Then, type in your new password twice and hit Submit.

Reset Your Snapchat Password

After resetting your password, check if you can log in to your Snapchat account.

3. Your Snapchat Account May Be Locked or Disabled

Do you see a ‘Your account has been temporarily blocked’ message while logging into your Snapchat account? That could happen if you have violated Snapchat’s community guidelines or if Snapchat suspects that your account password has been compromised. In that case, you will have to reach out to Snapchat support and request their help.

Snapchat Logo on Phone

Additionally, Snapchat may block your account temporarily if you make too many failed login attempts within a short time. If that’s the case, you will have to wait for a few hours and try again.

4. Check Date and Time Settings

Another reason why you may be unable to log into your Snapchat account is if the date or time on your phone is incorrect. To fix this, you can configure your phone to use the network-provided date and time by following the steps below.


Step 1: Open the Settings app on your phone and tap on General management.

General Management on Android

Step 2: Tap on Date and time and enable the toggle next to ‘Automatic date and time.’

Set Date and Time Automatically on Android


Step 1: Launch the Settings app on your iPhone and navigate to General.

General Settings on iPhone

Step 2: Tap on Date & Time and toggle on the switch next to Set Automatically.

Set Date and Time Automatically on iPhone

5. Temporarily Disable Your VPN

Although a VPN connection can provide enhanced privacy, it can occasionally cause issues with apps like Snapchat. You can temporarily turn off your VPN connection to see if that solves your login issues with the Snapchat app.

VPN on Phone

6. Check Snapchat’s Server Status

It’s not uncommon for popular social media services like Snapchat to experience server outages. When this happens, you cannot log into your Snapchat account on any of your devices. To check for this possibility, you can check Snapchat’s server status on a website like Downdetector.

Snapchat Server Status

If others are experiencing similar issues, you have no option but to wait for Snapchat to fix the problem on their end. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours. Following this, you should be able to log into your Snapchat account as before.

7. Update the App

Using an outdated version of the Snapchat app can cause it to behave erratically and display unusual errors. If you have disabled automatic app updates on your phone, you can manually update the Snapchat app by visiting the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone). If a newer version is available, tap the Update button to install it.

Once you update the Snapchat app, you should be able to log in without any errors.

Snapchat Awaits

It’s no fun when Snapchat throws login errors on your Android or iPhone. We hope applying the above fixes has helped you regain access to your Snapchat account.

Last updated on 23 June, 2023

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