7 Best Ways to Fix MIUI Dual Apps Per­mis­sion Denied Error

Gaurav Bidasaria

MIUI's exclusive features like Second Space make it a delight to set up a new phone from scratch. There are built-in apps for call recording, screen recording, and a system-wide dark mode that was launched with MIUI 10 (Android 9 Pie). Another cool feature is Dual Apps, which allows you to sign in to the same app twice with different IDs. Some users have been facing the Dual Apps permission denied error.

Fix Miui Dual Apps Permission Denied Error

The error presents itself not when the user tries to clone an app, but when he/she tries to open it. Tapping on the cloned app does nothing except throwing this error on the screen.

Let’s see how to solve it.

1. Toggle Off and Back On

Maybe it’s a glitch of some kind. Have you tried turning the feature off and then on again? Open Settings and tap on Dual Apps.

Fix Miui Dual Apps Permission Denied Error 1
Fix Miui Dual Apps Permission Denied Error 2

Tap on the app to remove the cloned app and wait a few seconds. When you see a confirming message, toggle it back on.

Fix Miui Dual Apps Permission Denied Error 3
Fix Miui Dual Apps Permission Denied Error 4

Tap on the newly cloned icon to check if you still see the Dual Apps permission denied error.

Fun Fact: Xiaomi is popularly known as the Apple of China. That is because their customized MIUI is heavily influenced by iOS. Fortunately, Android is so flexible that you can change how it functions and behaves using launchers, themes, icon packs, and more.

2. Tap on Original Icon

Here is a simple trick that will work every time. When you search for the cloned app, say WhatsApp, you see two icons. One original that you installed from the Play Store and one cloned, which carries an orange icon label at the corner.

Fix Miui Dual Apps Permission Denied Error 5
Fix Miui Dual Apps Permission Denied Error 6

Tap on the original icon and MIUI will ask you which app to open — the original app or the cloned one.

3. Open with Google

You can use Google Assistant to open WhatsApp as well. Again, when you give the command ‘open WhatsApp’ to your phone, the Assistant will ask you to choose which WhatsApp version would you like to open.

Fix Miui Dual Apps Permission Denied Error 14

Select the one you want. It may not be a seamless solution but it works alright. If you are using voice commands, things will get easier.

4. Use Second Space

Second Space is not the same as Dual Apps, but you can still use it to clone apps. You will create a separate space on your phone that will have its settings and apps. Sign in using a different account, and you are done.

Fix Miui Dual Apps Permission Denied Error 7
Fix Miui Dual Apps Permission Denied Error 8

While this will allow you to install the same app twice, you will have to switch spaces every time you want to use the app. It can be a bit cumbersome, but you will have a working solution.

5. Change Launcher

I use Nova Launcher because it is one of the most feature-rich and flexible launchers for the Android ecosystem. It is also known to interfere with the way Dual Apps functions. Sad. The dev team is working on a fix, and you will have to change your launcher in the mean time.

We have covered a few launchers at GT like Action, Evie, and Microsoft that I recommend you should check out.

6. App Permissions

There are two app’s permissions we are going to look at. One is the launcher app that you are using. Maybe tweaking it will give better results? The MIUI stock launcher works great but is pretty bland. Nova launcher is cool, but as we noticed earlier, it isn’t compatible.

Open Settings and tap on Manage apps and search for your launcher here.

Fix Miui Dual Apps Permission Denied Error 9
Fix Miui Dual Apps Permission Denied Error 10

Check App permissions to make sure that everything the app needs to function correctly has been enabled.

Fix Miui Dual Apps Permission Denied Error 11
Fix Miui Dual Apps Permission Denied Error 12

The same goes for Other permissions.

Fix Miui Dual Apps Permission Denied Error 13

You will repeat the same process with permissions of the app that you have cloned and seeing permission denied error with. Search for and open the app and check if it has all the necessary permissions to work properly.

7. Parallel Space

One of the more popular apps, Parallel Space will let you clone any app on any Android phone, and not just on MIUI phone. Install the app using the link below and launch it.

Fix Miui Dual Apps Permission Denied Error 15
Fix Miui Dual Apps Permission Denied Error 16

Select the app you want to clone and tap on Add to Parallel Space. That’s it. One notable difference is that all your cloned apps will reside inside Parallel Space and not inside the app drawer or home screen. That means a few extra taps but nothing to complain about.

Clone Wars

Dual Apps is a really cool feature that all Android phones should come with by default. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Those who do buy MIUI phones experience permissions denied error. However, there are ways to solve this error or simply bypass it. Whatever floats your boat.

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