Parallel Space vs Parallel Space Lite: How Do They Differ

Other than Instagram and Twitter, very few apps let you switch profiles from the same app. Even WhatsApp doesn’t offer the capability. The lack of such a feature makes people look for ways to run dual accounts on the same phone.

Parallel Space Vs Lite Fi

One such method is to use the popular Android app known as Parallel Space. I’m sure you must have used it or heard its name, at least once. With Parallel Space, you can run a second instance of the same app on your phone.

Like other apps, they also decided to jump onto the bandwagon of lite and go apps with its own Parallel Space Lite app. You may wonder — how does Parallel Space Lite differ from the main app. Well, get ready for we are about to explore the different dimensions of space, or in simpler words, we will compare Parallel Space and Parallel Space Lite.

Let’s get started.

Get Ready to Be Surprised with App Size

While all other lite and go apps have smaller app size as compared to their main apps, strangely Parallel Space Lite has the same size as that of its main app. On some phones that I tested, the Lite app was actually heavier. They should be awarded for being the only app whose lite version weighs more. In case you know of some other app too, let us know in the comments below.

Anyway, both the apps weigh around 8.6MB. I’m not even kidding. Look at the app size yourself.

Parallel Space Vs Lite 1
Parallel Space Vs Lite 2

Parallel Space Availability on iPhone

Both apps are available for Android phones only. You cannot enjoy its benefits on iOS. However, the apps that you use inside both these apps will sync the data to the iPhone, if the app supports it. For instance, if you use Messenger through these apps, your messages will be available on iPhone too.

Similar User Interface

When you launch these two apps, you will not be able to differentiate between them except for their name mentioned at the top. That’s because both have a similar user interface. You will find the app icons on the home screen with the menu icon at the top. In the main app, you also have the Private browsing option present at the bottom.

Parallel Space Vs Lite 3
Parallel Space Vs Lite 4

Inside the Add Apps screen too, the interface is similar. The only difference is that the main app offers Incognito tab as well (more on that below).

Parallel Space Vs Lite 5
Parallel Space Vs Lite 6

Beware of Permissions

First of all, Parallel Space needs too many unnecessary permissions to work. It asks for every permission you can think of such as phone, calendar, microphone, body sensor, and others. What’s worse, the actual cloned app doesn’t even need them, and it’s just Parallel Space requesting them. One may think that the Lite app will need fewer permissions to operate, but that’s not the case. The Lite app also requires the same number of permissions to work peacefully.

Parallel Space Vs Lite 8
Parallel Space Vs Lite 9

While it is mentioned in both the app listings on Google Play Store that the cloned apps require permissions and they do not collect data, it scares you considering the recent data leaks by other apps.

Parallel Space Vs Lite 7

Battery, Storage, and Memory Usage

Parallel Space is known to be a battery hogger app, and its Lite app continues the tradition — while jolting our expectations at the same time. Why? Well, for all the categories including battery, the Lite app was ahead of its main app.

Parallel Space Vs Lite 10
Parallel Space Vs Lite 11

Lock the App with Security Settings

The cloned apps too contain our data, and nobody would want others to see it. So to keep it safe, you can lock the Parallel Space app without using any third-party app locker. You can add a pattern or unlock it using a fingerprint sensor with the help of built-in security settings. Thankfully, even the Lite app offers both security measures.

Parallel Space Vs Lite 12

Advertisements are Everywhere

Rarely an app exists that doesn’t offer ads in the free version. Don’t get your hopes high. Parallel Space or Lite app isn’t one of them. Right from the first screen itself, you are offered ads on the main app. Other than that, both the apps show full-screen ads too. To get rid of them, you will have to subscribe to the pro version.

Browse Privately

The main Parallel Space app provides a built-in browser that offers private browsing. It’s like a baked-in incognito mode for internet browsing inside Parallel Space. It is accessible from the home screen of the main app.

Parallel Space Vs Lite 13
Parallel Space Vs Lite 14

You can use multiple tabs and add bookmarks in it. While the browser uses Google search as the default search engine, it doesn’t offer the ability to change it. The private browsing feature is missing on the Lite app.

Incognito Installation for Apps

The only significant feature that is unavailable in the Lite app is the Incognito installation for cloned apps. Typically, you can only clone apps that are installed on your device, and they need to stay there if you clone them. But with Incognito installation mode, you can delete the app from your phone once you have cloned it in Parallel Space. The feature is accessible from the Add app icon inside the Parallel Space app.

Parallel Space Vs Lite 17

Is Parallel Space App Safe

Both the apps do their job perfectly, without any doubt. However, considering the number of permissions both the apps require for proper functioning, it surely raises doubts in your mind.

Parallel Space Alternatives

If you want to run two instances of the same app on your phone, you can take the help of Users feature on Android. You need to create a separate user or guest profile and add the apps that you like. That way you can easily log into the same app such as WhatsApp from two different accounts. For WhatsApp, you can download the WhatsApp business app to use two WhatsApp accounts on the phone.

If you own a Mi phone, you are in luck since your phone offers the ability to use two instances of the same app without installing any third-party app. The feature is known as Dual apps and is accessible from Settings > Dual apps.

Parallel Space Vs Lite 16

Similarly, Samsung users also enjoy a similar feature known as Dual Messenger, where they can run two instances of a chat app on the same device.

Parallel Space Vs Lite 15

Do Apps Differ?

As you have seen above, there isn’t much difference between the two apps. The main Parallel Space app seems lighter and better than the Lite app in all aspects, at least for me even in terms of speed. On the bright side, you can use three different accounts at the same time on your phone with both the apps installed.

Did you spot any difference between the two apps? Let us know in the comments below.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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