8 Best Fixes for Headphone Jack Not Working on Android

Android phones have evolved massively in terms of features since their inception. We continuously see new software and hardware upgrades from different Android phone brands. But one of the legacy hardware features that has made its comeback, even during the growing presence of Bluetooth earphones, is the humble headphone jack.


Many users still prefer using the headphone jack on their Android phones for listening to music, taking calls, watching videos, and more. In this post, we share some troubleshooting methods if the headphone jack is not working on your Android phone and you have been facing some issues recently.

1. Clean the Headphone Jack

The first solution if your headphone jack has stopped working is to clean the headphone jack using a cotton bud dipped in a small amount of rubbing alcohol. The headphone jack is prone to collecting dust and debris over some time on your Android. This is more likely to happen if you plug in your earphones outdoors most of the time. After you clean the headphone jack, check if the problem is solved.

headphone jack 2

2. Check if Your Headphones Are Working

The next basic solution if your wired headphones are not working with your Android phone is to check whether they are working at all or not. You can try plugging in your headphones with other devices like your computer or Android phone to check the same.

3. Check Your Headphone Jack Adapter

If you prefer connecting your headphones via an adapter with your Android phone, the adapter may have stopped working properly. You can contact the brand’s customer support if your adapter is under warranty. You can also check our selection of best USB-C to Headphone Jack adapters.

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4. Disable Bluetooth Connections

If you are still facing problems with the headphone jack, you should check if all your Bluetooth connections are disabled on your Android phone. You might forget to turn it off even when you don’t need your Bluetooth devices like headphones and speakers.

5. Check Volume Settings

After you disable Bluetooth connections, you should check the volume settings on your Android phone. You might have turned down the volume levels previously while using the speaker of your Android phone.

Step 1: Open Settings on your Android phone and select Sound and Vibration.

Step 2: Scroll down and check all the volume settings. Ensure that the Media Volume is not set to the lowest.

sound and vibration options android settings

You can also press the Volume Buttons on your Android phone to increase the volume levels. Refer to our post if the Volume Buttons stop working on your Android phone.

6. Restart Your Android Phone

Another quick fix for the headphone jack on your Android phone is just to restart your Android phone. We recommend you to restart your device regularly to keep it running smoothly. Just long-press the Power Button and tap on Power Off. Then, press the Power Button again to restart your Android phone.

power off android phone

7. Update Android Phone

If the headphone jack is still not working on your Android phone, you can check for a software update. There might be a bug in the current software version of your Android phone that’s causing the issue.

Step 1: Open Settings on your Android phone.

open settings android

Step 2: Scroll down and select System Update.

Step 3: Tap on Check For Updates. Then, install the update if there’s one available.

Once updated, check if the problem is solved.

8. Reset Android Phone

The last resort is to rest your Android phone. But do this only if none of the solutions have worked for you till now. Following this step will remove all the data, apps, and preferences from your Android phone.

Step 1: Open Settings on your Android phone.

open settings android

Step 2: Scroll down and select System.

Step 3: Tap on Reset Options and select Erase All Data.

Step 4: Tap on Erase All Data again at the bottom-right corner to proceed.

erase all data on android phone

After the reset is complete, check if the problem is solved.

If you are still unable to use the headphone jack on your Android phone, we suggest you contact the brand’s customer support.

Fix Headphone Jack

These solutions will help if your Android phone’s headphone jack is not working. You can check the best USB-C Earbuds with Mic for your Android phone.

Last updated on 28 August, 2023

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