12 Ways to Fix Epic Games Error Code II-E1003

Epic Games offers thousands of titles, along with some mind-blowing offers. While engaging, it is not free from issues, given that it’s an online platform. If you see Epic Games Error Code II-E1003 on the platform and are wondering why you are seeing this and how you can fix it, this article is for you.

Epic Games Error Code II-E1003

Epic Game Error Code II-E1003 indicates that the launcher cannot install the game files it’s attempting to download. Don’t let your hopes down, though. We have looked into all the common reasons and the corresponding solutions to ensure you no longer face the issue. Let’s start with understanding the reasons behind this issue.

1. Ensure to Have a stable Network

This is one of the biggest reasons you see the Install Failed Error Code II-E1003 in Epic Games. Ensure to check your internet speeds as well as switch between the connections to see if that helps. You can check your internet speeds from the link below.

check internet speed

If you find that your internet is slow, turn off and then turn on the modem. If that didn’t help fix the issue, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or upgrade the plan. If you are still facing internet speed issues, we suggest you change your ISP.

2. Disable Firewall and Security

While firewalls and security software are crucial for protecting your system, they can sometimes prevent installing games from Epic Games. Hence, we suggest you try installing from Epic Games after disabling any antivirus or firewall options in your system. Once you install the game, you can turn them back on.

3. Check for Server Issues

If you cannot install games on Epic Games, check if Epic Games is down. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Visit Down Detector and search for Epic Games Store > hit Enter.

Check if Epic Games is down

Step 2: From here, you can see whether Epic Games is down or not. If there are any issues, wait until the issue is fixed or look for other Game Stores.

4. Check if the Date and Time Are Right

If the system time and date settings are wrong, it will affect any online process, such as browsing or downloading. The best solution is to change the date and time in the system. For Mac users, you can check our detailed guide on changing date, time, and region on Mac. We have also prepared a detailed guide on changing the date and time on your Windows system.

5. Change DNS on Your System

A Domain Name System (DNS) allows browsers to access websites and other internet services. However, if there’s any issue with the DNS, It’s better to change the DNS server in your Windows system. As for Mac, here are the steps:

Step 1: Open Spotlight search (Press Command + Spacebar) > type System Settingsand press Return.

system settings spotlight search macOS ventura

Step 2: Choose Network from the sidebar.

choose network in system settings

Step 3: Click on Wi-Fi.

choose Wifi

Step 4: Select Details next to the name of your Wi-Fi network connection.

choose details next to Wi Fi

Step 5: In the Details window, click DNS from the sidebar.

choose DNS from the sidebar

Step 6: To add a new DNS, click on the Plus icon under DNS Servers.

click the plus button

Step 7: Add the DNS of your choice and check if you are still facing the issue.

You can choose between free public DNS service providers like GoogleCloudflare, or Quad9.

6. Run Epic Games Launcher as an Administrator

App crashing issues can often be solved by running them as an administrator. With this, the system will consider that particular app as a priority, allocate the resources to run it, and block any files preventing the app from launching. Here’s how to do so.

Step 1: Right-click over the Epic Games icon and choose ‘Run as administrator.’

right click epic games and choose Run as administrator 1

Step 2: Click Yes to confirm.

choose Yes to confirm 1

7. Verify Games Files

The Epic Games Error Code II-E1003 can also show up because of unverified game files. You can solve this issue by verifying them. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open Epic Games Launcher and choose Library.

Step 2: Click the three dots next to the game and choose Manage.

choose library tap the three dots below the game and choose Manage

Step 3: Now, Choose Verify next to Verify Files.

choose verify files

8. Clear Epic Games Cache

The cache can help in app loading as well as performance and responsiveness. However, if files are corrupted or accumulated over time, there might be issues. You can fix this by clearing the Epic Games cache. Here’s how you can do so:

Step 1: Close Epic Games and open Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del).

Step 2: Check if you can see Epic Games is on the list. If it is, select the app and choose End task.

choose the browser and click end task

Step 3: Now, open Run (Win + R).

Step 4: Type or paste the following %localappdata% and hit Enter.

type localdata and choose ok or enter

Step 5: Choose EpicGamesLauncher folder.

choose epicgameslauncher

Step 6: Open Saved.

choose Saved from the folder

Step 7: Now, open webcache folder.

open the webcache folder

Step 8: Clear all the files inside the folder.

choose the files inside webcache and delete the files inside them

9. Change Epic Games Download Region

Changing the install location can help avoid the Install Failed Error Code II-E1003 message, as the error might be caused by the previous storage being full or corrupt.

Step 1: Open Epic Games Launcher and choose Library.

Step 2: Choose Install under the game you want to change the download location.

choose library and tap intall

Step 3: Select Browser and choose where you want to download.

Step 4: Once you make the necessary changes, hit Install.

change the download location in Epic Games and hit Install

Now, the game will be installed in the new location.

10. Uninstall Suspicious or Recently Installed Apps

Apart from the official App Store, Windows and macOS allow us to install apps from various sources. While it gives more freedom, it also makes our system prone to attacks from malicious apps. If you see the Epic Games Error Code II-E1003 after installing any specific application, we suggest you uninstall it.

We already have a guide on how to uninstall an app on macOS. As for Windows, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Settings (Win + I) and choose Apps.

Step 2: Choose Installed Apps.

choose apps and then choose installed apps

Step 3: Select the three dots next to the app and choose Uninstall.

choose the three dots next to epic games launcher and select Delete 2

Step 4: Choose Uninstall to confirm.

choose uninstall to confirm 5

Depending on the app, you might have to go through a dedicated window to mention the reasons for uninstalling or to confirm your decision.

11. Reinstall Epic Games Launcher

Uninstalling and reinstalling the launcher can help wipe out all the issues. Here’s how you can uninstall Epic Games Launcher on Windows:

Step 1: Open Settings > choose Apps and select Installed apps.

choose apps and then choose installed apps

Step 2: Choose the three dots next to Epic Games Launcher and choose Uninstall.

choose the three dots next to epic games launcher and select Delete 1

Step 3: Select Uninstall to confirm.

choose uninstall to confirm 3

Step 4: Next, download the launcher from the link below.

Once you download the app, double-click the file > give the necessary permissions to install Epic Games Launcher on your system.

12. Reset Network Settings

As mentioned, network issues can cause the Epic Games Error Code II-E1003 issue on your system. This can be solved by changing the connection or restarting the modem. However, if that doesn’t help, try to reset the network settings. We already have a guide for Mac. As for Windows, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open Settings > Choose ‘Network & internet’ from the sidebar.

Step 2: Choose ‘Advanced network settings.’

choose network and internet then choose advaced network settings

Step 3: Select Network reset.

click network reset

Step 4: Hit Reset now to confirm.

choose reset now to confirm

Step 5: Choose Yes to confirm.

choose yes to confirm

FAQs on Epic Games

1. Should I install Epic Games on SSD or HDD?

While you can install a game on any SSD or HDD, it’s best to install it on your SSD if you want the game to load faster.

2. Can you reinstall Epic Games without losing games?

Yes. Reinstalling Epic Games Launcher won’t remove the games in your library. However, it will delete the game files and any offline progress you have made in the game stored in your system.

Game On

Seeing the Epic Games Error Code II-E1003 while installing a game is frustrating. Thankfully, the fixes mentioned in the guide will help you solve the issue. However, if you still face any issues, we suggest contacting Epic Games support to troubleshoot the issue.

Last updated on 29 August, 2023

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