What Is Demo Mode on Android and How to Enable It

Modern Android smartphones are best known for their customization options. However, if you face issues such as the key icon on the status bar or want to have a clean status bar for taking screenshots, you can use demo mode on Android.

demo mode on Android

Since Android has many ways to customize the interface, leaving the demo mode unnoticed is natural. Hence, with this guide, we will look at what demo mode is on Android and how you can put your Android in demo mode.

What Is Demo Mode on Android

Demo Mode is one of the options within the developer mode in Android smartphones. As the name suggests, demo mode is the short form of demonstration mode that can mainly be used to showcase a demo version of the device, regardless of the cosmetic changes you have made.

toggle on Demo mode

The feature is mainly helpful for those who want to take clean screenshots with a decluttered status bar, helping the user focus more on the screen’s content than the icons on the status bar. Additionally, you can use the Demo mode to troubleshoot problems with the icons in the Status bar.

What Is Retail Demo Mode

Retail mode is a specific version tailor-made for retailers showcasing devices in their stores. This is different from the demo mode available on Android by default, as this feature is used to showcase the device’s features while running pre-made software, along with a set of applications and features to check out.

retail demo phone

Should You Use Demo Mode on Your Phone

It’s natural to doubt anything new you have never seen before. However, Demo mode is a feature that no user needs to worry about. Putting your Android phone in Demo mode will only make cosmetic changes and limit some features.

Besides that, no data will be shared with outsiders. Even the changes it makes while enabling the feature will revert to normal when you turn off demo mode on Android. However, we do not recommend it for everyday use as it offers limited functionality.

How to Enable Demo Mode on Android

Now that we know everything about Demo mode on Android, let us show you the process to enable it. First, you must enable developer mode on your Android device: Here are the steps:

Note: Keep in mind that the steps might differ based on the Android smartphone and the version you are in. We are using a Xiaomi smartphone with MIUI to perform these steps.

Step 1: Open Settings and tap About phone.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap Build number until you get a confirmation that the Developer mode is enabled.

Note: If asked, you will be required to verify your device using the password or pattern to enable the option.

Once you enable Developer mode, follow these steps to enable Demo mode:

Step 3: Open Settings and choose System.

Step 4: Choose Developer options.

Step 5: Select ‘System UI demo mode’ and toggle on the Enable demo mode option.

Step 6: Now, toggle on Show demo mode to enable the effects of Demo Mode.

How to Turn Off Demo Mode on Android

If you are not a fan, you can easily disable demo mode. Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to Settings > System > Developer options.

Step 2: Choose ‘System UI demo mode.’

Step 3: Toggle off ‘Enable demo mode’ and ‘Show demo mode.’

Disable Developer Mode on Android

Besides that, you can also turn off developer mode entirely so that you don’t turn on the feature accidentally. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Open Settings > tap System and choose Developer options.

Step 2: Toggle off ‘Use Developer options.’

toggle off use developer options

Now, you won’t see the developer mode option and, thus, the option to enable Demo Mode on Android. You will be required to enable Developer mode again to access the feature.

FAQs on Demo Mode on Android

1.  Can retail demo phones be used?

The sole purpose of retail demo phones is to let users experience the device’s features. So yes, you can use a retail demo phone in-store.

2. Do demo phones have IMEI?

Yes. Retail Demo phones are normal phones that will let users experience the capabilities and features of the devices. Hence, these smartphones also have IMEI numbers with them.

Demo Mode or Normal mode

Now that you know everything about the demo mode on Android, how do you feel about it? Remember that it’s not a mode suggested for daily use, as the option limits many features and functions of your device. The mode is best to test some things or to take screenshots.

Last updated on 17 August, 2023

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