How to Clear Song History on Amazon Prime Music (and Other Cool Tips)

I have a peculiar habit when it comes to songs. I keep on listening to specific songs on a loop until (you guessed it right) I get bored of them. I bet most of you must be familiar with this habit. And the ‘Recently Played’ section of Prime Music, my go-to music streaming app, doesn’t make it any easier.

How To Clear Song History On Amazon Prime Music 3

I open the app just to tap on the first thumbnail that I see. And guess what, my list of favorite songs are now slowly depleting. Sigh.

And to add to it, playing the same songs repeatedly doesn’t do any good to the song recommendation process, meaning that there are lesser chances to discover new songs. Fortunately, there’s a way to clear song history on Amazon Prime Music, and it’s not rocket science. The only issue is that it can be done only on a computer.

Let’s see how to get it done.

How to Clear Song History on Amazon Music

Similar to services like Netflix and Prime Videos, clearing song history from Prime music also means deleting the said titles from your history list. To do so, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to the following site with the same credentials you use on your phone.

Indian users may use the following link.

Step 2: Having signed in, you will see a Recents tab on the left menu. Click on Played.

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That will open up all the songs along with the timestamp.

Step 3: Now, check the box against each song which you want to remove. Next, tap on the three-dot menu and select Remove song from history.

How To Clear Song History On Amazon Music 3

Do this for the remaining of the song. That’s it.

I know, I know, the process can be a bit boring. But for now, that’s the only way to remove recently played songs from the list selectively.

Step 4: The changes won’t be reflected immediately on your phone app. For this, you’d have sign-in once more.

To do so, tap on the gear-shaped icon on your app and tap Sign-out.

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Alternatively, if you want to remove the whole album, scroll to the top of the page where all the albums are displayed and click on See All.

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Next, hover on top of the thumbnail, click on the three-dot menu and select Remove song from history. Simple.

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Quite obviously, removing entire albums make more sense, then selecting and deleting individual songs. While the Recently Played section will fill up again as you listen to new songs, it will keep out the unwanted songs from flooding your queue. Plus, if you use a shared account, it stops the other person from knowing (and judging) your taste in music.

5 Best Amazon Music Tips & Tricks

1. Remove Followed Playlist

If you have grown tired of the curated playlists, they too are removable easily. To do so, head over to the left menu of the web version. Click on Followed Playlist and click on the cross icon beside it.

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Cool Tip

2. Check Out the Mood-boosting Playlists

Apart from trending songs and global hits, Prime Music also bundles an excellent array of mood-boosting playlists. Whether you need some songs for meditation or for working out, you can find it all here.

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How To Clear Song History On Amazon Music 11

Head over to the Playlist section of your mobile app and tap on the Arrow button. Select a type and tap on the album you want to play.

3. Alter the Streaming Quality

If you haven’t really peeked into the settings before, let me tell you that Prime Music offers three different music quality plans — Best Quality, Balanced Quality and Speed, Fastest Streaming.

The default streaming quality is Auto. However, you can always change it. For that, head over to Settings and scroll down until you see Streaming Quality, and select the first option.

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How To Clear Song History On Amazon Music 13

Note: Do note that switching to high-quality streaming will also affect your data plan

Alternatively, if you do not want your songs to buffer at the slightest pretext, the last option will be your best choice. Just keep in mind that you won’t get the highest quality in this one.

4. Download Songs for No Internet Days

My only issue with online streaming services is that unless you have a few offline songs with you, it can be an ordeal when you are in an area with spotty internet, especially during road trips.

Fortunately, Prime Music has an option for offline downloads. Simply tap on the three-dot menu again and hit the Download button.

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If you don’t see the Download option, add the song to My Music (three-dot menu) first and then go to the Music tab. Find the song and tap on the Download button.

Did You Know:

5. Bored? Refresh your Music Selection

Another trick that Prime Music has up its sleeves is the Refresh option. That lets you refresh your music options at the tap of a button. Similar to the tricks above, this option is under the Settings menu.

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Listen to Songs in All Their Glory

The good thing about Prime Music is that if you have Amazon Echo devices, all your music selection are synced across your phone, Echo and of course the web version.

Don’t have an Echo device? Check out the Echo Dot now.

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Next up: Did you know you can connect multiple Echo devices and control and sync music across Echo devices? Know how to use this feature with your smart assistant.

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Last updated on 17 April, 2023

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