7 Best Big Button Keyboard Apps for Android


Google Play Store is full of keyboard apps. While some of them are designed for emoji and GIF fans, others focus on themes. Very few apps are made for people with big fingers. In this post, we have listed seven keyboard apps with big buttons for Android.


The keyboard is one app that we use daily on our phones. Whether it’s for texting, writing notes or posting on the social media, the keyboard is extremely important and it makes sense to have one that suits your needs.

So, people looking for big button keyboards on Android, we have done the dirty work for you. Here's a list of Android Keyboard apps with big buttons. Let’s get started.

1. Huge Keyboard

As the name suggests, the Huge Keyboard app is extremely big, which makes it perfect for people with big fingers. If, however, you're not satisfied with a certain size, you can always increase or decrease the size of the keyboard in the settings.


It supports multiple languages, emojis, characters, sound, and vibration for typing. Interestingly, you can also modify the top and the bottom row. Besides gestures, the app also supports themes. It also offers great prediction and correction options, including an abbreviation editor.


The app has ads but you can remove them if you buy the premium version that costs only $0.62. You will then also unlock premium themes and additional options.

2. MessagEase Keyboard

As the Play Store description says, ‘It’s not a QWERTY keyboard’. MessageEase Keyboard does not look like any other regular keyboard app and it’s, in fact, different. The keyboard has nine large keys that contain all the alphabets arranged in a unique manner.


The app, of course, seems intimidating at first but once you start playing with it, it becomes as easy as other keyboard apps. The developer has published many videos to help you understand the app. You can check them here.


Perfect for people with large thumbs, the app also offers word prediction, themes, macros, multiple language support, voice input, and font change features.

3. 1C Big Keyboard

Perfect for small screens and big fingers, 1C Big Keyboard uses 100% of your phone’s screen. You can decrease the size anytime. It’s a QWERTY keyboard where each row is split into two.


In addition to themes, the app also lets you change the font shape and size of the keys. While the app lacks GIF support, it does include emojis, cursor control, and a clipboard.


4. Simple Large Button Keyboard

Honestly, the name says it all. It’s a simple keyboard with no extra features like auto-correct, word prediction, sound, themes or even emojis. 

The app only focuses on large buttons that make typing easy for people with big fingers. It’s so simple that the app doesn’t even have a settings page.

Did You Know: Simple Large Button Keyboard weighs only 34Kb.

Interestingly, in the default view of the app, the buttons are arranged in the alphabetical order. If, however, you want the QWERTY layout, tap the QWTY button present beside the spacebar.

5. Big Buttons Keyboard Standard

Similar to the Simple Large Button Keyboard app, Big Buttons Keyboard is also relatively a simple app with no emojis, auto-correct or word prediction. The app, however, supports key sound and vibration and lets you change the keyboard height too. 


6. Chrooma Keyboard + Proofreader

Powered by artificial intelligence, the Chrooma Keyboard app also lets you increase the size of the keys. Other than the usual keyboard basics, such as predictive text, auto correct, and swipe typing, the Chrooma Keyboard app comes with a built-in proofreader.


Notably, the app supports color adaptive theme where the keyboard automatically changes its color based on the active app. You can also set the keyboard's Night mode to start automatically.


It also supports GIF, multiple languages, one-hand mode, split layout, and punctuation suggestions.

7. Best Keyboard TouchPal - Autocorrect, No typos

TouchPal is one of the coolest big button keyboard apps available for Android. It works seamlessly on tablets as well. While the app lets you resize the keyboard, you can also change the layout from normal to one-handed, split or floating mode.


It offers all the other keyboard features such as gesture typing, autocorrect, multiple languages, themes, and even GIFs.

Go Big!

In addition to the above-mentioned apps, you can also install SwiftKey and Multiling O Keyboard + emoji apps for big buttons. The apps mentioned in this post may lack some of the features. Don’t be too harsh in judging them.

Also, did we miss any of your favorite apps? Let us in comments below.

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