6 Best Wireless Chargers for Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

Wired charging is almost always the fastest and the most efficient way to juice up your smartphone. To that end, simply plugging your phone into a compliant adapter will top it up at the max supported speed. While all that’s good and dandy, it isn’t as convenient as wireless charging. Here, you just need to position your phone onto a wireless charging pad, and that’s about it. So, if you’re looking to simplify the charging routine for an S23 device, you must check out some of the best wireless chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series.

best wireless charger for Samsung Galaxy S23

Wireless chargers come in various forms and sizes. There are flat pads, vertical stands, and charging stations for multiple devices. Here, we’ve compiled a list of various types of Galaxy S23 wireless chargers that cater to different needs. Pick the one that fits your use case the best.

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What Are the Charging Speeds for Galaxy S23 Series

The vanilla Galaxy S23 has a maximum charging speed of 25W via the wired method. On the other hand, the Galaxy S23+ and the Galaxy S23 Ultra can go all the way up to 45W when connected to a power brick.

As far as wireless charging is concerned, the entire Samsung Galaxy S23 series can charge up to 15W. However, the catch is that the highest wattage can only be achieved with Samsung’s official chargers. Third-party chargers will top out at 10W even if they are rated higher.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the wireless chargers.

1. INIU Wireless Charger

The INIU wireless charger props your phone in a vertical orientation, thereby allowing you to check the time and notifications at a glance. It has an output rating of 15W so it can charge your S23 series device at the max supported speed of 10W. That said, some devices like the Pixel 7 series can charge at 15W. There’s an LED indicator on the side with a bedside mode which reduces the brightness of the LED at night. As such, the charger’s LED will not come in the way of a good night’s sleep.

INIU has made an inexpensive wireless charger that’s a great fit for your work desk or bedside table. Since your phone rests vertically, it’s more comfortable to unlock it using your fingerprint or face as you won’t have to pick up the device. It’s also convenient to quickly glance at the screen to check pending notifications or if you’re receiving a call.

As per the brand’s claims, the INIU wireless charger for the Samsung S23 Ultra has a built-in temperature guard that prevents, both the charger itself and your phone from overheating. You get a USB-C cable in the box. However, there’s no adapter, and you’ll have to buy a charger or wall adapter separately. Also, if you use a thick case, some users have complained that the charging stops intermittently so keep this in mind.

Why should you buy: This is one of the cheapest wireless chargers that you can get and it does the job pretty well. Great reviews too.

2. ESR HaloLock Mini Wireless Charger with MagSafe

Before you start wondering how a MagSafe accessory ended up on a list for an Android device — hear us out. The ESR HaloLock Mini wireless charger is a tiny charging puck that can charge both, an iPhone, as well as an Android handset. It looks attractive and functions as a standard wireless charger.

So, instead of getting a run-of-the-mill wireless charger, a MagSafe puck may be a good option if your spouse or anyone else at home has an iPhone too. This way, you will be able to use it as a MagSafe charger with the iPhone, while you can rest your Galaxy S23 device on it to charge it wirelessly. What’s more, the puck comes with a nylon braided cable that will surely stand the test of time.

If anything, the charger’s speed is not the best. The max output rating for the ESR HaloLock Mini is 7.5W, so it will charge your Galaxy S23 series phone much slower, compared to some other options on the list. However, it’s quite small, so it wins some points for being portable when traveling. All said and done, the ESR HaloLock Mini is surprisingly one of the best wireless chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series.

Why should you buy: A good option if you also happen to carry an iPhone. Or, if you want to get a common wireless charger for your home where other members use an iPhone.

3. Anker PowerWave II Pad

If you find vertical wireless charging stands a bit distracting, then you can opt for a flat wireless charging station like the Anker PowerWave II Pad. The unit touts a minimalistic design and looks like a hockey puck, so it should blend into any environment.

The Anker PowerWave II Pad is a flatbed wireless charger that can charge your Galaxy S23 series phone at 10W. It even comes with a rubber ring near the top shell to ensure your phone doesn’t slip when you place it on the pad. This is quite useful since wireless charging relies on your smartphone being placed accurately on top of the charger.

While a lot of users prefer this design, the biggest disadvantage is that every time you want to use your phone, you will have to lift it from the wireless charging pad which pauses the charging. Another downside of this Anker wireless charger for the Galaxy S23 is that it uses a proprietary adaptor to connect to a wall outlet. While the adaptor is provided in the box, furnishing the puck with a USB Type-C port would’ve increased its shelf-life tenfold.

On the bright side, users report that the pad could charge their devices even if they used a thick case with their phone. It also automatically switches to 5W output while charging smaller devices like wireless earbuds.

Why should you buy: It’s a simple flat-style wireless charger that gets the basics right.

4. Andoolex Wireless Charger with Digital Alarm Clock

Why settle for a wireless charger when you can get a wireless charger and a bedside alarm clock in one package? This product from Andoolex makes your wireless charger more useful. It has a built-in digital clock that you can use to set alarms. It’s also got a wooden exterior which adds an aesthetic look wherever you keep it.

When kept next to your bedside table or on your work desk, they don’t really gel well with the decor. However, this device from Andoolex changes that. It does so by integrating a wireless charger on top of a clock.

Alarm clocks with wireless charging aren’t really new. However, this one looks quite fancy and there’s no way one can tell that the top surface has a wireless charger pad on it. Of course, the unit is not without its flaws. For instance, the wireless charger is limited to a meager 5W output. As a result, it’s going to charge your Galaxy S23 rather slowly. That said, it should suffice if you are going to rest your phone on the clock before going to bed.

Why should you buy: If you’re not a fan of the way standard wireless chargers look, this is a good option. You’re also getting additional functionality in the form of an alarm clock.

5. LK Wireless Charging Station

The LK wireless charging station is geared toward buyers who are knee-deep in Samsung’s ecosystem. To that end, the wireless charging stand allows you to simultaneously charge all your devices, including a Galaxy Watch, a pair of TWS earbuds, and the latest flagship smartphone from Samsung. At the same time, the charging station looks elegant positioned on your desk.

Charging multiple devices every night can be a hassle. So, if you want an all-in-one solution that can charge all your devices seamlessly, you should think about investing in the LK wireless charging station. You have space to rest your Galaxy S23 in a vertical position making it easy to check the time and notifications whenever required.

On the side, there’s a slot for your Galaxy Watch. And, towards the bottom, you can plonk your wireless charging-compatible earbuds. The entire contraption then connects to a wall outlet via an adapter that’s included in the box. This is an excellent way to charge all your devices, especially if you plan on charging them overnight next to your bed.

While the performance of the charger seems good as per the reviews, one downside is that the included adapter has a rather short cable. So, ensure you have a wall outlet close to your bedside table. The LK wireless charging station is easily one of the best fast wireless chargers for the Samsung S23 Ultra. However, if you’re looking for a more compact alternative, check out the Intoval wireless charging station.

Why should you buy: This is the best wireless charger for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series purely in terms of versatility. If you have multiple devices, it’s a no-brainer.

6. Samsung Wireless Charger Trio

Samsung’s Wireless Charger Trio is a great first-party alternative to the LK wireless charging station. To wit, the charging pad can seamlessly charge multiple devices, including a Pixel Watch or a Galaxy Watch, a pair of wireless earbuds, and your smartphone. It’s also the only wireless charger on this list that can ouput at the max supported speed of 15W on the Galaxy S23 series.

Here, you get two wireless charging beds — one for your Galaxy S23 phone, and the other for charging either another phone or an accessory. The third slot is for charging the Galaxy Watch. The total output wattage of 15W is split across the three coils. So if you’re charging 2 devices, you won’t get the maximum speed for your phone.

You do get a 45W adapter bundled inside the box. We advise you to use that adapter since it will give you the best speeds. As per the reviews, some users have mentioned that it’s hard to get the placement right at times, so you may end up with a phone that hasn’t charged even though you’ve kept it on the pad. You should be able to mitigate this issue by being slightly vigilant while placing your phone. To no one’s surprise, the Samsung Trio Pad is among the best wireless charger for the Galaxy S23 series.

Why should you buy: If you strictly want a Samsung wireless charger for your S23 device, this is a good option to consider.

Say Goodbye to Wires

A wireless charger for your Samsung Galaxy S23 device makes charging your phone convenient, whether you’re working at your desk or heading to bed at night. Just throw your phone onto the charging pad, and you’re good to go.

Last updated on 10 April, 2023

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