6 Best Fast Chargers for Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

Samsung’s latest and greatest flagship range for 2023 is here. And, you guessed it — the phones still don’t come with a charger in the box. Now, you do get a USB-C to USB-C cable with the devices, meaning you should be able to make do with an old charger. But if you don’t have one on hand, it’s about time you pick one up. As a bonus, we’ve made your job easier by creating a collection of the best fast chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series.

The Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra can fast-charge at up to 45W. So, all the chargers mentioned in this list can go up to that speed and beyond. For the best charging speeds, we’d recommend getting one of the adapters from the list, even if you have a slower one lying around.

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With that out of the way, let’s talk about the best fast chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series.

1. Anker Nano II 45W Charger

Anker’s Nano series of chargers are quite popular owing to their tiny form factor. Despite its pint-sized footprint, the Nano II packs a punch and boasts a maximum output of up to 45W. As such, the charger can juice up your Galaxy S23 series device at max speed. What’s more, the device will easily fit inside a small compartment in your travel bag.

The Anker Nano II is one of the best chargers for the Galaxy S23 series, provided you’re looking for a portable, travel-friendly brick. So much so, the unit is much smaller than any other charger on the list. The same can be accredited to the fact that the Nano II is a GaN charger. As a result, you get a miniaturized charging brick that handles thermals better too.

That’s not all, as the charger even comes with foldable plugs that further scale down the device’s footprint. You can even fit this adapter into your denim pockets which is always handy. All said and done, the Nano II is a good multi-purpose fast charger for the Galaxy S23 series that can even charge a small laptop like a MacBook Air.

Why should you buy: The Nano II is extremely tiny and therefore, is a godsend for frequent fliers who struggle with downsizing their luggage.

2. UGREEN Nexode 45W Dual USB-C Charger

The UGREEN Nexode 45W charger adds an extra USB-C port to the mix while retaining the same power rating. Correspondingly, you can either charge your Galaxy S23 series device at max wattage, or plug in and split the power between two devices.

Needless to say, the UGREEN Nexode scores top marks in the versatility and portability department. It has a solid metallic chassis that houses two USB-C ports. When using a single port, the charger outputs 45W, which is more than enough to charge a Galaxy S23 Ultra, a MacBook Pro 13, or even an Ultrabook separately. If you want to use both ports, the power is split into 25W and 20W.

You can use the 25W output to charge your S23 device at a lower speed, while the 20W output can charge another smartphone or an accessory. Again, the UGREEN Nexode charger is a must-have accessory if you travel frequently. We say this, as the charger will ensure that you don’t have to carry multiple bricks. The foldable plug is the cherry on top.

Why should you buy: UGREEN makes some excellent chargers and we would go as far as saying this is one of the best 45W chargers for the S23 Ultra. The additional port surely comes in handy.

3. Samsung 45W Power Adapter with USB-C to USB-C Cable

Since you’ve bought a phone from Samsung, you might fancy a first-party charging adapter from the brand. If that’s you, you can check out Samsung’s official 45W charger as well. It’s slightly pricey, but you also get a USB-C cable in the box.

If all you want is a no-nonsense charger that can charge your Galaxy S23 series phone at the maximum supported wattage, you can’t go wrong with this one. A lot of users may want to stick to a first-party charger for safety and compatibility reasons too. If you’re one of them, this charger makes complete sense.

It is on the expensive side though, which isn’t ideal after having spent a fortune on the phone. The charger is built entirely out of plastic too, which is a bummer. Further, it doesn’t get any fancy features like folding prongs or multiple ports, which is disappointing for the price. Unless you really want a first-party charger, we’d recommend siding with some other device on this list.

Why should you buy: A good option if you specifically want a first-party charger.

4. Belkin 45W Dual USB-C Charger with Cable

If you fancy the UGREEN Nexode charger but are looking for an alternative that comes with a cable in the box, Belkin has you covered. This adapter is exactly like the UGREEN one in terms of output. It’s rated at 45W, which is split into 25W and 20W when both ports are in use. What’s more, the unit comes with a USB-C cable in the box which will come in handy when you want to charge multiple devices at once.

For now, there are only two major differences that set the UGREEN adapter apart from Belkin dial USB-C charger. Firstly, Belkin’s offering is made of plastic, whereas the UGREEN Nexode employs metal for its construction. Secondly, this Belkin charger comes with a free cable. Do note that the material used in the construction of the chargers will not affect their performance, as both of them are GaN chargers with the same output rating.

So, if you want the USB-C to USB-C cable to charge an extra device like a MacBook or another phone, you can opt for this charger from Belkin. For the same price as the Samsung charger, you are getting an extra port with this one. And yes, this also has foldable plugs for easy storage.

Why should you buy: You’re getting two USB-C ports and a cable bundled in the box. Win-win.

5. Spigen 65W 4 Port Charging Station

Spigen knows a thing or two about smartphone accessories and the company’s 65W charger speaks volumes about the brand’s expertise in the field. So much so, the unit is dubbed a charging station, and for good reason. While there are plenty of chargers out there with two USB-C ports, the Spigen 65W charger ups the ante by bundling two USB-A ports too.

You can get a maximum output of 65W from this charger. As such, the unit is among the best fast chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. Spec-wise, the Spigen GaN charging station outputs 65W of power which means you can even use it to charge mid-sized laptops. However, the inclusion of additional ports means you can use it as a multi-purpose travel adapter to charge up to 4 devices on the go. You can use one USB-C port to charge a MacBook Air or a small laptop, while the other one can charge your Galaxy S23.

The additional USB-A ports can be used for low-power devices. Unlike other adapters on this list that directly plug into an outlet, this one has a detachable cable that plugs into the charger on one end and goes into the power outlet on another. This makes it easy to use if the socket is slightly far away.

The only issue, as pointed out by some users, is that it tends to get rather hot when all 4 ports are in use. Plus, it slows down the charging speeds.

Why should you buy: Do you carry multiple gadgets and gizmos with you? And you’re looking for one solution to charge them all? If yes, this is a good adapter on a budget.

6. UGREEN 140W 3 Port USB-C Charger with Cable

Here’s the big boy for all your charging needs! This charging brick from UGREEN outputs a massive 140W that can charge pretty much any device you can think of — including large, power-hungry laptops. You can use the entire 140W via a single USB-C port or split it across the two USB-C ports and a USB-A port. This will help you charge multiple devices including your shiny new Galaxy S23 smartphone.

Interestingly, all the multi-port adapters mentioned previously split the power output when connecting multiple devices. As such, you won’t be able to leverage fast-charging speeds on your phone if you’re also charging another device. This adapter fixes that since even if you connect your S23 series device and charge it at 45W, you still have 95W output from the other USB-C port.

The USB-A port caters to small devices or can even be used to charge another smartphone. Alternatively, if you’re using the charger on your desk, you can attach a wireless charger to the USB-A port while using the two USB-C ports for your Galaxy S23 and a laptop. You also get foldable plugs making it even more backpack-friendly.

Of course, the charger isn’t perfect. In fact, a handful of reviews state that it caps out at 100W. Even then, the UGREEN 140W charger ticks a lot of the right boxes and is a great accessory to complement your Galaxy S23 range of phones.

Why should you buy: This is out and out the best fast charger when traveling. The 140W speed can cater to just about any charging needs making it the only power brick you need.

Stay Charged Up

Pick up any of these fast chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series of devices and you will be able to juice up your phone in no time. With most manufacturers getting rid of chargers, it seems like consumers now have to make it a habit to purchase a new adapter with every phone.

Last updated on 27 January, 2023

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