5 Best UPS for Wi-Fi Routers and Modems

With a major chunk of the world going online, the Wi-Fi and wired internet connectivity is essential for attending an online video conference or browsing the web. However, all these comes to a stop when the Wi-Fi router goes offline during a power outage. A UPS — or Uninterruptible Power Supply — for a Wi-Fi router or a modem will solve this issue and let you do your job without any interruptions.

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Now, there are two ways to go about it. For example, you can invest in one of the mini UPS solely for your Wi-Fi router or modem. These devices are small and compact and do not occupy much space.

Or, you can get a regular UPS and power the router and other gadgets like smart speakers or your wired security camera through it. The ultimate goal will be the same—to have uninterrupted power during short power cuts or voltage fluctuations.

With that said, here are our top recommendations for the best UPS for Wi-Fi routers and modems. The only thing you need to remember is to match the power input of the router/modem and the UPS. But before that,

1. Shanqiu Store Mini UPS

  • Power: 10000mAh
  • Outlets: 1 x USB 5V, 1 x DC 5V, 1 x DC 9V, 1 x DC 12V, support any current below 2A.
Shanqiu Store Mini UPS

One of the main advantages of the Shanqiu Store’s mini UPS is its size. It has the same dimensions as a typical Wi-Fi router, and you should have no issues keeping these two gadgets next to each other. A 10,000mAh battery powers it and is enough to last a few hours. It has a single input and four outputs, including a USB 5V port and three DC outputs.

The best part is that this mini UPS is lightweight. You can easily attach it using velcro or some light mount. It packs in over-temperature safety shutdown to protect your router or modem.

So far, it has received many positive reviews from its user base. If we talk numbers, it has over 1,500 user ratings and is one of the best mini UPS for Wi-Fi routers. Users praise its customer support and affordable price tag. If necessary, you can also use this UPS as a power bank.

2. Skazeke UPS Battery Backup

  • Power: 15,000mAh
  • Outlets: 4 x DC Output Interface, 1 x AC adapter (12V)
Skazeke UPS Battery Backup for WIFo router and modem

Another cool mini UPS for Wi-Fi routers and modems is the one by Skazeke. It’s a small 15,000mAh battery that is compact and powerful enough to drive your Wi-Fi during power cuts or voltage fluctuations. The small form factor will let you place it easily near your router. Plus, the 15,000mAh battery lasts around 10 hours.

Of course, the hours may defer depending on the power consumption of the connected device. Do note that the router has to fall within 12V/2A.

This mini UPS is meant only for Wi-Fi routers and modems. To that end, it comes with a 12V outlet. So, you won’t be able to connect to anything which doesn’t have one. That said, it bundles four different DC inlets.

The Skazeke UPS is easy to set up. Essentially, it’s just plug-and-play once the battery is charged. It triggers quickly once it detects the absence of main power. This way, you won’t lose your internet connection. It’s slowly climbing the popularity ladder, and users love its battery life.

3. TalentCell Mini UPS

  • Power: 27,000mAh
  • Outlets: 4 x 12V DC, 1 x 9V DC, 2 x USB 5V
TalentCell Mini UPS

Another battery backup for routers and modems is the one by TalentCell. It bundles some ports and comes with two USB outputs at 5V/2A. Also, its 27,000mAh battery can run your router for 2-3 hours.

Like the one above, it has a small and compact form factor. Plus, the input and output ports are well-spaced, allowing you to plug your cables easily.

Though the TalentCell Mini UPS does a good job acting as a power backup plan, it’s not as durable at the price. Plus, it doesn’t have temperature protection which adds a little risk. On the upside, it has overcharge and over-discharge protection.

4. APC UPS Back-UPS Connect

  • Power: 19500mAh
  • Outlets: 1 x standard router outlet
APC UPS Back-UPS Connect

If you want a known-brand UPS for your router and modem, the APC CP12142LI is a good buy. A 19500mAh battery powers it and can provide up to 12 hours of backup power. But as we mentioned above, the backup time depends on the wattage of the connected product. But the good news is that most users have had this router UPS lasting for 10+ hours when connected to only a router.

It’s a dedicated router UPS and has only one outlet. APC mentions the list of supported routers, including some from TP-Link, Linksys, Netgear, and others.

Nonetheless, this APC UPS is compact and that’s one of the best features. This makes it incredibly easy to store it either next to your router or on your desk. Moreover, it packs protection for over-current and over-voltage.

So far, this mini UPS has earned its share of accolades from its user base. They like it for its performance and long battery life. Besides that, it’s a simple plug-and-play device. The only downside is that the first charge time is long.

5. APC BR1500MS2 UPS

  • Power: 1500Va
  • Outlets: 6 x battery-backup outlets, 4 x surge-protection outlets, 1 x USB-C, 1 x USB-A

If you are looking for a regular Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for an extended setup, including your PC, router, and modem, consider buying APC’s BR1500MS2. It’s more expensive than its counterparts above and packs a bulky look. That said, it’s quite capable and has a 1500VA power supply.

Plus, it has a smart interface at the front that displays the data, and this can be quite helpful.

It’s a conventional UPS, and bundles 10 outlets. Out of these, 6 are battery-backup outlets, while 4 are simple surge-protected outlets. It also has two USB ports at the front. In short, you can plug in various appliances, including your modem/router.

But at the end of the day, the APC BR1500MS2 is expensive compared to its counterparts above. And, the 1500VA power capacity is overkill for simply keeping your home internet running. That said, if you have to connect multiple devices like your monitor, mesh router satellite, etc., it’s a good pick as a battery backup for modem and routers.

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These were some of the best UPS options for Wi-Fi routers and modems. If your router is tucked in a faraway corner, invest in a mini UPS. You can plug it into the power socket and then plug in your router or modem. So that when the power goes out, you will get to browse the Internet without any glitches and reset issues.

Last updated on 03 May, 2023

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