9 Best Sticky Notes Keyboard Shortcuts on Windows 10

Our beloved Sticky Notes on Windows has grown in a beautiful app over the years. The Sticky Notes can be accessed on other devices like iPhone, Android, and the web. Sure, it may be lacking certain useful features such as folders for organizing your notes or tags, but it was designed to be a simple and productive app. And it does the job well. The Sticky Notes app comes with several useful keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity. Let’s find some of those handy productivity shortcuts in the post.

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The keyboard shortcuts simplify the process of using an app. Instead of fiddling with your mouse, you can control the Sticky Notes app with your keyboard that you are anyway using to enter the text to Sticky Notes.

Here are the best shortcuts for Microsoft Sticky Notes that you can use on your Windows 10 PC.

1. Create New Sticky Note

One of the primary benefits of Sticky Notes is that one can access it quickly from the desktop. The note creation process must also be fast, and it certainly is. Once you have your Sticky Notes app in the foreground, use Ctrl + N keyboard shortcut to create a new note. The cursor will automatically appear in the new note so you can immediately start penning down your thoughts.

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Pro Tip: Add emojis to your Sticky Notes using the Windows key + . (period key) keyboard shortcut.

2. Open Notes List

The Notes list of Sticky Notes is home to all your notes. When you are writing a note and want to view your Notes list, use Ctrl + H keyboard shortcut to move the focus to the Notes list.

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3. Close Current Sticky Note

When you are done writing or editing a Sticky Note, you can either keep it on the desktop at your preferred place or close it. Closing the note will put it inside the Notes list from where you can access it anytime. To close the currently active note, use Ctrl + W keyboard shortcut.

4. Delete Current Sticky Note

If you want to delete a Sticky Note from your desktop and the Notes list, you can use Ctrl + D keyboard shortcut for the currently active note.

Do remember that once you delete your note, you cannot undo it within the app. You have to use other ways to restore your deleted Sticky Notes. To avoid deleting your notes accidentally, you should enable the ‘Confirm before deleting’ setting. For that, click on the Settings icon in the Sticky Notes List window. Turn on the toggle for Confirm before deleting.

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5. Add Bullet Lists

Lists help in organizing and decluttering our notes. You can create bulleted lists in Sticky Notes using Ctrl + Shift + L keyboard shortcut. The shortcut works both before and after typing the text. Use the same shortcut to remove the bullet points.

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6. Format Text

The usual text formatting shortcuts work in Sticky Notes as well. Select the text that you want to format and use the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + B: Bold your text
  • Ctrl + I: Italicize the text
  • Ctrl + U: Underlines the text
  • Ctrl + T: Strikethrough your text
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Pro Tip: Since Sticky Notes do not support checklists, you can strikethrough your text to complete the task. Alternatively, use Microsoft To-Do or other to-do apps for Windows PC.

7. Align Text

Not many would know that you can align your text in Sticky Notes. The app supports the left and right alignment of the text. To right-align the selected text, press Ctrl + Right Shift keys on your keyboard. Similarly, for left alignment of the selected text, use Ctrl + Left Shift keyboard shortcut.

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8. Cycle Between Open Notes

When you have many Sticky Notes open on your computer, you can cycle forward between them or move the focus with the help of Ctrl + Tab shortcut. Interestingly, the shortcut works even for the notes that are in the background. The shortcut brings the open notes to the foreground one-by-one and shows the Notes list when moving between notes.

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Pro Tip: Use Ctrl + Shift + Tab keyboard shortcut to cycle backward between open Sticky Notes.

9. Search Your Notes

Luckily, you can search through all your notes in Sticky Notes. For that, open the Sticky Notes list and use the Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut. Type your search query and the results will appear. To remove the search term and return to the Notes list, press the Esc key.

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Fix: Sometimes, Sticky Notes may give you unwanted trouble by not opening on your computer. Find out how to fix Sticky Notes not working on Windows 10.

Explore the Greatness of Shortcuts

Those were some of the top Sticky Notes shortcuts on Windows 10 that will help you become more productive. Microsoft keeps on adding new keyboard shortcuts to the official list. The keyboard shortcuts for Sticky Notes and screen reader also comes handy to people with visual impairments.

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Last updated on 13 July, 2021

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