6 Best Leather Cases for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

A smartphone feels best in the hand when used without a case. And that’s especially true for flagships that have metallic frames and gorgeous glass backs. However, it’s not always safe to use your phone without a cover since glass is fragile. So, the next best option, in our opinion, is to use a leather case. A leather case for your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will not only protect your phone but also add a premium look and feel to it.

The soft touch of leather might compensate for the added bulk when holding the phone. Not to forget, leather also adds a classy look to your device and sits well in professional surroundings.

So, if you’re ready to protect your phone without compromising on premium looks, here are the best leather cases for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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1. DDJ Thin Leather Wrap Case

The DDJ Thin leather case is a hard case that has a polycarbonate frame wrapped around with leather. The frame is what gives the case its structure while the leather exterior ensures it looks and feels premium. Since it’s a hard case, the DDJ leather case is rather slim and is available in six different colors.

Do note that the DDJ thin leather case isn’t geared for extreme protection. It’s a thin case, so expect it to save your phone from a few bumps here and there. However, it’s not resistant to drops. The faux leather exterior is soft to the touch and looks elegant. Given the thin profile, it doesn’t add a lot of weight to the phone.

One drawback of the DDJ leather case is that the buttons aren’t covered. Instead, you get a cutout. This leaves room for the buttons to get damaged in case you drop your phone. It’s still a good Galaxy S23 Ultra leather case on a budget that doesn’t make your phone too bulky.

2. Nillkin Leather Wallet Case for Galaxy S23 Ultra

Nillkin’s Galaxy S23 Ultra leather wallet case looks fantastic thanks to its premium materials and craftsmanship. It has a silicone layer that wraps around the phone, followed by a layer of PU leather on top. Since it’s a wallet case, you get additional slots to store your cards. And guess what? There’s also a camera protector on the rear as a bonus.

Wallet cases are both functional and protective. You get the ability to store your credit cards and IDs with your phone without having to carry a separate wallet. If that’s something you like, this case from Nillkin is a good option. Apart from the added functionality, you’re getting a classy leather exterior that makes the deal even sweeter.

When the case is closed, you get a magnetic flap to keep your cards secure. That’s not all, as the case even comes with a physical cover for the camera that keeps it shut when not in use. This feature can both protect your camera lenses and double down on privacy too.

3. Vitodo Leather Case with MagSafe and Kickstand

The Vitodo leather case is pretty much a do-it-all case with a slew of useful features. Firstly, it’s made of leather for that luxury feel. Apart from that, it has a camera shutter like on the Nillkin case, a kickstand to watch videos, and wait for it — MagSafe support. Yes, you read that right. This case brings MagSafe from the iPhone to your Galaxy S23 Ultra!

If you’re someone who prefers functionality over form, you will surely appreciate this case from Vitodo. The brand has thrown in a treasure trove of features with the case. While the kickstand and camera covers are popular additions, the standout feature is clearly the inclusion of MagSafe. The magnets allow you to attach accessories like MagSafe power banks, chargers, and even wallets to your Galaxy S23 Ultra.

It’s surely nice to have such features on a case since they will come in handy on numerous occasions. Of course, extra features do come at a price though. In this case (no pun intended), the extra elements add to the thickness of the Samsung S23 Ultra leather case, making it slightly unwieldy.

4. Nine Case Genuine Leather Case

Here’s yet another wallet case that comes with a detachable structure. There are times when you want a wallet attachment to carry your cards. However, there may also be times when you want to go light and leave all the excess bulk behind. That’s exactly where the Nine Case leather case comes into the picture. Here, you get a standalone leather case along with a removable flap to house your cards.

Let’s first tell you a bit about the case itself. The Nine Case genuine leather case has a silicone frame with a leather insert on the rear. There are different colors that you can pick for the leather, and you’re going to get the same color for the wallet attachment too.

Speaking of the wallet attachment, it magnetically snaps onto the leather case and is also easy to take off. You get four card slots and a small pocket to keep some cash. The brand claims that the wallet is RFID-protected, which is a plus. The Nine Case leather case with a detachable wallet is a great solution for those who want a utilitarian case that can also transform into a simple leather case when required.

5. Samsung Leather for Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung’s official leather case for the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a great option if you prefer first-party accessories. It’s an elegant-looking case made out of genuine leather. Along with the premium looks, you’re getting another advantage on the form of a slim design that doesn’t add much bulk.

Along with being a thin case, the innards of this case are lined with microfiber that protects your phone from scratches. You get a decent amount of drop protection too but we wouldn’t suggest flinging your phone around with the Samsung leather case. The buttons are metallic which adds to the premium-ness of the case.

The reviews reiterate how this is a simple yet elegant leather case that just serves the purpose. The fit and finish are perfect since, of course, it’s made directly by Samsung. It’s also not too expensive considering most premium leather cases cost quite a bit of money.

6. Bellroy Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Bellroy is one of the first names that come to mind when one thinks of a leather case for an iPhone, Pixel, or Samsung device. This is mainly due to the fact that Bellroy makes some excellent cases that look and feel premium. You’re getting a slim profile along with co-tanned leather on the back that sows off a beautiful patina with time.

The Bellroy leather case for the Galaxy S23 Ultra in the Terracota colorway is an absolute visual treat. It looks fantastic with precise cutouts for the camera lenses and a flat top and bottom. Speaking of the top and bottom though, the reviews point out that those portions are made of plastic. This reduces the premium feel of the case slightly.

The buttons are metallic and easy to press. Bellroy’s leather case doesn’t add any considerable bulk to the phone so you don’t have to be worried about making your phone thicker. The brand has partnered with Samsung to ensure the case is a perfect fit for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It’s slightly on the expensive side though which means the official Samsung case at a lower price might make more sense to a lot of people.

FAQs for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Leather Cases

1. Should I opt for a faux leather case over a full-grain leather case?

Faux leather looks and feels just like real leather. It’s cheaper and doesn’t involve any animal cruelty, making it a wise option.

2. Do leather cases overheat the phone?

Most cases will trap heat with extended usage but certainly not to an alarming extent. You should be absolutely fine with a leather case in terms of thermals.

Protection With Luxury

All of the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra leather cases will help you protect your brand-new phone. At the same time, the cases will add to your phone’s looks and in-hand feel. Depending on whether you want a simplistic case, one with features, or one that replaces your wallet, you can pick the one best suited to your usage.

Last updated on 14 March, 2023

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