6 Best Camera Lens Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Galaxy S23 Ultra has arguably the most versatile set of cameras on any smartphone. The reliable hardware is complemented by some excellent software trickery, the likes of which you might’ve also seen on the Google Pixel 7 Pro. With such capable cameras in your pocket, you would want to protect the lenses at any cost. A scuffed-up or shattered camera lens impacts the image quality, which is surely not what any of us would want. That’s why we recommend you invest in a camera lens protector for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

A small accessory like this can go a long way in protecting your phone cameras. The lens protector sticks to the cameras on the rear and protects them from external damage. This way, your original camera lenses stay as good as new ones for years. So, if you’re looking to increase your phone’s shelf life, here are some of the best camera lens protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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1. Letosan Camera Lens Protector

The first type of camera lens protector for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a piece of tempered glass that covers the entire camera module. It’s a ‘P’ shaped lens cover and given the design, it would be evident that you have applied a lens protector on your phone.

While the Letosan camera lens protector (CLC) is functional and effective, it doesn’t have the best design among camera lens protectors for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It covers the entire region around the camera module, thereby adding oodles of protection. On the other hand, not all cases are compatible with Letosan’s camera lens protector.

While the Letosan camera lens protector is functional and effective, it doesn’t have the best design among camera lens protectors for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It covers the entire region around the camera module. Though it adds oodles of protection, not all cases are compatible with Letosan’s camera lens protector.

2. Dakorie Rainbow Lens Cover

The Dakorie camera lens protector is an individual lens cover for each camera on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. These CLCs give a seamless look and also play well in most cases. And yes, the colorful metallic ring adds a colorful and funky look to your Galaxy smartphone.

The glass camera protector is surrounded by an aluminum ring that changes color based on the angle of light impacting it. And while the Galaxy S23 Ultra is available in several color options, these lenses add an extra burst of color to your phone.

Furthermore, the design of the camera lens film is such that from afar, it would seem as though it is a part of the phone’s chassis. As such, the CLC is a sound investment for all Galaxy S23 Ultra users.

3. Tiuyao Colorful Glitter Camera Ring Cover

Tiuyao’s camera lens protector is packed to the brim with features. As its moniker suggests, the colorful glitter camera ring cover from Tiuyao adds studs of glitter around the camera lens. So, if you want the cameras on your Galaxy S23 Ultra to look like little bits of jewelry, this is an excellent purchase.

The CLC is a head-turner as it adds brilliance and glimmer to your Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone. As such, your phone will have no problem standing out from the herd of other S23 Ultra devices. Looks aside, the camera lens protector has tempered glass to protect the lenses and an aluminum alloy on the sides for added rigidity.

You can also get several other variants of the glitter camera protector. If you only want the shimmer of the glitter without the added colors, you can opt for the black version. And, seeing how the camera covers slap on individual lenses, you should be able to use them with most cases. Plus, you also get a lens remover in the box if you want to go back to the plain, old look.

4. Spigen Camera Lens Protector for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Spigen needs no introduction in the smartphone accessories market. The brand’s screen protectors are popular, and the company’s camera lens protector for the Galaxy S23 Ultra offers the same level of reliability and protection. You’re also getting an application tray in the box and Spigen’s promise of clear pictures.

Some users may want a camera lens protector from a trusted brand as they might want assurances that the extra layer of glass won’t affect the image quality. If you fall under that category, we suggest getting the Spigen camera protector for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It’s easy to apply, which is a huge plus.

Spigen gives you two sets of camera protectors. So if one gets scuffed up, you have a backup ready. The brand claims to have added an anti-fingerprint coating as well which is a nice touch. As per Spigen, these Galaxy S23 Ultra camera lens protectors work best with Spigen’s cases but they can be used with cases from other brands as well.

5. ESR Aluminum Camera Protector

ESR is yet another brand that is reliable and makes good-quality accessories. The tempered glass camera ring protectors from ESR have an aluminum frame for better protection on the edges. The brand also claims to be using thin glass that doesn’t affect the image quality.

The main highlight of the ESR aluminum camera lens protector is the ultra-thin glass that the brand claims to be using. As a result, you’re getting an extremely thin layer between the actual camera lens and the protector itself. This is helpful to avoid reflections and refractions leading to reduced image quality or ghosting.

On the contrary, a thin layer of glass is also easier to break upon impact so, make of that what you will. Thankfully, the ESR camera protector is easy to apply on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, thanks to the application kit in the box.

On the downside, you only get a set of five lens protectors. So if one of them also ends up getting scratched or cracked, you will have to buy a new set. This makes it quite expensive compared to some other options like the Spigen one that provides extras in the box.

6. IMBZBK UV Tempered Glass Screen and Camera Protector

The IMBZBK tempered glass protectors are for those who want a comprehensive solution to protect their Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. In the pack, you get four UV-based tempered glass screen protectors. With it, the brand also packs four camera protectors similar to the ones mentioned in the first listing.

This CLC covers the entire camera island, which is helpful, to say the least. The UV-based tempered glass provides the best protection for the curved edges of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Note that the camera lens protector may not be compatible with all cases since you don’t get individual protectors for each camera ring. As such, the IMBZBK screen and camera protector combo is a good option for those who want to use their phone without a skin or a case.

FAQs for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera Protectors

1. Do camera lens protectors affect the picture quality?

Some cheap camera lens protectors might affect the image quality of the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s cameras. If you use a plastic camera lens protector, you may face this issue. However, the lens protectors we mentioned should not cause this issue.

2. Are camera lens protectors removable?

Camera lens protectors stick with adhesive onto the cameras and are hence removable. Some lens protectors even come with prying tools to help you remove them since they stick quite strongly on the cameras.

Say Goodbye to Scratched Cameras

Given the caliber of cameras on the phone, we would say that a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera lens protector is an absolute must-have accessory. It protects your cameras from scratches and cracks and even improves the longevity of your device. When it’s finally time to sell your phone a few years later, you will also get better resale value thanks to the immaculate condition of the cameras.

Last updated on 14 February, 2023

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