6 Best Camera Lens Protectors for iPhone 13 Pro

Apple iPhone’s camera is one of the most significant factors differentiating it from Android flagships. Though camera lenses on the iPhone 13 Pros have a strong glass for protection, an accidental fall can shatter it. Surprisingly, Apple doesn’t sell a camera lens protector. You can find multiple camera lens protector options for iPhone 13 Pro on Amazon.

Although iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max carry different display and battery sizes, both the variants come with the same camera module on the back. Whether you have iPhone 13 Pro or a bigger variant, you can get any pack from the list below and protect an expensive camera system. We have cherry-picked the six best options for you.

1. Ferilinso Camera Lens Protector

Ferilinso is one of the cheapest options from the bunch. Your purchase comes with three camera lens packs – enough to protect the iPhone 13 Pro camera lens for a couple of years.

Don’t dismiss Ferilinso as a cheap, low-quality camera lens protector on Amazon. Despite a low price tag, you get 9H hardness and an HD tempered glass with a case-friendly design. The installation is seamless without any bubbles. The lens protector won’t leave any residue when you remove or replace it. Ferilinso camera lens protector comes in one color only (black ring). If you want more color options, check other options on this list below.

2. WSKEN Camera Lens Protector

iPhone 13 Pro series comes in several color options. WSKEN offers a camera lens protector in many colors to match your phone’s exterior look. You can get one in green, blue, gold, grey, and silver.

WSKEN offers an anti-scratch HD tempered glass camera screen protector. The remarkable quality offers a 3D texture for a transparent look at the back. The camera lens protector is easy to apply and doesn’t leave bubbles. WSKEN bundles a handy installation tool and a dust cleaner with the purchase. Whether you plan on throwing your iPhone 13 Pro in a bag or pocket with keys and coins, WSKEN ensures the highest protection from scratches.

3. Goton Bling Camera Lens Protector

While this one is not our favorite from the bunch, Goton Bling offers a unique dazzling look to your iPhone 13 Pro camera lens. The company has integrated diamonds around the lens rings and all over the glossy protector for a uniform look.

Goton Bling’s iPhone 13 Pro camera lens protector has seven color options. It can be the perfect gift for your loved one who prefers diamond style on the iPhone back. Unlike other camera lens protectors on the list, Goton doesn’t mention hardness level. So, don’t count on it to protect your iPhone camera lens from accidental scratches. Some diamonds might fall off from the lens protector and the leave a messy look. It doesn’t come with any installation tool. So you’ll need to be careful while applying the camera lens protector.

4. Tensea Camera Lens Protector

Goton’s all-diamond look might be too flashy for some. Tensea offers 3D texture and a precise spiral pattern to deliver fascinating reflections on the back.

Tensea offers a balanced look without being too flashy. There are over eleven color options to choose from. The ring is made of aluminum and delivers 9H hardness and a transparent look. A clear look ensures original image or video recording quality. The package includes three rings of camera cover. We would love to see more camera rights for the asking price. If you don’t like the crystal-style ring, you can also opt for a colorful one.

5. Spigen Camera Lens

Spigen is one of the reputed third-party accessory makers. The company’s camera lens protector might look simple on paper, but it carries all the required features to protect your iPhone 13 Pro’s camera lens.

The Spigen lens neatly fits your iPhone 13 Pro camera module. Spigen ensures no hindrance to the LiDAR sensor for consistent photo quality. Some cheap camera lenses leave blemishes or flash reflections; thankfully, that’s not the case with the Spigen camera cover. If you want extra protection from hard falls, you can invest in one of the Spigen cases for the iPhone 13 Pro.

6. QHOHQ Lens Pack

Unlike other camera lens protectors on the list, QHOHQ offers a dedicated installation video guide on the company website to ensure flawless fit and finish. The camera lens packs an anti-reflection technology for original quality photos and videos.

QHOHQ is easy to install and doesn’t leave bubbles or fingerprints. Apart from 9H hardness and 2.5D rounded corners, the camera lens protector comes with an oleophobic layer (generally found on smartphone displays) to give protection against water, oil, dust, and scratches. There are several styles and color options to select. Check them before you hit the buy button.

Protect an Expensive iPhone Camera System

Clean the camera lens protectors on your iPhone regularly to ensure original photos and video quality. If you want more convenience with protection, get an iPhone 13 Pro case with a kickstand.

Last updated on 12 July, 2022

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