6 Best Power Banks for iPhones in the UK

If there’s one aspect of the iPhone that has improved considerably over the years, it’s the battery life. However, if you’re out on a road trip or taking a long flight, you will always need some extra juice either because you’re navigating or consuming content. This is where a power bank for your iPhone, also known as a portable charger comes into the picture.

best power banks for iPhone

A power bank can give your iPhone a quick top-up whenever you’re running low on battery. This way, you can keep your iPhone charged even when you’re away from a wall outlet. While there are several types of portable chargers or battery packs, we’ve shortlisted some of the best power banks for iPhones in the UK. You can get the one that’s best suited for your usage.

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Let’s get to the power banks now so that your iPhone doesn’t stay out of charge for too long!

1. iWALK 3,350mAh Compact Power Bank With Built-In Connector

This is a power bank that’s unique in terms of its design. Unlike a traditional portable charger that’s in the form of a slab and attaches via a cable, this iWALK compact power bank for iPhone is tiny and has a lightning port built right into it. It plugs in directly to your device making it extremely handy to carry around.

If you don’t want to carry a large plastic or metallic slab in your pockets with a phone that’s already big, this is your best solution. The iWALK compact portable charger for iPhone plugs in almost like a dock and charges your iPhone. It has a capacity of 3,350mAh which isn’t sufficient to completely charge your iPhone from 0-100%, but it’s not meant for that purpose either.

It’s meant to be used when you’re in an emergency and you want to quickly top up your battery by around 50%. Since the form factor is small, you will have to compromise on the battery capacity as well.

The only downside of this product is that the connection is apparently loose, so it stops charging your iPhone at times when you’re using it. This isn’t ideal if you connect the power bank and move around. This problem is absent when connected to an idle iPhone.

2. Bonai 5,800mAh Portable Charger for iPhone

Here’s another portable power bank with a small form factor. However, this one doesn’t attach to the iPhone directly. The Bonai power bank has a cylindrical body that’s almost like a AA cell. You get a USB-A to lightning cable in the box as well.

If you want a slightly larger capacity than the previous option and are fine with a power bank that plugs in via a cable, this portable charger from Bonai seems like a good option. It can easily fit in your pockets without causing a bulge, thanks to the small and compact size of the power bank.

The battery inside is a 5,800mAh unit which can give you about 80% of charge on the base and Pro models, but if you have the Pro Max, you can expect about 55-60% of juice. That is still good enough for most scenarios when you just want a quick top-up.

One weird issue, as pointed out in the reviews section, is that sometimes, connecting the lightning cable to your iPhone in one orientation doesn’t start charging it. You have to disconnect it and connect it in the opposite orientation for the charging to begin. Keep this in mind every time you plug this power bank into your iPhone, or else you might end up with no charge even after connecting it.

You get 2 years of warranty with this product; so in case you face any issues, you can always contact the brand for a resolution.

3. Anker 10,000mAh Power Bank

We’ve now moved to power banks that you can rely on and carry when you’re traveling or you know you will be away from a wall outlet for a long time. The 10,000mAh capacity means you can fully charge most iPhones and then have some more juice left for a quick top-up. It’s also quite slim making it easy to carry in your pocket or a backpack.

The Anker 313 PowerCore Slim 10K (not the best name for a simple power bank) is a great travel companion for your iPhone. You get a USB-A port for output and a micro USB port as well as a USB-C port to charge the power bank itself. If all you have is a lighting cable, don’t worry as Anker gives you a micro USB cable in the box.

Since this isn’t a fast-charging power bank, it outputs a maximum power of 12W which is rather slow. While most users are happy in the reviews section, we have some complaints about this product.

Anker should have provided 2 USB-A outputs to charge another device like an Apple Watch simultaneously. The USB-C port should’ve had the ability to output power as well since you now need to purchase a USB-A to lightning cable separately just to use with the power bank.

Anker claims a lifetime warranty but we’re not sure on what terms that would be applicable.

4. Belkin 20,000mAh Power Bank

If 10,000mAh isn’t sufficient for your usage, Belkin has you covered with its 20,000mAh power bank that’s the best fit for traveling. It addresses one of the major limitations of the above product by bundling in 2 USB-A ports and a USB-C port that can be used for both input and output. This makes the power bank truly versatile.

The Belkin 20,000mAh power bank can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously so if you’re traveling with friends or family, this can be a big advantage. Two of those outputs are via USB-A ports while the third output is via the USB-C port. It’s great to see the USB-C port outputting power since you can use the cable that came with your iPhone even with the power bank.

If you’re only charging one device at a time, which is your iPhone, you can expect this power bank to completely charge your iPhone from 0-100% about 3 times, even if you have the Pro Max iPhone. If you have a smaller iPhone, it can even charge it up to 4 times which is excellent.

The power bank outputs 15W and also charges at the same speed. This brings us to the one and only downside of having a power bank with a large capacity as this. You will have to keep it plugged in for 6-8 hours for a full charge. Belkin offers 2 years of warranty that you can claim if something goes wrong.

5. Anker 622 MagSafe Power Bank

Alright, we’ve now moved onto the next generation of portable chargers — MagSafe battery packs. The Anker 622 is one of the best portable MagSafe chargers for the iPhone. it just snaps onto the back and starts charging the iPhone wirelessly while you can continue to use your phone the way you normally would.

The Anker 622 has a battery capacity of 5,000mAh which should charge the smaller/vanilla iPhones to about 80% while the Pro Max iPhone should hit the 60% mark. MagSafe power banks like these aren’t meant for a full charge and are primarily used to give the battery a slight boost when you’re out and about. It’s portable and easy to carry, thanks to a handy form factor.

A nice aspect of this wireless power bank for your iPhone is that it also has a built-in kickstand that you can use to watch content. Note that you need an iPhone 12 or higher for this product to work since MagSafe is present only on those iPhones.

You may experience that the power bank gets slightly warm to the touch which can cause some discomfort when holding the phone for a long period. If you can get past that, this is the best portable wireless charger for iPhones.

Besides, Anker also gives you 2 years of warranty with this product which is lower than its ‘lifetime’ warranty on the wired power bank. Not sure why this discrepancy between products!

6. Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

This is Apple’s official MagSafe battery pack for the iPhone. It’s considerably expensive compared to the Anker 622 but since it’s Apple’s first-party accessory, you get better integration with your devices like the ability to see the battery percentage from the battery widget on your iPhone. Again, this is only meant for a quick top-up and not to charge your iPhone completely.

Apple’s MagSafe battery pack snaps onto the back of your iPhone 12 or above and instantly starts charging it. The capacity is slightly low though, so you can expect to charge your iPhone to about 50-60% before the power bank runs out of power. It also charges via lightning which is nice since you only need one cable to charge your iPhone and the power bank itself.

Since it charges your iPhone via MagSafe, the charging speeds are lower than what you would get with a power bank that connects via a USB cable. If you’re running low on battery, this is a convenient accessory to carry around in your pocket since you can extend your battery life by a few hours.

The only caveat is that it’s quite expensive; so unless you want to pay the Apple tax, the Anker 622 is a wiser choice.

Juice Up Your iPhone

The most common nightmare among people nowadays would be to see their phones die on them. Don’t let that happen to you. Pick up any of these power banks for your iPhone to ensure you have a charged battery wherever you go.

Last updated on 13 October, 2022

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