6 Best MagSafe Wallets for the Apple iPhone 13 Series

Apple iPhone 13 series integrates MagSafe for wireless charging. You can wirelessly charge your iPhone and also attach a variety of MagSafe compatible accessories like wallets. These MagSafe wallets attach directly or MagSafe compatible phone cases via the integrated magnets at the back of the iPhone.

The strong magnets ensure that the wallets remain attached to the phone. The best part is that they do not come off easily.

If you are in the market looking for some quality MagSafe wallets for your Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max or the iPhone 13 Pro, here are the best MagSafe cases that you can buy. Take a look. But before that, check out the following,


1. Zanetti Leather Magsafe Wallet

If you are looking for a simple wallet for your iPhone 13 series phone, the Zanetti leather MagSafe wallet is a good pick. It’s made of synthetic leather and brings a smooth leathery touch to the table. The pocket is wide enough to hold 2-3 cards together. More importantly, it has built-in RFID protection to block electromagnetic signals around your phone, thereby preventing theft by malicious parties.

This slim wallet has a solid build. And for the price, it has a durable design as well. As noted earlier, it can hold up to 3 cards. However, note that all your cards should be plain such as ID cards or the Apple card. If your cards have raised numbers or alphabets, you will be able to keep just a couple of cards.

It’s not without its limitations. For instance, the raised lip at the top makes it a little challenging to take the cards out. And the absence of a slit at the bottom adds to the woes.

That said, the card has a strong magnet and stays anchored to the phone without any issues. Though it works well without a MagSafe case, it works best with a silicone case. The iPhone has slippery sides, and the case adds a bit of a grip.

2. Doter Card Holder

The highlight of the Doter card-holder is the integrated kickstand which makes it easy to prop the iPhone upright. Naturally, this makes it easier to view notifications or watch videos hands-free. For the price, the leather has a smooth feel. Small slit at the wallet’s bottom lets you to push out the cards easily.


Like the one above, you get a slim and compact look. Plus, the absence of any branding gives it a minimal look. It has all the usual markings of a leather wallet, such as double-sided stitches and a somewhat stiff appearance.

It’s thick enough to hold three cards, and that’s a huge plus. However, if you plan to use it with a single card, you may want to be a tad careful with the iPhone’s placement.

The Doter card holder attaches directly to the iPhone 13 series. The good thing is that the company also ships two additional magnetic rings to attach the wallet to non-MagSafe phones.

3. Sinjimoru 3-in-1 Magnetic Wallet

One of the main advantages of the Sinjimoru wallet is its wallet flap. The flap ensures that the cards inside stay safe and secure. Moreover, it has a strap at the back that lets you hold the phone effortlessly. And that’s not all. The strap also doubles up as a kickstand when necessary.

The only limitation is that you will have to prop your phone in landscape mode. Moreover, it also comes with a tag holder. This holder acts as the bridge between your phone and the wallet to help you hold on to your wallet when you de-attach it. It’s an optional add-on, and you can choose not to use it if it’s too much of a hassle.

This MagSafe wallet for the iPhone 13 series has a strong magnet, and quite a few users have verified this claim. At the same time, the quality is decent for the price. However, a few users have reported that the wallet leaves scratch marks on the phone when used without a case. So, if you plan to use it without a case, consider that point.

4. Spigen Valentinus Magnetic Wallet Card

Spigen is a well-known name in the phone accessories market for its quality and durability, and the Spigen Valentinus is no different. It has a simple and minimalistic design which lends a classic look to your phone, especially if you have a leather MagSafe case. The magnets are strong, and that’s probably one of the best things about this wallet.

Aside from that, it packs a premium look. There are holes on either side of the wallet that lets you slide out the cards with ease. The Spigen Valentinus can hold 3 cards. The wallet has a snug fit and holds the cards well.

This Spigen wallet is not too expensive, and the magnet’s hold is also decent. The bottom line is if you are looking for a mid-range MagSafe wallet with minimalistic looks, this one is worth a peek.

5. PopSockets PopWallet+

How does the idea of a wallet and PopSocket sound to you? If you are excited by it, it’s time you checked out the MagSafe wallet by PopSockets. This nifty MagSafe accessory not only lets you hold a few credit cards, but also doubles up as a phone holder. The best part is that you can change the PopSocket whenever you want.


It’s a tad bulky compared to the wallets above. On the upside, the wallet is made of a knit material to keep the cards safe and secure. The magnets are strong and stay put, and several users have backed this claim as part of their reviews.

The PopSocket makes it incredibly easy to hold the phone. At the same time, it makes it easy to prop up the phone in landscape mode. Moreover, it’s easy to wirelessly charge the iPhone, since the wallet is easy to remove.

So far, the PopSockets PopWallet+ has received several positive reviews from its user base. People like it for its convenience and the strong magnet.

6. Apple Leather Wallet with Find My

The Apple Wallet with Find My is one of the expensive wallets on this list. It has several good things going for it. For example, you get fine European leather. Secondly, the MagSafe magnet is strong. More importantly, you can trace it easily with the Find My app just in case you lose your wallet.

And when you are talking about a wallet that is just longer than 3-inches, this feature is god-send. And there’s more to the story. It even notifies you whenever you remove the wallet from your iPhone. You can also add your contact number so that if someone else were to find it, they could contact you effortlessly. Cool, right?

Again, like most Apple accessories, setting up the wallet is simple and easy.

Despite its steep price tag, it has received favorable reviews from its user base. It stays put, all thanks to the strong magnet. Plus, it can easily hold 3 plain cards together.


Wallet With a Style

These are some of the MagSafe wallets that you can buy for your iPhone 13 series. When it comes to features, the Apple Leather Wallet is the safest option since it lets you track the wallet. However, it’s expensive.

The Spigen wallet and the Doter card holder are good picks as the affordable options. They do their jobs as advertised without burning a hole in your pocket.

Last updated on 04 March, 2022

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