5 Best Gaming Mice for Valorant Under $50

Valorant is quickly climbing up the popularity charts and the game is one of the most sought-after PvP titles out right now. If you’ve been smitten by Valorant too, then you might be on the lookout for the best peripherals to take your gaming experience to the next level. In particular, you should get a reliable gaming mouse with good tracking to land flick shots willy-nilly. And, if you’re on a budget, then you might be interested in the best mouse for Valorant under $50.

You can get a superb gaming mouse if the budget is no bar. However, we’ve scoured the web to find five enticing options for buyers on a budget. The options that follow will undoubtedly spruce up your gaming sessions. But first, you might also want to check out the following topics-

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Now, let’s take a closer look at the best gaming mouse for Valorant.

1. Razer DeathAdder Essential

  • Weight: 0.211 lbs | Switch Life: Up to 10 Million Clicks
  • Connectivity: Wired | Max DPI: 6,400
Razer DeathAdder Essential

Razer has a penchant for designing high-end gaming gear. That said, the company dabbles with some inexpensive products too. Case in point – the Razer DeathAdder Essential, which is the most affordable gaming mouse on the list.

Now, don’t let the DeathAdder Essential’s price tag fool you. In fact, the mouse punches above its weight and comes furnished with the company’s 6,400DPI optical sensor. For the most part, the mouse will not get bogged down by your trackpad’s surface. You see, the DeathAdder Essential’s optical sensor can automatically calibrate itself, thereby ensuring you get consistent tracking and lift-off whenever you hop into a match.

That’s not all, the mouse offers an ergonomic design that is replete with rubberized side grips too. Add to that, the mouse comes with five programmable buttons, including a toggle to switch the DPI on the fly.

You’ll also get Razer’s enigmatic green lighting with the device, which is great. If anything the mouse weighs a good chunk at 0.211 lbs. Regardless, the DeathAdder Essential checks most, if not all of the right boxes. As such, the mouse has been rated highly by users and critics alike, with folks over at RTINGS acknowledging its performance chops for FPS games.

2. SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless

  • Weight: 0.233 lbs | Switch Life: Up to 60 Million Clicks
  • Connectivity: Wireless (Bluetooth, 2.4GHz) | Max DPI: 18,000
SteelSeries Rival 3

The SteelSeries Rival 3 is no slouch either. In fact, it is quite possibly, the best wireless mouse you can get on a budget. Why, you might be wondering? Well, the mouse is backed by the company’s TrueMove Air Optical sensor that lets gamers turn the CPI all the way up to 18,000!

The mouse is not a one-size-fits-all either and it has been designed to accommodate both, Claw and Fingertip grips. Add to that, the switches have been rated for up to 60 million clicks too. So, you can go berzerk playing your favorite games without worrying about the switches giving way. Speaking of which, the mouse makes use of the company’s mechanical switches. It also offers a polling rate of 1,000Hz, which should suffice for most gamers.

For the uninitiated, the polling rate measures the frequency at which a mouse updates its pointer’s location to the CPU. Naturally, the higher the polling rate, the better. Moving on, the SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless ships with six buttons, including a toggle to sift through DPI on the fly.

The mouse can connect to a host of devices via Bluetooth. You can also use the 2.4GHz dongle for low-latency gaming. As things stand, the Rival 3 is compliant with Windows and Mac operating systems. You can even pair it to your PS5 or Xbox gaming consoles.

3. Corsair Sabre RGB Pro

  • Weight: 0.163 lbs | Switch Life: Up to 50 Million Clicks
  • Connectivity: Wired | Max DPI: 18,000
Corsair Sabre RGB Pro

Corsair is a renowned name in the gaming industry and the company’s Sabre RGB Pro is a feature-laden gaming mouse for the masses. Interestingly, the Sabre RGB Pro falls under the company’s Champion Series range. To cut a long story short, Champion Series devices are vetted by top eSports professionals.

In the case of the Sabre RGB Pro, the company looped in folks from BIG, which is a German-based eSports organization dabbling in CS: GO, LoL, and the works. Suffice it to say, the players were seemingly impressed with the Sabre RGB Pro’s performance chops. To that end, the mouse ships with PixArt’s PMW3392 sensor which can be configured with up to 18,000DPI.

More notably, the mouse comes with an 8,000Hz polling rate and can report the pointer’s location eight times per 1 ms. In contrast, gaming mice with a 1,000Hz polling rate report the pointer’s location once every 1 ms. Do note that the difference in the polling rates may not be evident to the untrained eye. However, if you want a snappy mouse with quick key actuation and a reliable sensor, then you can’t go wrong with the Sabre RGB Pro.

4. Logitech G502 HERO

  • Weight: 0.266 lbs | Switch Life: N/A
  • Connectivity: Wired | Max DPI: 25,600
Logitech G502 HERO

Logitech’s G502 HERO is a superbly popular gaming mouse and for good reason. For one, the mouse features the brand’s HERO 25K sensor that lets gamers leverage up to 25,600DPI. What’s more, the unit ships with 11 programmable buttons, thereby making it a godsend for gamers who like games of the FPS and MOBA variety.

Do note that the G502 HERO is the heaviest mouse on the list and the device tips the scales at 0.266 lbs. That said, if you desire a bit more heft, then you can increase the weight by up to 18 grams (0.039 lbs) by using up to five weighted disc plates. That’s right, you can unfurl a slot at the bottom and add weighted discs to increase the G502 HERO’s overall heft and finetune the device’s in-hand feel.

The mouse also comes with the company’s hyper-fast scroll wheel, which makes sifting through long PDFs less of a chore. Then, there’s the quick-shift DPI button, which allows gamers to drop the DPI in a jiffy when they switch to precision sniper rifles in the heat of a battle. Pool everything together and the G502 HERO makes for a fantastic gaming mouse. If anything, Logitech’s gaming mice are susceptible to double-click issues. On the bright side, the company offers a one-year warranty with the device.

5. HyperX Pulsefire Haste 2

  • Weight: 0.116 lbs | Switch Life: Up to 100 Million Clicks
  • Connectivity: Wired | Max DPI: 26,000
HyperX Pulsefire Haste 2

The HyperX Pulsefire Haste 2 is the lightest gaming mouse on the list. Coincidentally, it also comes with a loaded spec sheet that makes it stand out. Now, granted, the mouse costs a smidge over $50. That said, it brings a slew of enticing features to the mix, including the company’s HyperX 26K sensor with a max DPI of – you guessed it – 26,000!

That’s not all, as the Pulsefire Haste 2 is only the second mouse on the list to support a polling rate of 8,000Hz. More notably, the unit comes bundled with four pieces of HyperX grips, that can be attached to the sides, and even the left and right mouse buttons. The mouse is built like a tank too. To that end, the device gets the company’s HyperFlex 2 cable which guarantees free-flowing mouse movement.

You’ll also get resoundingly sturdy switches that are rated for up to 100 million clicks! Add to that six programmable buttons and the HyperX Pulsefire Haste 2 will undoubtedly elevate your gaming sessions. And, the proof is in the pudding too. In fact, a handful of buyers have left glowing reviews for the device. What’s more, the mouse has been rated highly by a slew of publications as well.

Aim, Flick, Win

With that, our list of the best gaming mouse for Valorant comes to an end. If you’re looking for a serviceable and inexpensive mouse, then you can’t go wrong with the DeathAdder Essential. However, buyers looking to make the most of their $50 budget will find the Corsair Sabre RGB Pro and the SteelSeries Rival 3 to their liking. Do let us know which mouse you opted for in the comments below.

Last updated on 15 June, 2023

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