Top 11 Funny Desktop Backgrounds for Work That You Should Get

Office is a funny place. No, I’m not talking about NBC’s The Office sitcom (how I wish!). Let’s admit it, though we spend a significant part of our day in office, most of us can’t wait for the clock to strike 6. Yeah, that’s the reality!

Funny Desktop Backgrounds For Work 4

Everyone who has worked in office cubicles and desks knows for certain that not every day is equal. While we breeze through certain days (yo Friday, we hear you), we need a ton of motivation to make it through every single day (yes Monday, I am talking about you).

The ordeal gets much worse if there’s a deadline hovering over your head.

So, if you are searching for a little bit of fun while you work, here’s a set of funny and motivational desktop backgrounds that you must get.

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1. Which One’s You?

Funny Desktop Backgrounds For Work 2

I love wallpapers with a black background. The primary reason is that they are easy on the eyes and editing them is so simple. For instance, if you didn’t get the size you were looking for, all you need to do is add a strip of the same color in MS Paint.

2. Nefarious Temptations

Funny Desktop Backgrounds For Work 3

Says a lot about the human nature, doesn’t it?

Add a queue of dog and cat videos to watch, and the clock moves at 2x speed. On a more serious note, this is a sure shot way to remind you to get back to work the next time you are tempted to check out those cute cat videos.

Motivation is a fire from within, they say.

3. Follow the Leader?

Funny Desktop Backgrounds For Work 6

Ahem, just make sure that your boss doesn’t visit your desk too often!

Did you know that blue color stimulates clear thoughts? Well, you know now.

4. Snail or Cheetah?

Funny Desktop Backgrounds For Work 5

Replace the speedometer with a normal clock and well, it would pretty much replicate the run to meet deadlines.

5. Rock-paper-scissors, Anyone?

Funny Desktop Backgrounds For Work 7

Did you know the rock–paper–scissors (RPS) game originated in China and can be traced to the early 200 BC? In the modern world, the game is so popular that RPS championships are organized every year globally.

6. The Dark Place

Funny Desktop Backgrounds For Work 8

The common Blackbird is an omnivore, meaning that it eats both insects and plants. Native to Britain, the melodious tone of a Blackbird is apparently one of the most beautiful notes.

7. Caped Hero

Funny Desktop Backgrounds For Work 9

If only, right?

8. The Nerdy Equation

Funny Desktop Backgrounds For Work 1

Yellow is the universal color for happiness and is fit for kings. And the above image fits the description to a T.

Speaking of nerds and nerdy characters, which is your favorite character from The Big Bang Theory?

9. Ahem!

Funny Desktop Backgrounds For Work 11

Simple graphics, cute creatures, and a super confusing puzzle. What is inside the egg? A two-legged cow (*gross alert*) or a black & white chicken?

A B&W chicken would be more normal, I guess.

10. Keep Holding On

Funny Desktop Backgrounds For Work 10

Did you know that stormtroopers in the original Star Wars trilogy were mostly left-handed? The makers changed this statistic, and the modern Star Wars movies had right-handed stormtroopers.

11. The Futurama Effect

Funny Desktop Backgrounds For Work 1

Did you know that the in the Futurama series, the makers had to change the background alien language twice? Because the die-hard fans kept deciphering it. That’s dedication, I’d say.

Make Work Fun

Work is an integral part of our lives, and it’s imperative that we do our bit in adding the fun element. After all, a good concoction of work and play is important for healthy work life.

So, how do you stay motivated and keep the fun alive at your workplace? More importantly, which wallpaper did you download first? I am all in for the Caped Hero wallpaper.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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