6 Best Apps and Online Tools to Track Movies

Namrata Gogoi

Over the years, plenty of things transitioned to their electronic version. Paperbacks made way for ebooks, snail mails changed to emails, and even movies are now available through streaming services. Also, a lot of people are now ripping DVDs and Blu-rays that they own for personal use.

6 Best Apps And Online Tools To Track Movies

With no physical copies in a collection, it’s rather a difficult task to track movies and cinemas that we have watched so far. That led me to think of ways to keep track of the movies that we’ve already watched to save time and also to get new recommendations.

In this post today, we have compiled a list of the best apps (both iOS and Android) and websites to keep track of movies.

1. Letterboxd (Website)

Letterboxed is an online tool that helps you keep a tab on all the movies you have watched to date. To add to it, you can also add a film to a watchlist or create a custom list of your own. What makes it even better is that you can also leave a review or go through the reviews of other users.

Letterbox Best Apps And Online Tools To Track Movies

When it comes to the interface, it’s straightforward. All you have to do is click on the Eye icon to add a movie to your already watched list. Clicking on a title will give you all the details like the popularity, the number of times it has been watched, and the option to play the trailer.

Letterbox Best Apps And Online Tools To Track Movies 2

And in case you do not trust the in-house ratings, you can also see the IMDB ratings in Letterboxed. That tool requires a sign-in to save your choices.

2. Trakt.tv (Website)

As soon as you launch Trakt.tv, the tool will ask you to choose the movie categories that interest you to help you build a better recommendation system. Once you have gone through the introduction slides, you can add your watched movie to the list.

Trakt Best Apps And Online Tools To Track Movies 5

This tool has most of the popular titles on board, so you needn’t worry about having a half-done list. Plus, the terrific recommendation system makes sure that the movies suiting your taste are on the home page.

Similar to the tool above, you can mark movies as a favorite, add them to lists and watchlist, and rate them. It'll also show you the services where you can watch that specific movie.

Trakt Best Apps And Online Tools To Track Movies 9

Trakt has a huge database of both movies and TV shows, which makes it a better bargain to track both TV shows and movies. For $2.50 a month, you can upgrade to the VIP version, through which you can receive calendar notifications about the schedules of your favorite TV shows.

3. CineTrak (Android & iOS)

Trakt powers CineTrak, and that’s the reason you'll find many similarities between the app and the website. For one, you can star your favorite shows, add films to a watchlist, and create custom lists. The best thing about CineTrak is that the interface is simple, beautiful, and easy to understand.

Best Apps And Online Tools To Track Movies 2
Best Apps And Online Tools To Track Movies 12

Once you’ve spotted a movie, you can add it to your already watched list along with the time and date. Discovering new content is a walk in the park, thanks to the similar movies displayed at the bottom.

Best Apps And Online Tools To Track Movies 1

Last but not least, you can create reminders for upcoming movies and shows, based on your likings. My favorite part about CineTrak is that you can discover new movies through the Discover tab.

4. SeriesGuide (Android)

Another Android app that lets you track movies (and TV shows) is SeriesGuide. Unlike the apps above, it doesn’t have many options. It just lets you add movies to your watchlist and your collection, and that's about it.

Best Apps And Online Tools To Track Movies 5
Best Apps And Online Tools To Track Movies 4

What I loved about SeriesGuide is that you can backup all your settings, if you give it the required access. If you have a Trakt account, you can sign in using that.

5. Moviebase (Android)

Next on our list of trackers is Moviebase. I loved the app for its simplicity and ease of use. Plus, the discovery tabs at the bottom adds to the experience.

Best Apps And Online Tools To Track Movies 5
Best Apps And Online Tools To Track Movies 7

MovieBase has neat little tabs at the bottom each displaying the anticipated movies, popular titles, top-rated movies, among others. So all you have to do is swipe through these tabs to discover new movies.

Best Apps And Online Tools To Track Movies 8

Tracking titles is quite effortless. Just tap on a title and all the options will be displayed.

Best Apps And Online Tools To Track Movies 6

You can star a movie or add it to your personalized collection. Along with it, you can browse through related movies either through the Genre tab or the Related tab.

6. Action! TV & Movies Tracker (iOS)

Another iOS app that you can check out is Action! TV & Movies Tracker. This app works similar to the ones above and lists all the popular movies and TV shows. However, it doesn't have a side menu. Both the options are displayed at the bottom of the home page.

Best Apps And Online Tools To Track Movies 1
Best Apps And Online Tools To Track Movies 3

Other than adding a movie to your Already Seen list, you can rate a movie or share the title with your buddies, thus making it a solid recommendation system.

Best Apps And Online Tools To Track Movies 2

Even this app shows similar titles at the bottom of the page.

All Hail Binge-Watching

With smart apps and tools, now you can track all the movies that you have watched to date. No more business of jotting down names and titles on Excel sheets or Google Sheets. With streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime becoming the sole means of watching movies these days, this type of tracking is now the only way forward.

Up next: Looking for ways to discover new titles or how to navigate through the endless list of Netflix movies and TV shows? Here are some of the best Android apps for Netflix users.

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