How to Extend Battery Life of Your iPhone in 5 Simple Steps

Lithium-ion batteries do depreciate over a period of time, and that’s just normal. Although a battery’s eventual demise is inevitable, you can always prolong the life of the battery simply by changing some basic charging habits.

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None of us would like to damage our devices or the little battery packs powering them, but mostly out of laziness and a little due to sheer lack of attentiveness, we often tend to damage our devices unwillingly.

In order to ensure a long-lasting life of your device as well of the battery avoid the following basic mistakes that almost all of us make, which can lead to a prolonged life cycle of your iPhone’s battery.

Maintaining a Full Charge

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Trying to keep your phone always charged to 100% isn’t advisable for the long run. It’s ok to let your phone discharge a bit and only charge when the battery goes below 50% at least.

Research shows that your iPhone functions the best when kept between 80% to 30% of battery juice available.

Maintaining 100% charge on your phone isn’t recommended and not fully charging your device battery to 100% can almost double its life.

Letting Your Phone Battery Discharge Completely

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As harmful it is to try and maintain full battery juice all the time, so is draining your iPhone’s battery to 0% every now and then.

Lithium ion batteries become unstable when powering a device while running on low juice, so getting the ‘battery low’ notification all the time isn’t a good idea as draining a battery also causes the battery to wear down more than usual — hampering the longevity of its refill lifecycle.

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Overheating the Device

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Device heating up a bit while charging is normal, but in some cases, your device might be overheating while charging.

This could happen due to the ambient temperature or maybe your iPhone’s protective case containing the heat that’s being generated.

If your iPhone is heating too much while charging, try removing your protective case when you put it on charging — that should help.

According to Apple

While the battery doesn’t work efficiently in temperatures below 0°, there is no permanent damage but “it’s important to avoid exposing your device to ambient temperatures higher than 35 C°, which can permanently damage battery capacity, that is, your battery won’t power your device as long on a given charge”.

Using Unauthorised Third-Party Chargers

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Most of the times we tend to leave our device on charging while dozing off which more than often leads to the battery overcharging.

Since these days the authentic Apple lightning charging cables are designed to cut off electricity supply to the device when the battery is at 100%, the (fake) ones from third-party manufacturers usually do not have the same tech.

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That’s why it is always advised to use an authentic charger for your iPhone or iPad.

Using Portable Chargers for Extended Periods

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Using portable chargers is no issue until you can keep the device and the charger at a distance. If you’re using something like a Griffin or Morphe charging case, then things might get a little heated up.

Portable chargers and your iPhone both heat up while charging and if the ambient temperatures are high too, this might cause the device to overheat — which as explained above isn’t healthy for the device or its battery.

Although portable battery cases are an amazing invention, portable chargers that maintain a distance from your iPhone are a safer bet.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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