Top 2 iPhone Apps to Bulk Delete, Merge Duplicate Contacts

Even after eight generations of evolution, one thing I am still not happy about when it comes to the iPhone is the Contacts and Dialer app. Sure the buttons are round and the design nice and minimalistic, but feature-wise it’s quite a lackluster default app. A dialer without the support of T9 input that lacks the option to batch delete contacts is just not acceptable.

Duplicate Contacts
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We talked about a dialer app in the past that uses the T9 contact search feature. To make things better for users in the iOS ecosystem, today I am going to talk about two apps for iPhone that can bulk delete, merge duplicates, and also back up contacts.

Now the thing is, you might stumble upon a lot of apps with a simple search on the App Store. But almost all of these apps ask you to pay even before they process a single contact for you.

The two apps mentioned in the article are completely free to use. Sounds encouraging, right? Let’s have a look at them right away.

CleanUp Duplicates (Merge and Bulk Delete)

CleanUp Duplicates is an awesome app when you need to get rid of the duplicate contacts on your phone. Just install the app and tap on the Analyze button. The app will seek your permission to access your phonebook and then check your contacts for any duplicates. If duplicates are found, you can choose to merge or delete them.

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There’s an Analysis Level setting in the app where you can select how you wish to work with duplicates. For example, if all the fields of a duplicate contact match the original, either of them will be deleted instead of merging. Apart from that, you can merge the additional fields to a single contact. The app scans all the fields of the contacts to find a duplicate. Therefore, if two contacts have different names but same number, they will be considered as duplicates.

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Clean Up Duplicates 2

Tap the Contacts option to view all your contacts. Here you can batch select contacts and choose to merge or delete them manually. CleanUp Duplicates gives the option to back up the app, but requires you to download an additional app to get the feature. The name of the app is CircleBack app and you can go ahead and try it as you will. The app was not available in the Indian store so I figured I’d skip it.

IS Contacts Kit (Merge and Backup)

After you install IS Contacts Kit app, it might look like a thing from the past because of its old design and user interface. But the app still delivers rock solid performance when it comes to contact management. There’s no option to bulk delete the contacts, so that needs to be done using the former app. However, you get the option to merge duplicate contacts.

Is Contact Kit
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The backup feature is one thing I liked about the app. Unlike other backup apps, which upload your data to their personal servers, IS Contact Kit gives the option to back up and export selected contacts in different formats. It supports Gmail (CSV), vCard, Excel, and Outlook CSV. After the backup is complete you can choose to email the contacts to yourself or upload them to your personal Dropbox account.

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To restore a contact, you can transfer the CSV file from the desktop using Wi-Fi share and import it in a single tap.

Cool Tip: The feature can be very useful when you need to transfer contacts from different platforms. Just create a vCard or CSV file and transfer it to your iPhone.


These were the iOS apps that can merge, back up, and bulk delete contacts on your iPhone. Now I understand the fact that there’s always an app for that, but I would really like iOS developers to incorporate these features in the stock iPhone app. All these apps come with a risk of privacy issues. I have hopes with iOS 9, but I also had that with iOS 7 and 8. For the time being, go ahead and use these apps to manage your contacts more easily than ever.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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