How to Get iOS-like Assistive Touch on Android

Ios Assistive Touch 4

You might be aware of the iOS feature called Assistive Touch. This feature helps users in circumstances where they have trouble touching the screen or pressing the buttons on their iPhone. Up until iPhone 5, the primary use of the assistive touch button has been to use it as a soft home key in place of the hardware button.

However, now that the iPhone has introduced bigger screen devices, it proves to be really useful for people who like to operate the device with a single hand. Assistive Touch gives a small floating icon that sits at one or the other edge of the device. Once the user touches it, a floating menu opens up that allows the user to perform certain quick actions.

Why Assistive Touch for Android?

While using the Redmi Note 4G the other day, it struck me that the feature could also be very useful for Android users who find it difficult to work on larger screens with just one hand. The best part was, I didn’t have to wait for Google to implement the feature in one of their upcoming Android releases. I was sure there was an app for that. After some searches and testing, I handpicked an app from the Play Store that brings assistive touch to Android.

EasyTouch for Android

EasyTouch for Android is a floating app that stays on your Android’s screen and assists you in getting frequent tasks done easily.

Once you install the app, you will see a small blue dot on the edge of the screen. Tap on it to open the easy launcher menu. The first screen gives you some basic options from where you can lock your device, clear up memory, and go to the home screen. You can swipe to the second screen on the right, which gives you an alarm and a menu button along with back and screenshot options.

Easytouch Android 2
Easytouch Android 3

Note: Due to Android system limitations, the app requires root access on the device to use the back and screenshot options.

The Settings option on EasyTouch doesn’t open the app configuration. Instead, it opens up quick controls for your Android device. You can control radio settings, screen rotation, and brightness of the device.

Easytouch Android 4
Easytouch Android 1

The most useful feature of EasyTouch is that it gives the option to add 8 of your favorite apps to the menu. Head over to the Favor option and tap on the app icon to add some of your frequently used apps. This can help in launching your most used apps from any screen you might be on.

Easytouch Android 6
Easytouch Android 5

If the blue dot gets in your way while working on Android, you can throw it to any of the edges. To disable the dot for a while, just tap and hold it. When you need it back, just tap on the notification in the drawer.  The blue theme can be changed by downloading additional ones from the app. There are many free themes you can choose from. The appearance and behavior of EasyTouch can be adjusted from the app configuration.

Settings 2
Settings 1


So that was pretty much everything about EasyTouch. The app is free to use without any limitations. It’s a bit rough on the edges though and will probably take a few updates to fix that, but that didn’t seem to be too big of a problem in my testing. If you have root access on your phone, there are even more advantages, so give it a try.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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