Best Reddit Apps for iPhone and iPad That Still Work in 2023

Recently, Reddit exponentially increased its API charges, meaning third-party app developers could no longer afford to pay. This move by Reddit was seen as an attempt to curb third-party apps, leading to widespread outrage. Most third-party apps were shut down, and many users aren’t happy with how the default Reddit app works. However, there seem to be a few Reddit apps for iPhone and iPad that still work after the fiasco.

Best Reddit Apps for iPhone and iPad

In this article, we’ll show you all the Reddit apps you can still use on your iPhone and iPad. However, do note that these apps may be free for a limited time only, and developers may start charging you to use the app to cover the API costs.

1. Narwhal: Best Reddit App for iPhone and iPad

Narwhal is another clean, and minimal Reddit app for iPhone. It follows the legacy user interface and a browser-based design. It is fast and responsive and also packs in a good amount of gestures to easily navigate within the app.

We liked the layout that makes it easy while you post on a subreddit. Not that it does anything special, but it looks like you are writing an email, somewhat unique compared to other apps on this list. If you look at the user reviews, there is quite good feedback on how easy it is to manage comments under a post.

The developers of Narwhal state that they are working on a paid version, called Narwhal 2 that will replace the free Narwhal through an update. We’re not aware of the timeline yet, but we know that the free app will be available for a limited time only, until the update is released.

Price: Free

2. Reno: Instagram Style Reddit App for iPhone and iPad

When we suggest Reddit to people who haven’t used it before, the unintuitive and unfamiliar user interface usually makes them dismiss the idea. Reno solves the problem, as it has a user interface that not only looks good but is also quite familiar to use.

Reno looks and feels like Instagram, and it is evident that they have followed a similar layout. The four buttons to switch tabs, or the buttons for post actions look quite familiar. Here’s an underrated feature – whenever you share a link to an image or a GIF of a Reddit post on Reno, it also adds a little thumbnail picture next to the link. This is quite helpful for your friends to have a little preview of what you have shared.

These features, along with the familiar app layout are the reasons why we recommend this app to all social media lovers.

Price: Free

3. Comet: Reddit App for iPhone and iPad With the Best Design

If Apple ever built a Reddit app, it could probably look like Comet. Take a look at the images below, you can notice the design cues from the Apple product website, and other apps like Apple Health, Settings, Contacts, etc. Besides, Comet not only looks like an Apple app but also functions like one – which is maximizing functionality by getting the basics right.

The thing with Reddit is that there are a lot of elements embedded in a single post and it can get quite overwhelming for someone new. Especially the multi-level threads in the comments under each post. This is exactly where Comet comes in, and they seem to have designed an easy-to-use interface. There is a good amount of space, and color contrast to distinguish each action and element in the UI.

Further, Comet does not come with a lot of added features – and that is okay, as it has everything that most users need. And as expected, you do not have pop-up ads either.

Price: Free

4. Readder: Lightweight Reddit App for iPhone

Readder is a simple, no-fuss Reddit app for iPhone and iPad. It is light in size but does not compromise on any feature. The user interface is quite easy to navigate, and the text-heavy default layout often reminded us of the old Reddit website.

Our favorite feature on Readder has to be the floating button that lets us open a sidebar to quickly switch to another subreddit. We also like the immersive reader mode that helps us read long posts and comments. Readder also has a feature to lock the app with Face ID or passcode. Further, it also has a set of features that help you save data, or use the app without troubles on a slow internet connection.

Price: Free

That completes our list of the Reddit apps you can use on iPhone and iPad. If you have any further questions, you can take a look at the FAQ section below.

FAQs on Reddit Apps for iPhone and iPad

1. Does the default Reddit app have ads?

Yes. The default Reddit app has advertisements. However, you can get rid of them by purchasing the premium version.

2. Is Appolo for Reddit still available?

No. Unfortunately, Appolo for Reddit was shut down.

3. Can I still use Old Reddit on my web browser?

Yes. You can still use Old Reddit on a web browser.

Enjoy Third Party Reddit Apps While They Last

We hope this article helps you use Reddit with third-party apps on iPhone and iPad. However, it is likely that app developers will start charging you to use these apps to cover the API costs. Therefore, enjoy the free versions of the apps for now, and if you like any of these apps, you can definitely buy the paid version of it eventually!

If you’re planning to stick around with the default Reddit app, you can check out all of our guides on Reddit that’ll help you use the app in the best way possible.

Last updated on 31 July, 2023

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