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Reddit’s website isn’t the most eye pleasing thing out there. To its credit, it works just fine. But when it comes to iOS devices, just fine is never enough. And I really wouldn’t recommend browsing Reddit on your iPhone.

That’s why we have apps. And we’ve had great Reddit clients so far. The classics like Alien Blue and BanconReader have been ruling for years. And they’re still great but they now face tough completion from new apps that are better looking, faster and some even provide a superior experience for free without displaying ads.

But now we’re spoiled by choice, especially because of the new apps that have released in the past couple of months. Why is one particular client good? Why should you download it over other clients? Which one is the best for iPad? We’ve got it all covered. Just check out the list below.

1. Alien Blue

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Alien Blue is the big daddy of Reddit clients and until recently it was the goto client for the die hard Reddit fans. It’s still as good but the apps’ popularity has decreased because of newer, faster and frankly more interesting clients.

If you’re on the iPhone you can get Alien Blue for free. You can link your account and browse your subreddit of choice in peace. Alien Blue is fast and customizable. If you upgrade to pro version for $2, the developer will remove the ads and add some extra features.

If you’re on the iPad, Alien Blue has a $4.99 paid app. It is exquisite but paid.

What is it good for? Old school Reddit users with iPhones/iPads who are set in their ways.

2. Narwhal

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Narwhal takes a lot of styling cues from Reddit’s website but makes it beautiful. There’s that subtle light blue with thin black lines but here it looks eye pleasing, unlike the Reddit website. Narwhal is only available for the iPhone and it’s a free app. There’s also a $2 in app purchase for pro features.

What is it good for? Being fast and pretty.

3. Redd

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Redd is a red client for Reddit. It is quite literally painted with red. But it looks good, with flat design that goes well with iOS 7. It’s a free app that’s a bit too minimal for my taste. Also, the navigation takes place solely from the top bar and it’s just not intuitive.

What is it good for? It’s one of the few Reddit clients that’s totally free, fast, doesn’t display ads and is easy on the eyes. Yes, the navigation isn’t the best but the rest of the features make up for it.

4. BaconReader

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BaconReader is another classic Reddit client. It’s available for both iPhone and the iPad for free with ads. Its UI is similar to Alien Blue. If you’re on the iPhone, there are better clients than BaconReader.

But for the iPad, I’d have to say BaconReader is one of the best. Its split screen UI is great for landscape browsing. But the ads do get annoying after a while. You’ll have to pay $5 for the pro upgrade.

What is it good for? For being one of the best free Reddit clients for the iPad. If you’re on the iPhone, better ignore it.

5. Karma Train

All aboard the karma train!

Karma Train is a new app for iPhone that actually brings a fresh spin to the boring old front page. Even when you use a Reddit app like Narwhal or Redd, all you get is a list of posts containing the headline text. That’s just boring. You then have to tap on the headline and wait for the image or link to load up.

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Karma Train wants to change that. Its front page is a Google Now Cards style layout that not only includes the headline text but also a preview of the image when applicable. Which means you no longer have to tap and wait. You can get your laughter fix as and when you’re scrolling through.

The app then goes one step forward with Birds eye view that shows a horizontal scroll of subreddits including the preview image and link text. It’s a pro feature that can make your Reddit browsing experience rather quick.

What is it good for? Image previews on the front page and a UI that stands out.

6. Aliens

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When it comes to Reddit apps for the iPad, Aliens has a distinct quality especially the way it handles Imgur albums, GIFs and how smooth the transitions are. Yes, the UI looks like BaconReader and Alien Blue but that’s until you turn on the dark mode from the settings. Then it looks really cool. As you can see in the picture above, it looks like a mix of bright and jolly iOS 7 with a bit of Tron blue mixed in.

Yes, there are ads you’ll have to pay for to remove.

What is it good for? For looking cool on the iPad.


So, to recap, if you’re on the iPad, download Aliens for the looks and BaconReader for the UI. iPhone users should go for Karma Train for the standout front page UI and Redd for a completely ad free experience.

How do you Reddit? Are you a lurker like me or do you post there often? Let us know in the comments below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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