5 Online Alternatives to PowerPoint That Work

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Microsoft PowerPoint is undoubtedly the most feature-rich presentation tool and of course the most widely used too. But it comes with a hefty price tag. If you are looking for a free/affordable alternative to PowerPoint that’s completely online and gets the job done then there are some nice options available. While you can’t expect them to have all the features of PowerPoint, unless you are a very advanced user, most of these tools should suffice.

Note: All the following alternatives to PowerPoint are web based. So, no software to download!

1. Prezi

If you want to ditch the conventional one-slide-after-other presentation format and bring in a bit more creativity into your keynote then you should check out Prezi. While you can use it as an alternative to PowerPoint, the way you create presentations with this tool is quite different.. and so is the output.

Check out the following presentation that was created using Prezi by Chris Anderson for his speech in a TED conference.

Here’s the official video that shows how it works.

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2. Google Docs

Google Docs needs no introduction. There was a time when people used to hate its web based presentation tool but not any more. It has gone through a number of updates and incorporated may user-friendly features over the years.

Of course, being a Google product, it works without hassles and keeps your presentation safely in the cloud. And if you thought that there’s no way Google Docs can be a credible alternative to PowerPoint, take a look at the presentation below created completely using Google Docs. You will change your mind.

3. 280 Slides

280 Slides (UPDATE: This tool has been shut down) is a beautiful online presentation maker that almost gives you the feel of running a desktop application, especially for Mac OS X users. It has features like autosave and recovery of documents, built-in media search from online services like YouTube and Flickr, and much more.

280 slides - an alternative to powerpoint

It integrates with SlideShare which means that if you are a SlideShare user then you could directly publish your presentation there from this tool.

4. Zoho Show

zoho show - an alternative to powerpoint

You probably know about Zoho, a suite of online collaboration and productivity tools. Many have said that it’s the best such suite available online, even better than Google Docs. I don’t know about that but its PowerPoint alternative, called Zoho Show, is good. It has all the basic features including the ability to remotely present to a client across the globe.

5. SlideRocket

sliderocket - an alternative to powerpoint

SlideRocket is interesting, both in terms of the user interface and features it offers. It has more features than almost all the afore-mentioned tools. There’s a neat user analytics feature too that gives you an idea about the stickiness of your slides.

All the tools in the list are either completely free or have a decent free option. Almost all of them provide a way to import/export presentations from/to PowerPoint. Try them out and tell us which of these you liked the most. You know where to tell us…comments! :)

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  1. Gopjee says:

    just starting on the web app :

  2. Mayenne Perpetua says:

    thanks a lot..however just want to add to the list another new software made for Windows today called Ezvid http://ezvid.com – it’s a FREE slideshow creator great for YouTube videos and best alternative to MS PowerPoint, especially if u just want a text slide with music and make a video out of it i.e. how-to tutorials, demos, OR products to sell..

  3. raj kumar says:

    hey its superb
    nice sharing
    powerpoint is my fav

  4. Docs9 Administrator says:

    Docs9 is a much better alternative, and best of all it’s the easiest, simplest to use in my experience so far.


    I could have a live presentation ready to share in a matter of seconds.
    The coolest part was everything from Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel
    to OpenOffice Writer, Impress, Calc even Google Docs is handled in the
    exact same way. Because this works purely in a browser, most of my
    participants enjoyed watching my presentation on their iPhones, Androids, even iPads. Few yet were impressed they could use their old browsers, and for first time had nothing to setup or configure at all!

    Upload, and Share.

    Some corporate organizations might want to take a look at support for Visio, and Microsoft Project as well. It was a relief not having to ask my participants if they have Visio, or Project installed.

  5. pUnKrAsTaMaN Taneca says:

    Prezi is awesome.

  6. gs says:

    I never tried it so can somebody help me plz

  7. SlideRocket was sold.