How to Hide Photos or Status Updates in Facebook From Certain People

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What do you do when you don’t want your ex-girlfriend (with whom you’re friends on Facebook) to see the  pictures of your new girl that you just posted? How do you hide the snaps of the weekend drinking binge you had with your friends, from your conservative relatives ( and parents )?

In both the above-mentioned situations, not having such people as friends on Facebook is always an option. But that may not be the most convenient one. Luckily, there’s a way to hide your Facebook photos, videos, and status updates, from people who shouldn’t see them.

Hiding a Facebook Status Update From Certain People

Let see how we can hide a status message, or a photo/video that we upload using the status tab, from certain people.

Step 1. On the Facebook status tab on your homepage, you’ll find a small security lock icon beside the share button. Click on it.

hide facebook status from certain people 1

Step 2. You’ll find some options in the dropdown menu that comes up. You can see that you have the option to make the status visible to Everyone, Friends of Friends and Friends Only. The default is Friends Only. There’s a Customize option below that. Click on it.

Step 3. Clicking on the customize option will bring up a Custom Privacy box. As shown in the screenshot below, you can use the options available to make the status update visible to specific people as well to hide it from certain people.

hide facebook status from certain people 2

When you start typing the names of your Facebook friends from whom you want to hide the status, it auto-completes the names making it easy for you to select them.

hide facebook status from certain people 3

Similarly, you could hide a photo, video or anything you post from the status bar. You just need to make sure that you use the custom privacy settings, save them and then share the status.

Hiding a Facebook Photo Album From Certain People

Now, lets see how we can hide an entire photo album on Facebook from certain people.

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Step 1. Go to the sidebar on your Facebook homepage and click on Photos –> My Uploads to access your albums.

hide facebook photo albums 1

Step 2. Click on Edit Info on the album page. As you see below, I am planning to hide the photos that get auto-posted to Facebook from my Posterous blog.

hide facebook photo albums 2

Step 3. Clicking on Edit Info brings up the Edit Album page where you’ll find a dropdown menu in the Privacy section. There again you’ll find a Custom option that you need to click.

hide facebook photo albums 3

Step 4. This step is the same as Step 3 in the hiding a Facebook status process. You can either make the album visible to certain people or type in the names of the people you want to hide it from.

hide facebook photo albums 4



That was about hiding your information from certain Facebook friends. Next time you are about to post something naughty, just make sure you go through these simple steps first. Could save you a lot of embarrassment and hassle. :)

And, in case, you want to learn more about hiding stuff on your computer, you can check out our tutorials on hiding files inside jpeg / png images, hiding your IP address, hiding folders in Windows securely and quickly hiding your desktop icons.

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  1. Kumar says:

    Everybody knows this. Including my 5 year old niece. Tell us something which nobody knows. Gosh !

    • Abhijeet says:

      Your 5 year old niece is really a hyper tech savvy kid then. I wonder what she uses this feature for on Facebook. :)

  2. Guest1234 says:

    Now I can’t customize the list of people I would like to hide my status from. The list I created myself cannot be found

  3. Bucklshoe says:

    I have a question regarding this.

    Ok, I create an album and hide that album from Sara. so she can not see it. Then I tag Ashley in that album, Sara and Ashley are friends on Facebook, will Sara then be able to see those photos in Ashleys tagged photos, or will they be hidden from her because she is on the list of people that album is hidden on?

  4. Joshua says:

    How can i Hide just single photo in an Album

  5. Sambo says:

    If I have hidden the album from a certain person, but the album appears on my timelime (just the first few photos) can they see these??

  6. nikki says:

    If people start liking or commenting on a photo that has been hidden from certain people will it show up on one of the hidden person’s timelines?

  7. natatat says:

    Can they tell that you blocked your status from them?

  8. sky says:

    is there a way to hide photos that OTHER people post of you on your timeline from specific people? (e.g. new partner post photo of you two together that you don’t want to hide from everyone but certainly don’t want to rub in the face of ex?)